These Numbers Point to High Prices… and Profits

I’m not evangelizing the “EV gospel” that everyone should drive their Broncos and Altimas to the scrap yard. But I am preaching about the incredible profit potential in the EV market…

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Over the next few years, forever battery technology will transform the EV industry – and, indeed, the entire electronics world.

How Elon Musk’s Handling of Twitter Impacts the Tesla Calculation

Being a CEO of five companies sounds like a lot. But for eclectic innovator Elon Musk, it might be too much. Let's see what's happened to his popular EV company over the last few weeks...

Some Things Are Too Cool – and Too Profitable – To End

In the unstoppable electric vehicle megatrend, we may see the end of muscle cars. Then again, cool cars seem to be part of America’s DNA…

7 Deeply Oversold Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy

These are among the best oversold electric vehicle stocks to buy in Q3. CHPT, FSR, LCID, NIO, RIVN, TSLA, and XPEV can be great investments.

Tesla’s China Sales Increase Provides Little Substance

Tesla's positive China sales report isn't enough to reverse the stock's recent misfortunes. In fact, TSLA is significantly overvalued and exhibits unfavorable Beta sensitivity.

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With competition and supply chain issues, is electric vehicle company Tesla losing its luster?

Sell Overvalued Tesla Stock as Elon Musk Hints at Long-term Trouble

TSLA stock is still trading at high valuations when compared to its peers and other growth stocks. The company is facing a series of challenges such that Elon Musk raised the possibility of bankruptcy.

NIO Stock Gets NEW Chinese Policy [MASSIVE UPDATE]

Welcome back to our weekly podcast – Hypergrowth Investing – where we chat it up about everything from NIO stock and EVs to LiDAR and Mr. Big Short himself -- Michael Burry -- and his Bullwhip Effect tweet.

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Watch Out for Nio in the Second Half of 2022

Nio is performing well despite the supply chain constrains and China's lockdowns. Its new model could boost delivery numbers. Buy NIO stock.

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Ford's EV sales are growing illustriously. However, market-based and microeconomic metrics imply that F stock remains a sell for now.

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Elon Musk's flagship company announced that it will be going for a stock split in coming weeks. Here's what it means for TSLA stock.

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Lucid Is Growing. Are You Buying?

With the Saudi Arabia production facility and 30,000 reservations, Lucid looks like it is on the right track. Buy LCID stock below $20.