3 Sorry Telecom Stocks to Sell in February While You Still Can


  • Telecom stocks to sell; Navigate the Fed’s rate stance & telecom’s 2% dip with astute choices
  • Nokia (NOK): Despite a tempting dividend and buyback program, Nokia’s significant R&D expenses have eroded margins, compounded by a 23.4% revenue decline and a 33% sales drop in critical 5G markets
  • Telephone and Data Systems’s (TDS): TDS’s inflated share price belies underlying financial instability, with returns on fiber investments lagging and the core business’s profitability waning
  • 8×8’s (EGHT): 8×8 faces severe turbulence with a 21% stock decline YTD, a strategic shift marked by major layoffs, and financials showing a troubling debt-to-cash ratio of 320.31%, signaling high financial risk.
Telecom Stocks to Sell  - 3 Sorry Telecom Stocks to Sell in February While You Still Can

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In light of recent developments from the Federal Reserve, with Chair Jerome Powell’s apparent reluctance to cut interest rates in the upcoming March meeting, the telecom sector faces growing uncertainty. The shift in analyst expectations now anticipates only a 34% chance of rate cuts, contrasting sharply with the previous 73% forecast. This led to a major impact on tech and telecom stocks.

Particularly, the S&P Telecom ETF’s year-to-date drop of more than 2% against the S&P 500’s gain of 4% underscores the pressing need for cautious and strategic stock selection in the telecom sphere. Hence, this situation calls for a more vigilant approach to telecom stocks to sell considering the broader market’s volatility and challenges within the telecom industry.

Telecom Stocks to Sell: Nokia (NOK)

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Amid the glimmer of dividends and a €600 million buyback program, Nokia (NYSE:NOK) remains a major spot of bother from a financial perspective. The company’s robust R&D investment has tightened its operational straitjacket as its margins spiral downward. This financial crunch was accentuated by sluggish net sales and gross profits in its most recent quarter. Revenues are down 23.4% year-over-year, as its management expects a challenging first half of 2024.

The company’s struggle is magnified in the 5G arena, with key markets, including India, reflecting a stark reality with a considerable 33% dip in net sales from the third quarter. Nokia’s 2024 outlook, while cautiously optimistic for the latter half, doesn’t mask the looming macroeconomic challenges. Hence, with its dwindling operating margins and an uncertain horizon, Nokia’s allure for investors craving growth dims significantly.

Telephone and Data Systems (TDS)

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Amid the telecom turmoil, Telephone and Data Systems’s (NYSE:TDS) shimmering bump in share price, fueled by heavyweight interest, is a mirage complicating deeper financial problems. The company’s valuation puffed up beyond its intrinsic value, stands on shaky ground. Moreover, its capital ventures, especially in fiber, yield a return far from estimated figures, a trend mirrored in the lukewarm growth of residential connections and revenues trailing significantly behind the sector’s inflation rate.

Moreover, TDS’s profitability trajectory is steeply declining, laid bare when U.S. Cellular’s contribution is stripped away. The core business barely breaks even, bleeding connections at a remarkable pace, hinting at an ominous future. This dire situation is accentuated by the recent earnings report: a notable GAAP EPS miss and a revenue slump of 7.9% year-over-year. Additionally, its forecast for adjusted EBITDA was revised, showing a contraction, shrinking the upper range by roughly 2%.

8×8 (EGHT)

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8×8’s (NASDAQ:EGHT) trajectory has veered into a storm, with its stock tanking by 21% year-to-date, underscoring a distressing shift from its once stellar growth narrative. Strategic upheaval, marked by layoffs impacting 7% of its workforce, hints at a company in deep distress. Moreover, this isn’t just a fundamental tremor shaking the company’s core, as its top-line growth plummets from an enviable 20% CAGR over a five-year span to deeply concerning negatives.

The firm’s year-over-year figures are concerning, with a stark negative net income margin of 7.2% and a sales dip of 1%. These figures cast a long and ominous shadow over 8×8’s future. Furthermore, its debt-to-cash ratio is approximately 320.31%, indicating that the company’s total debt is over three times its cash reserves, pointing to high financial risk.

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