How 5G Has Transformed Our Lives


How 5G Has Transformed Our Lives

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Hello, Reader.

On Saturday, we talked about the unstoppable potential that the 5G revolution holds – and what the technology really means (Hint: It’s not just a better functioning Maps app on your smartphone).

We also talked about two of the ways 5G will change the world – mobile communications and automotive applications.

And today, I’m going to share two more ways…

Plus how 5G is paramount to the artificial intelligence megatrend…

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The Internet of Things: More Than 40 Billion Connected Devices

5G will bring to life that old joke: “Is your refrigerator running?… Well, you better stop it before it runs out the door.”

While we certainly won’t be chasing after our appliances once they’ve received the benefit of 5G technology, we will see a rise in “smart” devices.

By 2025, more than 40 billion smart devices will connect to the global network to become the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G networks will make these devices even smarter by enabling them to conduct edge-computing functions at blazing-fast speeds, in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning processes.

As a result, connected appliances like smart locks, smart thermostats, smart security cameras, and many other products will not only operate more reliably, but they will also “learn” to perform their specific functions more intelligently.

We’ll use the obvious choice as an example: Inc. (AMZN).

Amazon’s Alexa devices are a primary example; even the most smart-device-resistant households have some sort of Alexa sitting on their fireplace mantels or kitchen counters.

But beyond being a mini-computer that can look up today’s breaking news, connect to your Spotify account, or call your friends and family with the same device, Alexa now can connect to a vast array of devices within its network to…

  • Discover other devices…
  • Adjust the thermostat…
  • Turn off your living room lights…
  • Turn on the TV…
  • Lock the front door…

And more.

Networking: Cloud Computing

The tremendous human-, system-, and machine-generated data that the IoT will produce will become a huge contributor to the future data deluge. International Data Corp. (IDC) expects IoT data volumes to jump nearly 30% a year between now and 2025.

As this 5G-enabled data begins coursing through the global network, demand for networking and cloud computing capacity will soar. Cloud data centers will have to grow memory and storage four- to tenfold to handle the load… and cloud data centers will become the core hub of the 5G digital ecosystem.

A new generation of cloud-based apps will sprout from that ecosystem. That’s because 5G will unleash the full potential of mobile cloud services that were not feasible with 4G connectivity.

According to…

The high capacity and dynamism of 5G opens up new possibilities for developers and businesses to create cloud-based apps. This new opening will give rise to the introduction of new innovative apps across industries such as healthcare, banking, marketing, and academics, to name only a few.

Clearly, the 5G rollout will nurture an era of rapid and diverse technological creativity. This surge of innovation will create trillions of dollars of commerce worldwide.

According to a study by Intel Corp. (INTC), average monthly traffic per 5G subscriber will increase by almost 700% from now until 2028. Over that time frame, Intel predicts that media and entertainment companies alone could reap more than $1 trillion from 5G-enabled wireless revenue opportunities.

Multiply that opportunity by the dozens more that will emerge in other industries, and suddenly you’re staring in the face of a multitrillion-dollar investment opportunity.

Research and consultancy group Omdia predicts global sales activity across multiple industry sectors enabled by 5G will top $13 trillion by 2035, representing 5% of global GDP and generating more than 22 million jobs worldwide along the 5G value chain.

Clearly, the 5G revolution is just getting underway. We cannot even begin to guess today what varieties or volumes of 5G-enabled marvels will become the new normal by 2028. But we can easily guess that the 5G revolution will create many outstanding investment opportunities over the next few years.

The Future of AI

Thinking about 5G may come as a bit of a surprise, considering that plays within the space have been miserable since January 2022 – like many other tech stocks.

Of course, the pullback in the tech industry was due in part to rising interest rates, global economic slowdown, and major telcos pulling back on investing in 5G – all of which made for a terrible time for 5G stocks.

However, I believe a reawakening is happening.

And that awakening started with artificial intelligence.

For AI to perform its best, low latency and high speed is a must. Having AI operate on a 4G network would be like pouring regular-grade, low-octane fuel into a Ferrari’s gas tank and expecting it to perform the same as it does with premium – it’s insulting.

The truth is, the stage is set for AI once again. Only this time, we’re on the verge of seeing an AI panic unlike anything you could ever imagine.

In fact, I’ve put together a “1,000% AI Blueprint” for turning the coming panic into 1,000% profit potential in the days ahead.

The speed at which the AI megatrend is accelerating will ensure that the maximum profit potential won’t be around for long… even more so with the resurgence of the 5G megatrend.

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