Double-Up Delights: 7 Stocks Poised to Soar 100% by 2025


  • Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR): ARWR may become a cardiometabolic/weight loss giant.
  • YETI (YETI): This outdoor brand is proving very strong overall.
  • NovoCure Limited (NVCR): NVCR shares sit in a sweet spot for pharma firms. 
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Stocks to Buy - Double-Up Delights: 7 Stocks Poised to Soar 100% by 2025

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If you’re wondering what stocks to buy this month, look no further. Every investor wants their stock picks to double in price. Yet, the reality is that the average annual S&P 500 return is approximately 10%. At that rate the law of 72 states that an investor can expect their capital to double roughly every 7 years. 

Thus, those seeking 100% returns by 2025 will have to take some risks. There is effectively zero chance that an average strategy will double an investor’s returns within that time frame. That doesn’t mean an investor should place 100% of their capital in Risky stocks such as those discussed below. Instead, a more pragmatic approach limiting exposure to the neighborhood of 10% is prudent.

In that way an investor can achieve annual returns above that aforementioned 10% threshold while limiting downside exposure. Let’s learn about a handful of stocks that make sense in that regard.

Stocks to Buy: Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals (ARWR) 

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Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ARWR) is a relatively well-established pharmaceutical stock with a deep pipeline of drugs representing current and future potential.  

Investors should note that its current price of $24 suggests overall stability. It’s very easy to find pharma penny stocks trading in the under $10 range that offer double and triple return potential. It’s much more difficult to find a more established choice like Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals offering similar upside.

The reason Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals is much more stable relates to the current progress within its pipeline. The company has multiple drugs within phase 3 testing at the moment. The company is on the cusp of becoming a leading pharma firm in the cardiometabolic niche.

Beyond that, the company offers a lot of potential in regard to its treatments for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). It has 2 NASH treatments, one licensed to GSK (NYSE:GSK) and the other remaining unlicensed. What’s important to note here is that NASH treatments are being studied for their weight loss efficacy as well. Therapeutics that induce weight loss while also curing a secondary issue are more likely to be covered by insurance. That gives them greater revenue potential overall and is an excellent reason to consider Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.


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YETI (NYSE:YETI) is the outdoor brand made famous for its tumblers, coolers, and other camping goods. Its stock is also one to consider for investors chasing 100% gains by 2025. Those levels of return are entirely possible at this point, even after the company jumped higher following strong earnings

Sales increased by 13% overall in the first quarter. That strong growth was underpinned by particularly strong sales in outdoor equipment and within the firm’s international segment where sales spiked by 32%. 

Earnings increased by 50%, rising to 18 cents. Meanwhile, the company entered into A share repurchase program valued at $100 million. The company witnessed double-digit growth across all of its segments. YETI stock currently trades for just under $40. The consensus view is that those shares will rise to $85 in the next year or so. The high analyst forecast suggests that share prices could rise as high as $600. Sales are expected to continue increasing near the double digit range and YETI stock is poised for further growth. 

Stocks to Buy: NovoCure Limited (NVCR)

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NovoCure Limited (NASDAQ:NVCR) is an oncology company working to extend survival in more aggressive forms of cancer. The company has multiple revenue streams, differentiating it from many other high potential pre-revenue pharma stocks.

The company reported 3,845 patients actively receiving its therapies as of March 31. That resulted in overall revenues of $138.5 million during the period, up 13%. NovoCure Limited’s operating and net income losses continue to narrow.

The company is interesting as an investment because it has greater potential moving forward. The company has multiple Phase 3 trials ongoing. So, the company clearly has potential to increase its revenue streams in number.  

NovoCure Limited is also interesting in relation to a treatment modality known as tumor treating fields. Tumor treating fields utilize alternating electric fields of differing frequency to treat tumors. The company continues to work to commercialize tumor treating fields modalities offering further upside for investors to consider.

Joby Aviation (JOBY)

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Joby Aviation (NYSE:JOBY) continues to be the best choice among flying car stocks. The company recently reported earnings that included an EPS beat. However, that is not the only reason to consider Joby Aviation to be the best of the flying car opportunities.

Investors should also consider that the company is the only one to have its electric air taxi service final airworthiness criteria published by the FAA. 

Joby Aviation is scheduled to deliver two aircraft to MacDill Air Base in 2025. Thus, the company continues to improve its relationship with the military. The company clearly has a massive opportunity there.

Beyond that, Joby Aviation also has an excellent opportunity internationally. The company continues to bolster its relationship with the United Arab Emirates. It has exclusive rights to operate air taxis in Dubai and also recently signed agreements to bring air taxis to the Abu Dhabi Emirate as well. Although flying car stocks have largely declined in 2024, Joby Aviation has fared better than most. It continues to show more promise than its competitors and is, in my opinion, the best choice overall, making it one of those stocks to buy now.

Stocks to Buy: Viking Therapeutics (VKTX)

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Viking Therapeutics (NASDAQ:VKTX) has emerged as one of the biggest challengers in the weight loss pharma stock segment. It has also skyrocketed in 2024, having increased in value by more than 300%. Shares now trade for $80 and have a chance to double, though slim.

Investors should pay particular attention to the company’s VK2809 therapeutic. The drug is currently in Phase 2b clinical trials for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). 

Many firms developing therapeutics for NASH are particularly promising. Drugs that can reduce the effects of that disease are also proving highly effective at inducing weight loss.

That means those companies including Viking Therapeutics are well positioned as weight loss drugs continue to be commercialized. What’s more, therapeutics that have secondary indications are those that are more likely to receive insurance coverage. The result is that revenue streams become much more lucrative as a result. That’s the primary reason to continue watching Viking Therapeutics. 

Matthews International (MATW)

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Matthews International (NASDAQ:MATW) is a boring industrial stock representing a company that produces memorials for the burial industry, industrial technologies, and brand solutions. Roughly 85% of revenues are attributable to its memorialization segment which includes products such as headstones and cremation urns.

The company will be interesting to investors simply because it is expected to more than double from its current $28 share price. Matthews International is essentially flat from a fundamental perspective. Major metrics are down roughly 1%. The reason is that U.S. death rates have stabilized following the pandemic. 

That logically begs the question of why MATW stock is so well regarded. Part of the answer can be found in the fact that the company paid down more than $27 million of debt during the most recent quarter. Otherwise, the company is also involved in the warehouse automation sector. The company has a chance to grow its revenues there while benefiting from the stability of its memorialization segment.

Navitas Semiconductor (NVTS)

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Last on this list of stocks to buy is Navitas Semiconductor (NASDAQ:NVTS). It’s a small semiconductor firm employing approximately 300 people and a penny stock in the chip sector.

Shares currently trade for under $5 but may not stay that way for long following strong earnings. Navitas Semiconductors revenues increased by 73% in the first quarter. The company manufactures gallium nitride power integrated circuits. 

Those circuits are currently benefiting from strong adoption across growth sectors including mobile fast charging and AI data centers. In other words, Navitas Semiconductor stock is a strong choice for investors seeking chip innovation at a cheap price.

The company anticipates continued rapid adoption of its gallium nitride systems which show particular strengths in relation to cost relative to silicon based solutions.

The company lists a host of applicable industries where its chips show particular strengths in the earnings report. Those industries also happen to be growing rapidly. Overall, Navitas Semiconductor is clearly an inexpensive chip manufacturer to watch moving forward.

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