AI Predicts These 3 Disruptive Tech Stocks Have the Potential to Soar


  • Looking for disruptive tech stocks? Here are three picks from a leading artificial intelligence system.
  • Microsoft (MSFT): Microsoft has a leading position in several key areas of the technology frontier.
  • Texas Instruments (TXN): Texas Instrument’s analog semiconductor chips power a wide array of cutting-edge devices.
  • Thumzup Media (TZUP): Thumzup is a small unproven firm, but its mix of advertising and social media could pay off.
disruptive tech stocks - AI Predicts These 3 Disruptive Tech Stocks Have the Potential to Soar

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Everyone is looking for the next great disruptive tech stocks. And now, with the new tools available at our disposal, we can include artificial intelligence in that quest to find superior investments.

To that end, we asked Bing, which is Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) deployment of OpenAI’s revolutionary ChatGPT program, what it thought might be disruptive tech stocks worth keeping an eye on. Bing came up with two answers that make a lot of sense, along with one pick that was totally out of left field.

As always, investors should do their own due diligence on stock picks, regardless of whether they come from a human or artificial intelligence. That said, let’s see what disruptive tech stocks Bing finds intriguing for 2023 and beyond.

MSFT Microsoft $286.61
TXN Texas Instruments $183.82
TZUP Thumbzup Media $8.50

Microsoft (MSFT)

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First up for Bing’s preferred tech disruptors is Microsoft. I must point out some potential bias here, as Microsoft owns Bing. It’s a convenient choice, to be sure.

However, I can hardly fault the AI for the pick. Microsoft has built a tremendous platform in recent years. In addition to its investments in artificial intelligence, the tech giant has a leading position in cloud computing, its Hololens virtual reality system and its quantum computing ecosystem among other disruptive technologies.

It’s unclear the precise path that the AI revolution will end up taking. But it’s a good bet to think that Microsoft will play a leading role in the next decade of technological progress, regardless of the shape of that evolution.

Also, MSFT stock is down roughly 5% over the past year. That’s even as earnings continue to rise, making the starting valuation more reasonable. Microsoft isn’t cheap by any means at 30 times forward earnings, but it’s not a bad entry point for this cutting-edge tech titan either.

Texas Instruments (TXN)

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Texas Instruments (NASDAQ:TXN) is America’s largest producer of analog semiconductor chips.

Analog semiconductors are a unique part of the chip marketplace. They serve to turn real-world observations such as climatological information into data that machines can use. This ability to digitally translate the real-world is vital for applications such as remote monitoring, self-driving vehicles, automated manufacturing and many other applications.

Because analog semiconductors go into a lot of industrial applications, they are less cyclical than other chip sectors such as memory. This has allowed Texas Instruments to enjoy strong and stable earnings and free cash flow growth over the decades while avoiding the sorts of deep slumps that firms like Micron (NASDAQ:MU) find themselves in today.

What makes Texas Instruments a particularly disruptive technology investment? In a sense, it sells the picks and shovels for the tech industry. To automate, electrify, and digitize many industries, we’ll need billions of the little analog chips that Texas Instruments makes. As an example, no matter what company ends up with the best electric vehicles, you can be sure that Texas Instruments will sell many of the chips going into that electric car or truck.

Thumzup Media (TZUP)

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The AI’s last disruptive pick is more off the beaten path. It chose Thumzup Media (OTCMKTS:TZUP) which is a digital marketing company. Thumzup operates a social media tool that mixes marketing with social media.

It has a group of advertisers, such as restaurants and retail chains, that will pay Thumzup for attention. Meanwhile, any user of the app can post pictures and video ads about select Thumzup clients to social networks such as Instagram and earn a commission if it results in traffic and sales for the firm that requests advertising.

Founder and CEO Robert Steele says that he aims for Thumzup to be the “Uber (NYSE:UBER) of advertising.” If the company gets anywhere close to that, it could result in a highly favorable outcome for investors.

To date, Thumzup hasn’t achieved much commercial success, with revenues last quarter being just a few thousand dollars. I must admit to some skepticism of Bing’s pick here, but the idea has potential. If Thumzup can develop more traction, the marketing firm could be worth revisiting later in 2023 and beyond.

On the date of publication, Ian Bezek held a long position in TXN stock. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

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