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The 6 Best Startups You Can Buy on Wefunder Right Now


best startups - The 6 Best Startups You Can Buy on Wefunder Right Now

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According to its website, “Wefunder is a new kind of stock market.” It focuses solely on startups and small businesses. The equity crowdfunding platform informs investors about the potential risks of investing in startups on its main webpage. Kudos is given to the management for this high level of transparency.

Among the top risks mentioned are overall higher riskiness, the odds of either winning big or losing all, and realistic expectations to invest for the long-term. There are positive aspects mentioned like building the future, getting several perks, and helping the companies succeed in their visions and goals.

Here are six of the best startups you can invest in on Wefunder now:

  • EnGen Bio
  • TheWMarketplace, Inc.
  • Parknav
  • Earth Rides
  • Untapped Global
  • Josh Terry BitVault LLC

Best Startups: EnGen Bio

A nurse cleans a patients are with a cotton ball after administering a flu shot
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What if one vaccine was enough to get lifetime protection from flu pandemics? EnGen Bio has developed such a vaccine and therapy to save thousands of lives per year and also to stop flu symptoms. More specifically, this is a global protection against the flu and all flu pandemics variations with a universal seasonal flu vaccine, requiring one or two shots at the most.

While many believe such a universal vaccine is impossible, EnGen Bio has managed a significant milestone to identify the influenza virus’ Achilles heel. Other than the human influenza vaccine, EnGen Bio is working on two other products: a human therapeutic antibody and a veterinary influenza vaccine.

The global economic cost of influenza is huge. In the U.S. market alone, it is estimated to exceed $11 billion. EnGen Bio has already issued eight flu vaccine patents in major markets and estimates there is a potential for sales of $2.6 billion in the U.S. market alone.

You can invest in EnGen Bio on Wefunder with a minimum investment of $100.


A laptop is open to a marketplace and there is a small cart with boxes on the keyboard. online shopping.
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TheWMarketplace is a community and e-commerce platform for women-owned services and products. The need to create a platform for female entrepreneurs, specifically targeting women shoppers so that women-owned companies get to keep 100% of their revenue, were among the top reasons for creating this platform.

Each day in the U.S market, women start more than 1,800 businesses. What is more impressive is that when it comes to purchasing decisions, women dominate by a staggering 83% over men.

Women can use the HER-Commerce™ program to make their digital stores and sell goods and services on a nationwide level. It is also cheaper than creating an individual e-commerce website from scratch. Lower development and marketing costs along with huge web traffic and the ability to form valuable partnerships are among the top features of TheWMarketplace.

The firm makes revenue projections that reach $30 million in less than 5 years. The vision is to “close the economic gender gap and change the world.”

You can invest in TheWMarketplace on Wefunder with a minimum investment of $250.

Best Startups: Parknav

Cars Parked On Street In European City In Sunny Summer Day.
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Driving in a city can already be stressful because of traffic. But then what about finding parking without getting frustrated? Not finding a parking spot easily can lead to money and time loss.

Parknav has developed a real-time parking solution with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). It provides either free metered parking spots by using patented technology that is trusted by large and reputable companies such as BMW (OTCMKTS:BMWYY), Deutsche Telekom, and Siemens (OTCMKTS:SIEGY).

The use of AI is effective in finding on-street parking and navigating to it. It allows the integration of live data and other cars, is available via mobile apps, and has a very high quality in the range of 85% to 95% when other parking solutions do not even reveal their figures.

Parknav can make cities better places to live by reducing carbon emissions and increasing quality of life for their citizens.

You can invest in Parknav on Wefunder with a minimum investment of $505.

Earth Rides

TSLA stock: Tesla Super Charging station on Stockdale Hwy and the 5 fwy. Tesla Supercharger stations allow Tesla cars to be fast-charged at the network within an hour.
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In business, there are no limits to how broad or strict opportunities may be. Earth Rides is a company in the rideshare space that uses only electric vehicles, specifically made by Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), to offer an experience based on premium electric car mobility. It is affordable, safe, and carbon-free transportation that is available to everyone everywhere.

The traction is already noticeable with more than 50,000 rides during the first year of operations and 25,100 new users and 65,000 riders added from July to December 2021.

Earth Rides has the advantage of building its brand name by being the first all-electric rideshare company. On top of that, it has a highly scalable business plan. Its core features are diversity, quality, reliability, and safety.

There is also promise to avoid surge pricing and an important partnership with Patagonia Nashville for on-demand delivery of their products. The food delivery expansion has continued with Eat Placemat firm, located in Nashville, which could be a pillar for additional delivery partners.

You can invest in Earth Rides on Wefunder with a minimum amount of $250.

Best Startups: Untapped Global

concept marketing finance business background and coins
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The concept of diversification is very important in the investment industry. Untapped Global provides support and investing in small businesses in emerging markets.

Companies in Africa, for example, may have a lot of potential, but might lack capital sources. Untapped Global has developed a digital platform named Smart Asset Financing that helps entrepreneurs finance their equipment needs to provide clean water, energy, and mobility to their communities.

Investors can search and connect with entrepreneurs based on criteria like industries, geography, and even currencies. The technology used addresses key factors, such as easy and rewarding investments, by focusing on transparency to investors about revenue generation and return of the investment. This happens in real-time and more than 500 companies worldwide have gained access to capital that probably would not be feasible under other business conditions.

The firm has already generated $1 million in revenue run rate and is growing extremely fast at 40% month-to-month.

You can invest in Untapped Global on Wefunder with a minimum amount of $250.

Josh Terry BitVault LLC

Concept art of crypto mining with little figuring and a Bitcoin (BTC) token.
Source: Shutterstock

If you love the cryptocurrency market or think about investing in it, you could consider investing in a Bitcoin (BTC-USD) mining company.

The idea of investing directly in a bitcoin mining company addresses many problems. To start, Bitcoin mining is expensive. It needs a lot of technical know-how. You must deal with problems like heat, maintenance, and power. Additionally, there are considerable costs for repairs needed and for paying the miners.

Josh Terry BitVault LLC simplifies the whole bitcoin mining investing process by having a formula that lets you diversify your crypto holdings. Moreover, it promotes sustainable energy by running Bitcoin miners on wind power.

By not having to worry about the real worries of mining yourself, you participate in all the advantages of a larger facility run by experts.

You can invest in Josh Terry BitVault on Wefunder with a minimum investment of $100.

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