How to Invest

The smart money doesn't just pick stocks ... they collect ideas. To beat the market, they need an appetite for profit and a thirst for education. Even in his nineties, Buffett is as voracious a reader as he was in his twenties. That's by design. With our "How to Invest" section, you'll find the best investment tips, strategies and theories to make money in the biggest megatrends of the moment.


Dogecoin Remains The Riskiest Cryptocurrency To Invest In

After peaking at $0.72 on May 7, the price of Dogecoin has fallen 68% and now sits at $0.23. With the broader cryptocurrency market slumping and regulators cracking down on digital tokens, investors have to ask if there's any future for Dogecoin, which has no functional purpose and is simply a coin with a picture of a Shiba Inu dog on it?

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Electric Vehicles

3 EV Stocks That Could Win the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The electric vehicle market remains strong with and is forecast to reach $917 billion globally in 2028. While there continues to be new entrants into the EV space all the time, a handful of manufacturers have set themselves apart as best of breed in the sector -- Lucid, Nio and Tesla.

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