Marlboro Maker to Launch Its First E-Cigarette Brand

Altria Group, which owns the Marlboro brand, will test market an electronic cigarette in Indiana starting in August. More 

Camel Crush Cigarettes Accused Targeting Youth With Ads

Health advocates are calling for state investigations of Reynolds American's Camel Crush brand after it ran ads in youth-oriented magazines. More 

Emerging Markets: A Hotbed for Vice Plays

Global consumption of (pricier) alcohol and tobacco products tends to go up right alongside increased incomes. These stocks naturally stand to reap the rewards. More 

Marijuana Stocks: None of Tobacco’s Sinful Qualities … Just Smoke

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Can E-Cigarettes Relight Big Tobacco?

E-cigarettes are hailed by some as the potential savior of Big Tobacco, but it's possible they'll be unable to offset slowing cigarette sales ... or worse, they might speed up tobacco's long-term decline. More 

VIDEO: The New Vice Stocks

Soda and cigarettes might seem worlds apart, but soft drinks are increasingly being eyed by regulators, and growth is already slowing. More 

Coca-Cola Is the New Tobacco

No one will confuse the sugary taste of cola and a cigarette drag, but from an investment standpoint, these products' makers are becoming increasingly similar. More