Stick With JD.Com Inc (ADR) Stock As China Consumerism Booms

JD stock - Stick With JD.Com Inc (ADR) Stock As China Consumerism Booms

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The biggest reason to buy and hold JD.Com Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:JD) stock for the long haul is that the company finds itself at the center of one of the biggest trends in recent memory.

That trend is the birth and expansion of China’s mass consumerism. It has become increasingly clear over the past several years that China is urbanizing at an unprecedented rate. This huge urbanization creates huge tailwinds for Chinese companies, since China’s working population numbers 770 million, more than five times as big as America’s working population.

Therefore, as these 770 million Chinese consumers start to adopt the consumer behavior of America’s 140 million consumers, growth will be huge and far-reaching. This all translates into more shopping, more internet usage, more social media usage, more digital advertising — essentially, more everything. is at the heart of this trend. They are essentially the, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) of China, minus the cloud business. Consequently, as China consumerism has boomed, so has JD stock. It’s gone from $20 in mid-2016 to above $45 today.

But this rally is far from over. Investors have been questioning the longevity of the China consumerism boom, but recent earnings from Chinese companies imply that this boom is far from over. Indeed, we might still be in the early innings.

Consequently, JD stock is still in the early stages of its boom. Here’s a deeper look:

China Consumerism Boosts JD Stock

No matter where you look, recent earnings from Chinese companies have been astoundingly strong.

Chinese e-commerce giant Vipshop Holdings Ltd – ADR (NYSE:VIPS) just reported blowout quarterly numbers. Revenues and earnings topped expectations. Total order growth hit 27%, its best mark of the year. Moreover, the company expects margins to keep expanding, thanks to high quality traffic from none other than JD.

VIPS stock has surged from $8 in December to $18 today.

Meanwhile, Chinese search giant Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) also just reported strong quarterly numbers while delivering a healthy guide. Revenue growth in the quarter hit 29%, matching its best mark of the year. The driver of this sky-high growth was strong search traffic demand coming from e-commerce companies. That reflects well on China’s growing e-commerce industry, which is JD’s bread-and-butter.

BIDU stock has bounced from $210 in early February to $250 today.

Chinese social media company Weibo Corp (ADR) (NASDAQ:WB) just smashed revenue and earnings estimates in its most recent quarterly report. Revenue growth was 77%, the second best mark of the year. The Twitter-esque platform now has nearly 400 million monthly active users, and the growth of that user base is hardly slowing. Moreover, e-commerce was highlighted as one of the big drivers of Weibo’s out-sized revenue growth.

WB stock has soared from $110 in early February to above $135 today.

These are all connected through the China consumerism narrative. China’s middle class is not only shopping more than ever, but they are more digitally connected and engaged than ever. JD, as a leading e-commerce player in China, finds itself at the overlap of these growth trajectories. Consequently, as long as this China consumerism growth narrative remains strong, JD stock will head higher.

That is why I expect JD to report blowout fourth-quarter numbers in early March. Those numbers will likely propel JD stock to all-time highs. Just look at what strong numbers have done for VIPS, BIDU, and WB.

Bottom Line on JD Stock

You buy this stock now because of the (still) booming China consumerism growth narrative. You hold it for a long time because the company is taking that booming e-retail growth narrative in China, and spreading it across the world.

Not only is JD opening a regional office in Australia to start tapping into the Australia/New Zealand market, but the company is also planning to launch e-commerce and delivery services across Europe soon. JD plans to challenge Amazon’s European dominance as early as 2019, and is specifically planning a huge push into the United Kingdom.

That means there is still a ton of growth to come. This company is still in the early innings of its global growth narrative.

As of this writing, Luke Lango was long JD, AMZN, BIDU, and WB. 




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