VIDEO: The New Vice Stocks

Soda and cigarettes might seem worlds apart, but soft drinks are increasingly being eyed by regulators, and growth is already slowing. More 

Coca-Cola Is the New Tobacco

No one will confuse the sugary taste of cola and a cigarette drag, but from an investment standpoint, these products' makers are becoming increasingly similar. More 

Philip Morris Announces New CEO

Philip Morris International has announced that COO Andre Calantzopoulos will succeed current CEO Louis C. Camilleri, who is stepping down. More 

Russian Smoking Ban Pokes a Hole in the Philip Morris Argument

Russia's move to nix smoking in many public places is yet another sign that emerging markets won't be Big Tobacco's savior in perpetuity. More 

Tobacco’s a No-Go at Current Prices

Big, sluggish tech stocks are starting to catch up to tobacco stocks' huge yields. Plus, they have more room to grow those payouts, and fewer expectations weighing on them. More 

Study: Simple Change Discourages Teen Tobacco Purchases

Researchers used virtual reality to show that teenagers are less likely to try and buy cigarettes in stores that hide displays of cigarette packages. More 

Big Tobacco Must Admit They Lied

A judge's ruling in a 13-year-long tobacco suit requires major American tobacco firms to run ads stating that they lied about the health risks of cigarettes. More