Skechers and Crocs: Up and Running Footwear to Invest In

Following recent earnings, reports both Skechers (NYSE:SKX) and Crocs (NASDAQ:CROX) are looking healthy business-wise, as well as looking like affordable “shoe-ins” for bullish investors on the price chart. Let me explain.

SKX Stock CROX Stock: Skechers and Crocs: Up and Running Footwear to Invest In
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Earnings can be tough business for investors. Sometimes, though, solid results are met with appreciative enthusiasm while still allowing for room to run. That appears to be the case for both SKX stock and shares of CROX.

Let’s take a peek at the latest earnings for each and why, even if you don’t wear them for running, both CROX and SKX stock are ready to rally and deliver profits for investors willing to try them on.

Bullish “Shoe-In” No. 1: SKX Stock

Despite being an athletics shoe company, Skechers isn’t a name synonymous with doing a lot of hardcore jumping around. When consumers buy a pair, it’s all about comfort. SKX stock, on the other hand, is a volatile mover and shaker, especially when it comes to earnings reactions.

In delivering its most recent results — in a report which, much to the delight of Wall Street, boasted growing revenues and profits — shares stayed true to their modus operandi and vaulted higher by more than 15%. But for bullish investors who weren’t already in, don’t sweat it. SKX stock has room to run!

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For investors agreeable with Skechers’ business prospects, a tight multiday price consolidation following earnings is just now being cleared. And with shares having found pattern support at the lower edge of the bearish April gap, technical value is readily available.

With SKX near $33, the initial price target is from $40-$41.50. That area holds potential trend-line resistance and a filling of the price gap may give Skechers investors a technical reason to take profits.

For managing risk and to ensure investors aren’t on the wrong side of the price chart should the more recent earnings gap get filled, I’d suggest an initial stop below $31. This should serve investors well on a technical basis, as well as offering a nice risk-to-reward profile.

Bullish “Shoe-In” No. 2: CROX Stock

They say the trend is your friend. And investors would be hard pressed to find more friendly and persistent price action than in CROX stock over the past year and change. The most recent hurdle cleared was back in early November when the niche, casual footwear and accessories brand announced a huge profit surprise and all-around terrific results.

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Earnings, of course, aren’t without risk. In fact, the possibility for increased volatility does demand sizing positions accordingly in order to keep any losses from becoming ruinous. That being said, for bullish investors who want to buy into a decent-looking turnaround story, you could do a lot worse than buying CROX stock today in anticipation that this bullish trend has a ways to go.

Bottom line though, if you want to truly contain risk with a Crocs stock position I’d suggest buying shares in conjunction with a long put — perhaps the March 26 put — in order to guard against shares biting back harder than anticipated and allowing for open-ended upside profit potential.

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