Rating the 3 Electric Vehicle Stocks That Pay Dividends

Consistent growth, dividend history and attractive valuation makes these EV stocks lucrative investment opportunities.

Watch Out for Nio in the Second Half of 2022

Nio is performing well despite the supply chain constrains and China's lockdowns. Its new model could boost delivery numbers. Buy NIO stock.

Ford Stock: EV Sales Boom Isn’t Enough to Combat Systemic Headwinds

Ford's EV sales are growing illustriously. However, market-based and microeconomic metrics imply that F stock remains a sell for now.

Tesla’s Stock Split: What You Need to Know

Elon Musk's flagship company announced that it will be going for a stock split in coming weeks. Here's what it means for TSLA stock.

Lucid Stock: Launch of Financing Platform Bodes Well for This EV Startup

If you're bullish on the future of EVs, LCID stock remains one of the strongest contenders out there.

3 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy Before They Get Famous Like Tesla

In the world of electric vehicle investing, Tesla is still king. However, these three electric vehicle stocks could take real market share.

Don’t Buy the Bounce in Nio Stock Just Yet

After a punishing decline, it looks like Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio may have finally hit bottom.

5 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy for 100% Returns

These five high-growth electric vehicle stocks have corrected in the recent past and look attractive. These stocks have the potential for 100% returns in 12 to 24 months.

Lucid Is Growing. Are You Buying?

With the Saudi Arabia production facility and 30,000 reservations, Lucid looks like it is on the right track. Buy LCID stock below $20.

Nio Stock Has 77% Upside Potential

Nio stock can rally as new models boost deliveries growth in 2023 and beyond. International expansion is another positive growth catalyst.

Lucid’s Controlling Shareholder Remains in its Corner

Lucid Group’s controlling shareholder just filed its Q1 2022 13F. It didn’t sell any LCID stock. That’s good news...for now.  

The 5 Best Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy Now

The number of EVs on global roads are increasing, making these shares five of the best electric vehicle stocks to buy.

Mullen Automotive Stock Could Be This Year’s Multi-Bagger EV Investment

As MULN stock falls below the key $1 level but Mullen issues a battery-research update, an opportunity awaits risk-tolerant bottom fishers.

Tesla: Never Bought it and Never Will

The mass market won't replace their gas guzzlers with luxury cars. We want basic transportation at a reasonable price, which Tesla doesn't offer.

EV Stocks Get a Boost, But Is Lucid Stock a Buy?

Here's why I think Lucid Motors and LCID stock may not be the hot buy the market is making this stock out to be right now.

Gamblers Might Have a Shot with EV Upstart Rivian Automotive

Although RIVN stock and the EV sector in general have had a rough time this year, gamblers might find this idea interesting.

Nio Shareholders Are Fortunate it Makes Electric Vehicles 

The ongoing lockdowns in China are hurting ICE manufacturers’ auto sales far more than electric vehicles. That’s good news for NIO stock. 

Mullen Automotive May Survive, But You Don’t Want to Own It

As a company, it has a path to survival. Whether this results in it bringing any of its proposed vehicles to market is another question. As a stock, though, there's no question what the future likely holds. Dilution and a reverse split, which will send MULN stock to even lower prices.

I’m Sorry, But Mullen Automotive Makes Little Sense

MULN stock might not even be appropriate for gamblers simply because the underlying company faces myriad credibility risks.

The Top 4 Reasons to Consider EV Stock Nio

Once market carnage cools down a bit, I’d use weakness in NIO stock as opportunity thanks to strong catalysts.