AVs Are Nearing Their Red Envelope Moment – Investors Made 250 Times Their Money in the First One

Whether or not you think you’d ever step foot in a driverless car, this technological transformation could easily make early investors five to 10 times their money.

And some investors could go on to make 100 times their money.

In fact, it is this moment right now, when the technology is still being perfected and tested, when you MUST get in to capture the biggest gains… when the average investor still says: “There’s no way that’ll work.”

It reminds me of the first time I saw my neighbor removing a red envelope from his mailbox…

It was 2005, and I was living in Chicago.

I noticed that every few days, he’d go out to his mailbox and pull out a bright red square envelope.

Back then, I rented my movies from Blockbuster.

It would cost $5 for a three-day rental before you had to rush back to the store at 8 p.m. on the third day or you’d start racking up late fees!

So when I discovered that this new company mailing red envelopes didn’t charge late fees…

And allowed you to pick your title from your computer instead of driving to a Blockbuster only to discover your title was rented out…

To me, it was clear that this company was going to change the way Americans watched films forever.

Investors who bought shares of Netflix at that time, what I call “the red envelope moment,” scooped them up for as little $1.30. Today, Netflix trades for $330!

That’s more than 250 times your money!

It’s like the time we recommended a little-known bookseller named Amazon YEARS before it became the largest retailer in the world, trading for $1,600 per share!

Apple at the equivalent of $4 per shareyears before the release of the first iPhone or iPad. Today, Apple is trading over $150.

And Google before anyone else… way back before most Americans had even heard of the company. Today, it’s over $1,000 a share!

MarketWatch even said we were the company that “Recommended Google Before Anyone Else.”

Sure, you could go out and invest in Netflix today.

But frankly, why would you pay more than $330 a share when you could scoop up hundreds of shares in a company that is having its own “red envelope moment” right now?

By 2020, according to Forbes, there will be 10 million self-driving cars on the road.

And even if you swear you’ll never buy one… you WILL begin to see them on the roads soon.

I am sure you are already hearing about this trend elsewhere. You’ve heard about companies like Tesla.

And let’s be honest, you probably already know there’s money to be made.

I can show you right now where the money is in this trend.

It’s NOT where you’d expect.

Not at all. There’s actually only one thing you need to do to take advantage of the situation…

And you’ll be set.

P.S. Over the last week, I’ve told you how the coming autonomous vehicle super boom represents one of the biggest investment opportunities of your life, no matter when you were born.

What’s coming will be as impactful as the internet was in the 1990s… and I have no doubt will produce 5X… 10X… maybe even 100X stock winners.

As autonomous vehicles go mainstream, I’m absolutely convinced their adoption will create huge fortunes at incredible rates of speed. If you can claim a small stake in the companies developing this technology now, you could benefit from one of the rarest, most powerful economic forces in history.

Over the past year, I’ve spent an enormous amount of time and energy finding the absolute best ways to invest in the coming boom. I’ve put my findings together – including details on my top autonomous vehicle stock recommendation – in a special presentation. You can view it by clicking here and get started today.

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