How to Invest in Electric Vehicles

The next decade is poised to become the decade of electric vehicles. Companies like Tesla and Nio have led the charge for EVs, and many stalwarts in the automotive industry -- like Ford and Volkswagen -- have stepped up. But it's still early in the EV race, with companies like GreenPower Motor just getting started. Where will they be in 10 years? And how should you think about allocating EV stocks to your portfolio as they grow in number and size? Find out in this section.

Electric car concept in green environment.

Buy Smart to Win Big in ‘The Great EV Consolidation’

Similar to the gas-powered boom, the EV boom of the 2020s and ‘30s will comprise a few top players. Avoid those doomed for the EV graveyard.

4 Battery Stocks to Buy and Hold for Massive Gains

Battery stocks have had a rough year so far. As the global EV market is set to grow four-fold, these battery stocks could get fully charged.

7 Cobalt Stocks to Buy as EV Push Drives Demand Higher

Scarcity and growing demand combine to make cobalt a highly valuable electric vehicle battery mineral. These 7 cobalt stocks to buy, including Glencore, could benefit.

Electric Vehicle Stocks Get a Super Bowl Jolt as EVs Reach Their Most Important Milestone Yet

The economical and technological stars have aligned, and EVs are poised to go mainstream this year. Buy into EV stocks now before they go sky-high.

EV Stocks Are on the Cusp of a Huge Breakout in 2022

With improving tech, the all-in lifetime cost and average driving range of EVs are on par or better than cars of old. EV stocks are ready for takeoff.

Tesla Stock Will Gain Thanks to These 3 Exposure-Boosting Catalysts

Tesla stock is falling today, but interest from rental and leasing companies will help it rise. Here's what investors should know.

Investment Opportunity Breakdown: Electric Vehicle Charging Stocks

Strong secular drivers, coupled with accelerating manufacture of consumer EVs, should allow EV charging stocks to sustain double digit-percentage growth over the next decade.

Investment Opportunity Breakdown: Electric Vehicle Battery Stocks

With interest in more affordable electric vehicles rising exponentially, the market for EV batteries, now worth over $27 billion annually, is expected to sustain double digit-percentage growth over the next decade.

Investment Opportunity Breakdown: Electric Vehicle Stocks

There are plenty of reasons to be hyped about EV stocks but some challenges also lie ahead. Here's a general breakdown of the industry.

3 EV Stocks That Could Win the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The electric vehicle market remains strong with and is forecast to reach $917 billion globally in 2028. While there continues to be new entrants into the EV space all the time, a handful of manufacturers have set themselves apart as best of breed in the sector -- Lucid, Nio and Tesla.

CBAK Energy Technology Isn’t the EV Play That Many Investors Think It Is

CBAT stock is not part of the EV revolution yet, but could prove to be a major threat in the sector in the future.

7 Manufacturing Stocks That Will Help You Build a Better Portfolio

Manufacturing stocks are the true sign that economic recovery is underway. These seven stocks help show that we're on the right path.

Buy LEAPS To Take Advantage of Tesla Stock’s 50% Expected Rise by 2022

Buy LEAPS to take advantage of Tesla’s expected rise by 2022. TSLA stock can be bought much cheaper and potentially earn more with long-dated deep-in-the-money options.

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Capital Needs Will Keep Shares Range Bound For Now

ElectraMeccanica still needs capital. Until it can raise $150 million and start making retail sales, , SOLO stock looks overvalued.

EV Maker Canoo Is Still Worth Significantly More Now That Its Merger Closed

EV maker Canoo is still worth significantly more now that its merger has closed. GOEV stock is worth 58% more at $26.93, now that its SPAC merger closed.

Ford Stock Could Move a Good Deal Higher as Earnings Estimates Climb

Ford stock could move a good deal higher as earnings estimates climb. Ford stock could rise another 50% based on probability estimates of a restored dividend and its plans for electric vehicles.

3 Fundamental Fail-Safes for Picking EV Stocks

Investors need to pay attention to several factors when evaluating electric vehicle (EV) stocks. And with that in mind, here's what you need to know.

How to Build a Core and Satellite Portfolio of EV Stocks

EV stocks can be used to build a core and satellite portfolio. Smart investing strategies can be applied by anyone. Click to learn how.

5 Lessons Tesla Teaches Us About Momentum Investing

Momentum investing is a proven way to generate above-average long-term returns. Here are five lessons from TSLA stock on using this method.