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Tesla: Never Bought it and Never Will

The mass market won't replace their gas guzzlers with luxury cars. We want basic transportation at a reasonable price, which Tesla doesn't offer.

EV Stocks Get a Boost, But Is Lucid Stock a Buy?

Here's why I think Lucid Motors and LCID stock may not be the hot buy the market is making this stock out to be right now.

Gamblers Might Have a Shot with EV Upstart Rivian Automotive

Although RIVN stock and the EV sector in general have had a rough time this year, gamblers might find this idea interesting.

Nio Shareholders Are Fortunate it Makes Electric Vehicles 

The ongoing lockdowns in China are hurting ICE manufacturers’ auto sales far more than electric vehicles. That’s good news for NIO stock. 

Mullen Automotive May Survive, But You Don’t Want to Own It

As a company, it has a path to survival. Whether this results in it bringing any of its proposed vehicles to market is another question. As a stock, though, there's no question what the future likely holds. Dilution and a reverse split, which will send MULN stock to even lower prices.

I’m Sorry, But Mullen Automotive Makes Little Sense

MULN stock might not even be appropriate for gamblers simply because the underlying company faces myriad credibility risks.

The Top 4 Reasons to Consider EV Stock Nio

Once market carnage cools down a bit, I’d use weakness in NIO stock as opportunity thanks to strong catalysts.

Don’t Take the Bait on Latest Mullen Automotive News

Mullen Automotive provided an update on its solid-state polymer battery testing. MULN stock jumped on the news. Don’t be fooled into buying.  

Amazon Could Be Selling Rivian Shares

Amazon, like Ford, could be selling some of its Rivian shares. If you own AMZN stock, it makes sense to unload some of its holdings. 

Tesla: Strong Pricing Power and Robust EV Demand Will Make the Stock Electric

TSLA stock is a great long-term investment that is well placed to face rising interest rates and inflation with its strong operating performance, robust pricing power, and lifting demand for its vehicles.

Gores Guggenheim Stock Is a Better Buy Post-de-SPACing

Considering both market conditions and the current perceptions on Polestar's future success, it's best to wait and see with GGPI stock.

Mullen Automotive Can’t Meet its Promises

Mullen Automotive is big on promises and short on performance.

Fisker’s Attractiveness Has Risen, But it Is Still Not a Buy

Fisker obtained more reservations than I thought it would, but the valuation of FSR stock remains too demanding.

Expect More Disappointment With Nio Stock

China's latest Covid-19 outbreak may not be a "game over" moment,  but its impact may not yet be fully reflected in the price of NIO stock.

Best EV Stocks: Which Is the Better Pick?

With such a saturated EV market, it can be hard to choose which stock to invest in. Let's look at Nio, Rivian, and XPeng today.

Nio Remains a Buy for the Long-Haul Despite Production Troubles

The latest Covid-19 wave has wreaked havoc in the Chinese automobile industry, but expect NIO Stock to come out of it unscathed.

For Mullen Automotive, the Short Seller Attack Was Just the Icing

While Hindenburg Research presented MULN stock in an unflattering light, it would have likely tumbled anyway due to steep obstacles.

What to Make of Nio’s Price Hike

Nio's price hike will negative impact its stock price in the interim, creating a tremendous opportunity to open up a position in NIO Stock

Invest Now Before NIO Rebounds

If China's Covid-related lockdowns continue to evolve, NIO's situation is temporary. It will roar again very soon. And so will NIO stock.

EV Investors, Go Big or Go Home with Cenntro Electric Stock

CENN stock holders might have trouble shaking off the memory of Naked Brand, but Cenntro has real potential as an EV market contender.