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The 3 Best Emerging Markets Stocks to Buy in September


  • If you want to add three great emerging market stocks to your portfolio, read on.
  • ICICI Bank (IBN): This company is building trust through comprehensive financial solutions.
  • NetEase (NTES): A Chinese entertainment powerhouse with great upside potential.
  • KE Holdings (BEKE): Another Chinese stock, this one posted great quarterly earnings recently.
Best Emerging Markets Stocks - The 3 Best Emerging Markets Stocks to Buy in September

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In the financial markets, one of the most important principles revolves around the principle of diversification. While it is accurate that there are fully developed economies such as the United States and many European countries, there are emerging economies that present great opportunities for investors. Companies established in developing countries tend to experience much more accelerated and exponential growth than in developed ones. This has led to the rise of emerging markets stocks to buy.

This growth is fueled by factors such as burgeoning middle classes, technological adoption, and infrastructural development. By channeling investments into emerging markets, not only does one achieve a broader diversification of their portfolio, but they also stand at the threshold of potentially higher returns.

Therefore, investments in emerging markets can be considered as a method to diversify your positions. and additionally do so, you also expose yourself to substantial returns.

Here I present 3 top emerging market stocks.


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Starting our journey, let us first become familiar with ICICI Bank (NYSE: IBN), a prominent player in the realm of banking, located in India. ICICI Bank stands as a financial institution catering to a variety of individual and corporate needs. Encompassing everyday transactions to intricate investment strategies and comprehensive insurance, the institution’s offerings span a wide range. Earning a respectable reputation over time, the bank has established a noteworthy level of trust within the financial sphere.

Analyzing their recent financial performance, the figures mirror a remarkable display of success. The preceding quarter exhibited an impressive 38.0% surge in operational profit, translating to approximately 12,595 million rupees (equivalent to 1.5 billion dollars). It doesn’t end there; a notable 39.7% increase in after-tax profit resulted in a strong 9,648 million rupees (roughly 1.2 billion dollars). The catalyst of this impressive feat can be attributed, in part, to the noteworthy growth of domestic loans, which grew by an impressive 20.6% compared to the prior year, reaching an impressive 10,25.31 billion rupees (approximately 125 billion dollars) as of June 30, 2023. This achievement is further underscored by a low 0.48% non-performing loan ratio, signifying adept risk management and asset quality. It helps it become one of those emerging markets stocks to buy in September.

Additional achievements adorn their accomplishments, with total deposits increasing by 17.9% versus the previous year, amassing 12,38,737 million rupees (equivalent to around 151 billion dollars) by the midpoint of 2023. Moreover, a provision coverage ratio of 82.4% is evidence of their financial resilience. With a strong financial track record and a resilient position in the Indian economy, ICICI Bank emerges as an appealing asset in the investor’s arsenal, warranting careful observation this August. Their impressive performance solidifies their standing and influence within the financial arena.

NetEase (NTES)

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Transitioning into the realm of Chinese innovation, NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) emerges as a prominent entity acclaimed for its digital expertise and diverse array of offerings. Earning distinction for housing a diverse ensemble encompassing gaming, music, and more, NetEase surpasses the ordinary to epitomize an entertainment powerhouse.

Financial figures attested to their expertise are equally captivating. The initial quarter of 2023 saw net revenues surging to a substantial 25.0 billion Chinese yuan, equivalent to an impressive 3.6 billion dollars. Noteworthy 6.3% growth compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. Of particular note is the gaming segment, generating revenues amounting to approximately 20.1 billion yuan (approximately 2.9 billion dollars), reflecting a notable 7.6% increase. However, it’s prudent to acknowledge a slight 5.2% decrease in Cloud Music revenue, settling at 2.0 billion yuan (roughly 285.4 million dollars). In contrast, other innovative domains generated approximately 1.9 billion yuan (about 270.5 million dollars), increasing by a notable 12.8%.

Highlighting a significant stride, the collaboration with RYCE Entertainment, a prominent entity in China’s music and entertainment domain, has synergistic benefits. This partnership empowers NetEase Cloud Music to expand its auditory repertoire, with the added bonus of exclusive distribution rights for newly acquired content for an entire month. This strategic alliance embodies an exclusive behind-the-scenes pass to the auditory content curated by RYCE Entertainment. All in all, it’s one of those emerging markets stocks to buy.

Given their combination of entertainment offerings and strong financial performance, NetEase, Inc. emerges as a captivating prospect for August’s investor considerations. Their strategic collaborations and financial strength substantiate their potential for sustained growth, with the partnership with RYCE Entertainment serving as a tantalizing indicator of their future trajectory.

KE Holdings (BEKE)

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Shifting our focus to the real estate sector, the spotlight falls upon KE Holdings (NYSE: BEKE), more commonly known as Beike. With its headquarters located in China, Beike assumes the role of a genuine real estate leader, equipped with a sophisticated online platform that facilitates seamless interactions among buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, simplifying the intricate process of property transactions.

Exploring their financial story, the opening quarter of 2023 unveils a financial journey underscored by exceptional accomplishments. The Gross Transaction Value (GTV), a definitive indicator of their prowess, rises dramatically, reaching an impressive 141.5 billion dollars. This significant increase registers a remarkable 65.8% rise compared to the previous year. The used home transactions sector leads this growth, amassing an impressive 96.7 billion dollars, reflecting a staggering 77.6% surge. New home transactions, equally impressive, reach a substantial 40.5 billion dollars, signifying a robust growth of 44.2%.

The financial narrative extends to net income, where an exemplary trajectory is observed. A substantial increase of 61.6% compared to the same quarter in the previous year results in a net income that exceeds 3.0 billion dollars. This financial accomplishment gains added significance upon exploration of the adjusted net income, which increases to approximately 519 million dollars, accentuating their financial strength. It’s also one of those emerging markets stocks you should keep on your watchlist.

While the total number of stores experienced a modest decrease of 9.8% compared to the previous year, a deeper analysis reveals a more nuanced landscape. Active stores, those actively involved in commerce, experienced a more moderate decrease of 7.8%, totaling 39,622 stores by the end of March 2023. Concurrently, the agent roster expanded by a commendable 2.0%, aggregating to 435,780 agents, with active agents, instrumental in effecting transactions, growing by an impressive 7.8%, reaching 411,526 by the same point in time.

Beike emerges as a commanding force in the real estate domain, bolstered by remarkable financial achievements, unprecedented growth in Gross Transaction Value, and a growing cadre of agents. Their potential for streamlining convenience and property transactions positions them as a beacon in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

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