What to Expect From Apple’s Upcoming WWDC 2019 Event

Apple’s annual software developer conference kicks off on June 3

Later today, Alphabet’s (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google division will be holding its annual developer conference: Google I/O 2019. Stay tuned this afternoon for coverage of everything Google announces. However, there’s another big developer event less than a month away, and this one is the source of even more speculation. In the past, Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) WWDC has seen the announcement of a wide range of products and services including the HomePod, Apple Music, the iPhone 3G, as well as previews of new versions of all AAPL’s operating systems. Here’s what to expect at WWDC 2019, which takes place on Monday June 3. 

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iOS 13 With a Focus on Speed and Bug Fixes

The operating system that powers Apple iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch is critical to Apple’s success. Even after a record sales drop, the iPhone still accounted for over 53% of Apple revenue in the past quarter, while the iPad brought in nearly $4.9 billion. That makes iOS a significant factor in the performance of Apple stock. Get it right and it helps to drive mobile device sales, but slip up and the iPhone faces an even tougher uphill battle.

Once again, Apple is expected to be playing it safe, focusing on speed and bug fixes that will make the iPhone and iPad seem zippier and more reliable. That doesn’t mean there won’t be new features, though. Predictions include a new Dark Mode for nighttime use, a redesigned Find My Phone app (that could leverage a Tile-like Bluetooth tracker the company is rumored to be working on), the ability to use an iPad as an external display with a Mac and updates to key apps including Maps, Reminders and Health.

MacOS 10.15

Mac sales are down, and the latest version of macOS is one way Apple can try to reverse that trend. The big development for macOS in 2019 is expected to be the ability for Macs to run apps for the iPad (with support for iPhone apps expected net year). This project — code-named “Marzipan” — was first reported in 2018, but it’s predicted to debut at WWDC 2019. 

Apple is expected to begin by porting several of its own iOS apps to the Mac, including Apple Music.

WatchOS 6

One of the stars of Apple’s Q2 earnings was wearables. Apple stock can no longer rely on record iPhone sales for growth, but the Apple Watch is selling well. At WWDC 2019, the company will show off the latest version of watchOS, with plenty of new features. 

According to Bloomberg, a key development is expected to be App Store access directly from the smartwatch itself, allowing owners to download apps from their Apple Watch instead of relying on an iPhone. New apps are expected to include Calculator, Voice Memo and Books (for listening to audiobooks), and new health apps that will allow users to remind themselves to take pills and track their menstrual cycle.    

tvOS 13

After AAPL’s March event where Apple TV+ and Apple TV Channels were announced, we pretty much know what to expect from tvOS 13 — support for Apple’s new video streaming services.

New Hardware

This is the one that AAPL investors are always watching for. New hardware can mean an uptick for Apple stock as customers rush to buy the latest device. WWDC 2019 is not a hardware-focused event, however the company has announced new hardware at this event in the past and it’s possible we could see something onstage in June. 

At this point, the best bet is that Apple might bring out the all-new, modular Mac Pro it promised to its professional users. Accompanying it may be a return to the Mac Monitor business the company exited several years ago, with an expected 31.6-inch 6K display.

Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote takes place on June 3. You can expect to get all the details of what AAPL reveals — and the implications for Apple stock — from InvestorPlace as soon as Tim Cook leaves the stage. In the meantime, stay tuned for everything Google announces at Google I/O 2019 later this afternoon.

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