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3 Flying Car Stocks That Could Be Multibaggers in the Making


  • Flying car stocks are the wave of the future.
  • Joby Aviation (JOBY) has governments tripping over each other to invest in its new air taxi factories.
  • Archer Aviation (ACHR) has numerous agreements lined up for air taxi service to begin in 2025.
  • Eve Air Mobility (EVEX) is majority-owned by a firm with a very long history of getting airborne.

The best flying car stocks today are air taxi companies driving aggressive strategies. With promises to bring taxis to our cities in the next two or three years, these flying car stocks are set to revolutionize the industry if they can meet their timelines. Not every company will make it, but even one hit could pay dividends to cover a dozen losses.

That’s because every revolution in travel has brought new gains for investors. From planes to trains to automobiles, the way people move has always been big business. And that business is ripe for disruption. The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is all around us, but electric air taxis are still to come.

While their timelines may seem ambitious, and their claims optimistic, it’s highly likely at least one of these companies will be first to bring air taxis to your city. Before you ride on a flying car, invest in flying car stocks. Then you can pay for the ride and then some.

Joby Aviation (JOBY)

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Flying taxis may not be street legal, but they may soon be flight legal. Joby’s (NYSE:JOBY) craft have received an FAA certification to allow aircraft testing, with claims to fly them commercially by 2025. On top of a recent first flight in New York, Joby is gaining a lot of good buzz. 

Their progress is impressing the private sector and the public sector. Joby recently received a grant from California to expand facilities and Dayton, Ohio has promised money to build a factory.  

It’s no surprise that governments are keen to make deals with Joby. If air taxis are as transformative as electric cars have been, there’s going to be an immense economic advantage in where they get produced. The race to become Joby’s production site could become as competitive as the contest for Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) famous “gigafactories.”

Joby previously planned to launch in 2024, but that schedule seems to have slipped. Joby now plans to launch air taxi services in 2025. However, the recent ahead-of-schedule delivery to the U.S. Air Force may mean they’ve ironed out the delays and are ready for prime time in 2025.

There’s no certainty in electric vehicles or flying ones for that matter. Many have come and gone, but very few have had a chance to fly. Joby is among the few, and may soon be soaring higher than any competition. The rewards of the flying taxi revolution are well worth the risk of potentially the next Tesla-in-the-making. That’s why Joby is the next flying car stock you don’t want to miss.

Archer Aviation (ACHR)

Person holding mobile phone with web page of US eVTOL aircraft company Archer Aviation Inc. (ACHR) on screen with logo. Focus on center of phone display. Unmodified photo.
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In the field of air taxis, Archer Aviation (NYSE:ACHR) is making significant strides in technological innovation and strategic partnerships. Their aircraft have already captured buyers’ attention, evident in their recent purchase agreement with the private helicopter service, Air Chateau. They’ve also partnered with InterGlobal Enterprises to provide air taxi services in India. Archer has a global reach few competitors can match.

Their fleet is also expanding. The recently revealed “Midnight” eVTOL aircraft hopes for FAA certification by 2024, then take to the skies in 2025. The Midnight boasts a charge time of just 10 minutes, faster than any EV on the market and faster even than a trip to the gas station.  

With all the recent news, it’s no wonder 2023 has been such a good year for Archer. The stock’s rise of more than 200% could continue if FAA certification is forthcoming.

Archer is still almost entirely pre-revenue, with their most recent earnings report showing a net loss of $51 million for the quarter. However that’s a huge improvement from the $184 million they lost in Q2 2023 or the $91 million from Q3 2022. Losing less money a quarter is good for a company with $461 million in the bank.

That money won’t last forever, but if Archer makes its timeline, it will last long enough to become profitable. That’s a big “if” in an industry that is crowded with competition. Archer is definitely making all the right moves, so if you’re investing in flying car stocks, you can’t afford to overlook them.

Eve Air Mobility (EVEX)

Fleet of Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing eVTOL Aircraft Used As Airport Shuttles 3d rendering, flying car stocks
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Eve Air Mobility (NYSE:EVEX) may have a lot of catching up to do. They are only planning to start operations in 2026, behind many of their competitors. And they still haven’t completed their prototype, although they’re on track to do so by the end of this year. Yet, they still have the tools to become a breakout star.

Embraer (NYSE:ERJ), an aerospace multinational with a much longer history than most of its air taxi competitors, owns 90% of Eve. Because Embraer holds 90% of the stock, there is much less public float, meaning much more volatility. That can mean greater swings down and up, but a savvy investor should be ready for the up without sweating the down.

Eve’s 2026 timeline may seem tight, but it has strong backing and ambitious goals. They have partnered with airline giant United to bring air taxis to to San Francisco, and United has even invested in Eve’s vision directly. They’ve tested plans for bringing air taxis to London as well. Operating in some of the most lucrative helicopter markets in the world means if they can hit their timeline, the rewards will be great. Eve’s most recent earnings report shows cash and investments totaling $175 million, with a net loss of $31 million for the quarter. Their runway is very short, but parent company, Embraer, has more than half a century of experience getting off the runway. If there were ever a time to bet on the underdog of flying car stocks, it’s now.

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