What This Year’s Top-Performing Stocks Tell Us


What This Year’s Top-Performing Stocks Tell Us

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Hello, Reader.

While this year started out positively bullish, the past month has been anything but.

A combination of factors – interest rate hikes from the Fed, fear of overvaluation in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, and a “good news is bad news” narrative – led to the S&P tanking in August. As of today, we’ve nearly recovered the ground we lost.

Despite this setback, we’re still on track to continue charging higher – maybe even to the previous all-time highs we saw in Dec. 2021. The market is still up nearly 18% year to date. And that’s not bad, especially considering that this time last year, the market was down nearly 18% year to date.

Nevertheless, the past month has been rough, and we all need a little guidance… and looking to the year’s best-performing stocks can lend a hand…

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The Top Plays This Year

This year’s top-performing stocks probably won’t surprise you.

Year to date…

  • NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) soared 221%…
  • Meta Platforms Inc. (META) skyrocketed 148%…
  • And Tesla Inc. (TSLA) jumped 100%.

Each of these stocks are leaders in their respective sectors… NVDA is dominating artificial intelligence (AI), META is the leader in social media and TSLA is crushing the EV sector.

Now, of these, AI is the newest megatrend to burst onto the scene.

After waiting in the wings for years, AI has finally taken center stage and is stoking investors’ imaginations with visions of lavish stock market gains.

Because of AI’s limitless potential to enhance almost every aspect of daily life, it also possesses limitless potential to enrich investors.

There’s just one catch: What’s an “AI?”

Unlike electric vehicles, personal computers, televisions, or satellites, AI is not a specific, tangible product. No one builds an AI in a factory or sells six-packs of AIs in a grocery store.

Instead, AI is an amorphous, multifaceted category of innovation that is almost as broad and all-compassing as “technology.”

Therefore, opportunity-seeking investors must first parse the AI world into investible pieces. That is easier said than done. But let’s give it a shot…

Simplistically speaking, the AI world consists of two broad categories: AI creators and AI appliers.

Within the former category, many of the leaders are either private companies or small divisions within large public companies. So, the universe of investible AI creators is relatively small.

On the other hand, AI appliers are everywhere… and growing by the day. And although they are all utilizing some type of AI – and will continue to do so – AI is not yet a significant contributor to their overall profit growth trajectory.

Obviously, there are many exceptions to the simplistic generalizations about AI investment opportunities I have presented. But those exceptions do not alter my “Stage-1” tactic for investing in AI.

That tactic, simply stated, is “Go big!” (You can go small later.)

The Next Phase

Now that we’ve had this pretty significant rally in AI, I’m expecting the rally to sputter a little and struggle on average to move ahead.

Big names such as NVIDIA will continue to move higher but look out six months from now and averages may not be much higher. We are now in the phase where dominating AI companies like NVIDIA will pass the baton to the next group of companies.

Stocks like Unity Software, Inc. (U), Akamai Technologies, Inc. (AKAM) and International Business Machines (IBM) haven’t had much movement during the big AI kick, but as we move to the next phase they are suddenly kicking into gear.

Over the last few months, these three companies have begun to outperform classic AI stocks that everyone has been favoring during this surge.

Don’t get me wrong, NVIDIA’s more than 221% gain in nine months is huge… but it also suggests that most of the money has been made on NVIDIA.

And it’s time for the smaller companies to start getting the attention. They are ready to be the next big moneymakers in the AI trend.

And I have a list of the companies I think fit the bill, as well as the losers.

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Eric Fry

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