7 Non-Pharma Penny Stocks on the Brink of 100% Gains


  • VinFast Auto (VFS): Vietnam’s first car manufacturer is looking to corner the Southeast Asian market. 
  • Archer Aviation (ACHR): ACHR is one of the best flying car stocks. 
  • Lithium Americas (LAC): DoE funding and timing make LAC a buy. 
  • Keep reading for more non-pharma penny stocks to buy!
Non-Pharma Penny Stocks - 7 Non-Pharma Penny Stocks on the Brink of 100% Gains

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Penny stocks and pharmaceutical stocks are highly interrelated. Both asset classes are speculative in nature and many of the highest potential penny stocks tend to exist in the pharma sector. The reason is simple: returns for successfully developing a therapeutic drug or medical device are very high but the chances of failure are also very high. It’s also very easy to find pharma penny stocks that can double. It’s more difficult to identify non-pharma penny stocks that can double.

Yet, that is the focus of this article. We will be discussing shares of non-pharma penny stocks priced below $10 with the potential to double.

Per usual, only invest in penny stocks what you could comfortably lose. While they have the potential to produce outsized returns they’re also notorious for producing losses.

Here are seven non-pharma penny stocks for investors to consider buying.

VinFast Auto (VFS)

EvCard charging station. EvCard is China's first electric vehicle rental service. As of July 2017, it had around 6,000 cars and 3,000 stations in Shanghai. Chinese EV stocks
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VinFast Auto (NASDAQ:VFS) is one of the lesser-discussed EV stocks but one worth considering for its potential and unique story. The company is the first Vietnamese automobile manufacturing company. 

That’s important because domestic automobile manufacturing is an important step in bringing a given country to the world stage. That’s what makes VinFast an interesting story. Vietnam is quickly rising to the world stage as it becomes part of a China de-risking strategy in relation to supply chains.

The company is working to establish itself as the EV manufacturer of choice in the fast-growing southeast Asia region. The company is also expanding its network into the Philippines at present with a plan to expand to more than 50 countries this year. It’s one of those non-pharma penny stocks.

Sales and deliveries are growing quickly but did come in below guidance. It is expected that the stock will more than double and perhaps triple as the sector rebounds. such a performance will be predicated upon better deliveries figures moving forward. 

Archer Aviation (ACHR)

Person holding mobile phone with web page of US eVTOL aircraft company Archer Aviation Inc. (ACHR) on screen with logo. Focus on center of phone display. Unmodified photo. Archer Aviation Stock Analysis
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Archer Aviation (NASDAQ:ACHR) Continues to make strides and is likely to become one of the top, if not the top, flying car firm. Thus, its stock is one to watch and one that is expected by many to double in price.The company continues to head toward FAA certification and a commercial launch in 2025. 

The company is also expected to complete a high-volume manufacturing facility this year. It is expected that the company will produce 650 Vehicles annually beginning in 2025. Meanwhile, Archer Aviation boasts an order book valued at $3.5 billion dollars. It includes orders for 700 of its eVTOL vehicles. 

The company simply has to continue its test flights in order to certify those vehicles. Then it has to fulfill those orders. Flying cars are going to represent  a burgeoning growth opportunity in the coming years and will play an important part in commercial aviation among other sectors. 

Lithium Americas (LAC)

Graphic of Lithium scientific symbol (Li) in the shape of a big white gear with construction equipment and mountain around it. favorite Lithium stocks
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Lithium Americas (NYSE:LAC) stock continues to flourish after a long period of skepticism connected to the decline in lithium prices. It’s been about two months since LAC shares fell below $4. They’ve rebounded from that bottom rising above $7 as I write this article.

There are likely a few reasons for that strong rebound to have occurred. One of the most important is the fact that Lithium Americas received a $2.26 billion dollar loan from the Department of Energy for the construction of its Thacker Pass site. However, that happened one month ago and thus cannot fully explain the run-up in price over the past two months.

