Trading Advice

Bulls Beware: A Breakdown Looms for Apple Inc. (AAPL) Stock!!!

Apple is perched on a precipice. Here's an AAPL stock put spread to score big if it slips. Read Article

Deere & Company: Rake In 100% On a 5% Move in DE Stock

An earnings catalyst could be just what DE bulls need, but a well-placed vertical can double your money with defined risk. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Dynegy (DYN)

It is common for a bear market to experience very sharp rallies that can be much more extreme than you might think, so use strength to establish bearish trades. Read Article

Boeing Co: Turbulence in Boeing Stock Beckons Nimble Investors (BA)

News of an SEC investigation smacked Boeing Co (BA) stock on Thursday. Boeing, however, found big-picture support and now offers good reward to risk for traders. Read Article

Trade of the Day: SAVE Stock is About to Take Flight

Spirit Airlines Incorporated broke from a complex triple-top following a strong earnings report. Read Article

TLT: Bonds go Boom, And Here’s the Trade to Thrive

Bond ETFs are flying this morning as the flight to quality reaches max velocity. Here's a TLT trade to exploit the high implied volatility. Read Article

United States Oil Fund LP ETF: Go Long USO for No Cost!

Be a smarter bull in USO and use the reverse fence strategy to capitalize on other traders’ follies Read Article

SolarCity Corp Shakedown: 2 Bullish SCTY Post-Earnings Trades

Analysts and options traders have soured on SolarCity, but SCTY stock could bounce back from current bargain levels Read Article

Trade of the Day: Ally Financial (ALLY)

The only way to trade banks right now is to short them. Read Article

Use Puts to Profit From Declining FANG Stocks

If you are queasy about shorting the FANG stocks, consider buying puts instead. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Buy AAPL Stock Before the Big Boys

Sellers of Apple Inc. may have exhausted themselves, but institutional buying has yet to emerge. Read Article

GRPN Earnings Preview: 2 Trades for Groupon Stock

Wall Street has low expectations for Groupon stock, even as GRPN call options grow in popularity ahead of earnings. Read Article

Bank of America Corp: Earn a Better Rate of Return With a BAC Stock Buy-Write

Excessive pessimism, aggressive selling into technical support and recession-like pricing add up to a buy-write in Bank of America. Read Article

International Business Machines Corp. – Profit From a Failed Rally in Big Blue (IBM)

IBM stock is poised to rollover ... again. Here's an IBM stock option trade to score big on its downfall. Read Article

Whole Foods Market, Inc. Half-Off Sale (WFM)

With WFM stock making fresh lows and analysts mixed on its current status, traders could consider this strangle trade to cover a move either way. Read Article

Trade of the Day: Marathon Oil (MRO)

Now that oil has broken below $29 per barrel, we expect MRO to be subjected to even more bearishness. Read Article

How to Earn a Bullish Payment From PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL)

An earnings beat, solid growth prospects and a show of support by investors bode well for bulls in PayPal stock. Read Article

Traders: Profit From Volatility With These VXX Options

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is soaring again. Bet on its eventual downfall with this bearish VXX trade. Read Article

Investing Playbook: Denver Showed the Best Offense Is a Good Defense

The best offense is a good defense. I don't know who first said that, but the Denver Broncos just demonstrated it. Here's how to "defense" your portfolio Read Article