Quarterly Review & Outlook

Gold & Silver’s Weak Q3 Should Improve in Q4

What will happen to gold and silver in the fourth quarter of 2013? The way things took shape in the third quarter has a lot to do with it. More 

The 10 Best Stocks of 2013 Through Q3

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The S&P’s 10 Best Stocks of 2013 Through Q3

2013's best stocks through three quarters include turnaround plays, innovative companies ... and some companies just in the right place at the right time. More 

7 Top M&A Highlights of Q3

Global M&A activity jumped 13% year-over-year, helped by blockbuster deals from Verizon, Amgen and Microsoft, among other M&A deals. More 

The S&P 500′s 10 Best Stocks So Far in 2013

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First-Half Sector Winners Offer a Hint of What’s to Come

Financials, healthcare and consumer discretionary stocks are sheltered from both China's economic weakness and rising bond yields, which bodes well for their second-half outlook. More 

The 3 Best and Worst IPOs So Far in 2013

Despite recent weakness, 2013 has overall been a fantastic year in the IPO market. Here's a look at some of the best deals ... as well as some of the outlying stinkers. More 

Will Gold’s Miserable First Half of 2013 Linger Into the Second Half?

Gold spent the first half of 2013 diving from the $1,700 level to around $1,200. But will the yellow metal continue its a downward spiral for the next six months? More 

The Best & Worst ETFs in 2013′s First Half

Some of the market's biggest headlines -- as well as a couple hidden stories -- are reflected in this list of the best and worst ETFs so far in 2013. More