My guess is that investors are simply coming to the realization that the long-term growth of the EV industry implies a rebound in lithium prices over the midterm. lithium Americas is expected to begin production within that time frame. Yes, it is an upstart but it is not at risk of failure given its funding. This makes it one of those non-pharma penny stocks to consider.

Enovix (ENVX)

Energy Storage. battery stocks

Enovix (NASDAQ:ENVX) Is another firm with connections to the EV sector. The stock represents a lithium battery producer that is rapidly improving its fundamental business. it deserves a look from investors seeking non-pharma penny stocks that are set to double.

The company is currently in growth mode. That truth is evidenced by its most recent earnings report. It shows that the company’s revenues increased from $1.1 million during the 4th quarter of 2022 to $7.4 million a year later. A lot of that growth was attributable to its acquisition of Routejade  in late 2023 as well as a strong business with The U.S. Army.

Investors should expect the company to continue to expand. The company built out 250,000 ft of its high capacity manufacturing plant in Malaysia.The company is expected to produce its first battery samples from that plant this month. Shares currently trade for between $7 and $8 a piece. Some estimates expect that those shares could rise to $36 in value over the coming year and a half. 

Planet Labs (PL) 

A photo of a satellite over earth.
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Planet Labs (NYSE:PL) benefits from multiple opportunities in the coming years. It is a company and stock that is positioned to grow as the space race heats up. The company is wholly focused on satellite imagery.

It wouldn’t be fair to describe the company as stable but there are some things to truly appreciate about it. Planet Labs operates without debt. That means the company has a distinct advantage in this high rate environment. However, Planet Labs is burning through cash at a fairly rapid rate. in time that could necessitate additional moves that could include debt financing. For now, that isn’t the case.

The company also benefits from a strong relationship with the defense sector and recently secured a contract with the U.S. Navy. The company will assist with monitoring throughout the Pacific ocean. There is an obvious and continuing opportunity there in relation to the ongoing rivalry between the U.S. and China. That is part of the bigger narrative that supports an investment in Planet Labs.

LanzaTech Global (LNZA) 

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LanzaTech Global (NASDAQ:LNZA) is a company that turns waste carbon into the basic materials used in consumer goods such as sustainable fuels, fabrics, and packaging. Shares currently trade for $3 and are expected to rise to $7 per consensus opinion

The company has been selected by the department of energy to receive $200 million dollars in funding. LanzaTech Global was selected by the DoE along with Technip Energies to receive that award in connection to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).The two companies will collaborate to produce sustainable ethylene from captured carbon dioxide. The value of that market is expected to approach $200 billion by 2030.

Fourth quarter revenues reached $20.5 million, an increase of 77% on a year over year basis.During 2023 overall revenues increased from $37.34 million to $62.63 million. At the same time, LanzaTech Global is not without risk. Net losses increased by approximately 90% during the same period. This makes it one of those non-pharma penny stocks.

SoundHound AI (SOUN)

Person holding smartphone with webpage of US audio recognition company SoundHound Inc. (SOUN) on screen in front of logo. Focus on center of phone display. Unmodified photo.
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SoundHound AI (NASDAQ:SOUN) is the must know stock name for investors concerned with AI voice. It’s been a bumpy ride for shares following the Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) filing showing that the firm owned 1.7 million shares of SOUN stock. Prices approached $9 after that revelation and have since fallen back toward $5.

SoundHound AI’s connection to Nvidia is deeper than a position alone. SoundHound AI utilizes Nvidia’s Drive platform for specific in-car voice applications. Nvidia and SoundHound AI are aligned in order to create novel applications.

SoundHound AI is also growing very rapidly. Q4 revenues grew by 80%, reaching $17.1 million.

The stock represents one of the best-known names in the AI voice sector. That’s a sector that some believe is the next natural step for generative AI.

The company has a strong position the AI voice restaurant sector. SoundHound AI purchased SYNQ3 which had 10,000 partnerships and 100,000 restaurants in its pipeline at that time. That acquisition strengthens an already strong position in conversational AI. 

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