Luke Lango Issues Dire Warning

A $15.7 trillion tech melt could be triggered as soon as June 14th… Now is the time to prepare.

Tue, June 6 at 7:00PM ET

20X Winners Coming From…

Is crypto a “buy” again? … a special event today at 4 PM ET with Luke Lango, Charlie Shrem, and industry insiders … which corner of crypto Luke and Charlie believe has 10X to 20X potential

What should you do with your crypto right now?Have the naysayers been right, and the lifechanging sector gains of yesteryear were just smoke and mirrors?If you believe that, you want to sell your remaining cryptos to preserve whatever capital you have left, even if you’re sitting on deep losses.But what if the brutal crypto winter we’re suffering is just part of the sector’s boom/bust cycle?If that’s the case, you want to be buying the strongest cryptos at today’s basement prices. And you want to hold your strongest cryptos, even if you’re underwater.Or is doing nothing the right call? More of a “wait and see” approach until the smoke clears?That would prove wise if there’s another leg lower for the sector.(I’m thinking about all the META owners who thought its stock couldn’t go much lower…and are suffering through a fresh 24% plunge today.)On the other hand, history has shown that top-tier altcoins can explode 20%, 30%, even 75% in just a matter of days when sentiment turns.Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to “what should I do?”But what if you knew what industry insiders are doing? What if you had some information about what the most successful crypto investors are doing?On that note, let’s turn to one of our crypto experts, Charlie Shrem.For newer Digest readers, Charlie is a bitcoin legend – plain and simple.As a young computer programmer, he was fortunate to read the white paper that started the cryptocurrency revolution: Satoshi Nakamoto’s “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.”After reading it, he knew that bitcoin and the blockchain would change America – and possibly even the world – in big ways.Back to the question of what crypto insiders are doing today, here’s Charlie:

I’ve spent the last two months talking to my network of crypto insiders… Crypto CEOs… Multi-billion-dollar venture capitalists… Globally ranked crypto analysts…And I’ve asked some of them to join me for an exclusive crypto broadcast – our Crypto Insider Summit – today at 4 PM ET.During this summit, we’ll not only discuss the crash we just went through. But we’ll also give you our crypto playbook for 2023.So…Buy? Sell? Hold?Today, you’re finally going to get answers… and you’ll get them straight from the people at the heart of the crypto world.

In today’s Digest, we’re taking a brief break from earnings, inflation, Fed analysis, and all the rest, to put this afternoon’s Crypto Insider Summit on your radar

As just noted, the event is happening at 4 PM ET, with our other crypto expert, technology analyst Luke Lango, joining Charlie and the rest of these industry insiders.There’s some urgency to the event timing. As we highlighted in yesterday’s Digest, the same metrics that warned Charlie and Luke about the crypto crash months ago are now indicating it’s time to buy back in.On this note, let’s not read too much into it, but bitcoin and Ethereum have surged roughly 10% and 23%, respectively, in less than a week.If this is, in fact, the beginning of the “spring” that follows our crypto winter, we’re likely in for broad gains across the entire sector. But for the biggest returns, Luke and Charlie are eyeing one specific corner of the altcoin world.We’ll give you those details in a moment. But first, we need to better clarify why top-tier altcoins have value at all. Without this understanding, any money you put into the sector is pure gambling.The value derives from the blockchain and its power of “disintermediation”Here’s Luke to explain:

Blockchain removes the middleman from legacy systems and replaces them with a collective ledger.Now… why would we do that?Because middlemen are often unnecessary profit-takers.Further, they’re sometimes subject to corruption (see: the financial crisis of ‘08).By removing and replacing them with an automated and incorruptible technology (which doesn’t need a paycheck), we can make today’s systems and processes more trustworthy, faster, and cheaper.

Many crypto investors read this and think “DeFi,” or “decentralized finance.” DeFi tokens cut out the big banks as profit-taking intermediaries. Think Goldman Sachs (GS), JPMorgan (JPM), and Wells Fargo (WFC). The opportunity to disrupt these multi-hundred-billion-dollar companies is enormous.Luke and Charlie are huge fans of DeFi, calling it “the future.” However, if we’re finally at a sector inflection point, DeFi isn’t where they see the most upside.

The biggest opportunity in crypto today

Disintermediation is the true gamechanger behind this technology. And while disintermediating finance will be massive, it could be just the tip of the iceberg.Back to Luke:

Right now, there’s a much bigger opportunity in disintermediating technology titans like Alphabet and Amazon — multi-trillion-dollar companies.That’s why I love the idea of “dApps,” or decentralized applications.

Luke explains that dApps are software applications built on the blockchain. This can be any application with any benefit — for example, YouTube, showing videos… or Uber, enabling ride-sharing… or Spotify, streaming your favorite songs.Unlike these familiar names, dApps are coded on the blockchain. There’s is no central authority that “runs” and makes money from the app.So, with dApps you get the videos without YouTube ads… the ride-sharing without Uber ride-costs… and your favorite tunes without the Spotify monthly fee.Luke points out that by removing that central authority, dApps are creating a new generation of truly free software applications.

So, where do altcoins tie in?

And how do they make money for crypto investors if the whole point of disintermediation is to remove the authority figures who siphon money from a transaction?Back to Luke:

Often times, these dApps have underlying cryptocurrencies. Those crypto are used as a form of in-app currency in the dApps or as an incentive token for app developers and blockchain participants.The appreciating value for these crypto represents the economic value of the dApp.For example, instead of developers making money from digital ad sales, they make money by owning the dApp’s crypto, which rises in value as more folks use the dApp.I firmly believe that dApps will disrupt everything. And the future YouTube, Uber, and Spotify will all be dApps.

Even though Luke and Charlie are believers in dApps – and they’re seeing green shoots in the crypto sector right now – they warn against blindly buying today

Despite how much growing-up the sector has witnessed in recent years, cryptos remain the “Wild West” of the investment markets.Luke compares them to where internet startups were 22 years ago: in the depths of a major crash.He points out that in the year 2000, the Nasdaq had 5,000 technology companies in the index. By 2003, around 1,000 of them had filed for bankruptcy, while most of the remainder had been acquired for a fraction of their peak valuations.In other words, there was a massive weed-out.The promise of the internet came to pass, making life more convenient for billions of people. But the financial payoff of that evolution accrued to just a handful of winners, such as Amazon and Alphabet. Meanwhile, most tech companies failed.Back to Luke:

You’ll see the same rodeo play out with cryptocurrencies.Cryptos are the future. But all the “rewards” of that future will be hogged by a few strong cryptos. Ninety percent of coins out there today will be worthless in a few years.And yet out of the rubble, a few strong tokens will emerge and fundamentally change the world. 

Luke believes the small group of game-changing tokens that emerge from the rubble could soar by 10X, even 20X in the months ahead. And the point of this afternoon’s Crypto Insider Summit is to discuss how to find them.So, what’s the answer to “Buy? Sell? Hold?”Well, like so much with investing, the answer is in the details. And today’s event will dive into those details.I’ll give Luke the final word:

Today, we’ll address any questions you may have in the wake of the crash. And we’ll tell you the steps you need to take to profit – and what to buy – in the months ahead.We’re even going to name our #1 token to buy right now – free of charge.Just click here to claim your spot for this event today. 

Have a good evening,Jeff Remsburg

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