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Samsung Electronic KRW5000 (SSNLF) UFS Card May Make MicroSD Cards Obsolete

Samsung has announced its own replacement for the MicroSD card and it is the much faster and more efficient UFS memory cards. More 

M&A News: Apple Inc. in Talks to Buy Jay-Z’s Tidal Music App

Apple is reportedly interested in acquiring hip-hop artist Jay-Z's music streaming app Tidal to help its own Music service. More 

Alphabet Inc: Watch out Apple Inc. (AAPL), GOOG Plans to Build Its Own Smartphone

Google is reportedly planning a first-party smartphone that will not only eliminate the middle man, but will put it head-to-head with Apple. More 

Apple Inc.’s Second-Largest Market Fights Back, Bans iPhone 6 (AAPL)

Apple (AAPL) stock is under pressure again on Friday following news that Beijing has found another way to make life difficult in China. More 

Samsung Electronic KRW5000 to Buy Cloud Services Startup Joyent

Samsung has announced it will be buying cloud startup Joyent for an undisclosed sum as it looks to expand its services and software. More 

Project Valley Rumors: Are Samsung Electronic KRW5000 Bendable Smartphones Coming?

New rumors claim that Samsung is working on bendable smartphones under its Project Valley effort that may be released next year. More 

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: A Bargain-Basement VR Play (AMD)

AMD stock has pulled off a solid run this year. But there's plenty of upside for investors looking at the long haul. More 

Samsung Electronic KRW5000, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Team Up on Mobile Payments

Samsung and Alibaba are teaming up on mobile payments in China for owners of select SSNLF devices with QR and bar codes. More 

Fitbit Inc: This Could Be the Catalyst FIT Stock Needs

Fitbit's acquisition of payment-startup Coin could signal a change in focus from hardware to services, which is exactly what FIT stock needs. More 

10 Best Tech Gadgets to Take to the Beach

Our list covers the best gadgets to take on your next trip to the beach, using technology to make the sun, sand and surf even better. More