How to Invest in Electric Vehicles

The next decade is poised to become the decade of electric vehicles. Companies like Tesla and Nio have led the charge for EVs, and many stalwarts in the automotive industry -- like Ford and Volkswagen -- have stepped up. But it's still early in the EV race, with companies like GreenPower Motor just getting started. Where will they be in 10 years? And how should you think about allocating EV stocks to your portfolio as they grow in number and size? Find out in this section.

Electric car concept in green environment.

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The EV maker has a greater share of the entire market compared to more established automakers but it comes at a hefty price.

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Steer Away: 3 EV Stocks Risking More Losses

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3 EV Stocks Poised to Be Portfolio Outperformers in 2024

Top EV stocks are for long-term investors who want to consider dips in 2024, considering their growth profiles.