Martha Stewart and the Huge Marijuana Story Everyone is Missing

They seem an unlikely pair to co-host a TV show.

One is a rapper and actor. The other is a home decorating and lifestyle guru (whatever that is).

Both are successful entrepreneurs. Both have had run-ins with the law.

They are also friends, and their show is called “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” It started over two years ago on VH1, but whoever named it must have had a crystal ball. The title now means more than a meal where everybody brings something. Both Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are now involved with a pot company.

In fact, Snoop’s management company was the one that suggested Canopy Growth (CGC) get in touch with Martha Stewart.

If you’re not familiar with Canopy Growth, you should be. It is the largest marijuana company in the world. It is at the forefront of Canada’s burgeoning marijuana industry. And it is in great position to benefit as legalization spreads around the globe.

I recommend CGC in my Investment Opportunities service. We’re up 57% in in just nine months. With the company expanding around the world, we’re keeping it as a core marijuana holding for much more upside.

Snoop Dogg is a big-time marijuana investor. He has a venture capital firm focused on cannabis companies, and he liked what he saw in Canopy Growth as well. In 2015, he approached the company about a partnership. In 2016, Canopy subsidiary Tweed introduced a few varieties of cannabis with the brand name Leafs by Snoop.

As I mentioned, Snoop’s management agency contacted Canopy Growth and suggested the company talk to Martha Stewart last year. And last week, Canopy and Stewart announced a partnership. She will advise the company on a line of hemp CBD products, starting with therapies for pets. Stewart has more than a dozen animals, so she can probably support her own product line.

The Opportunity Many are Missing

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of many chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. It is non-psychoactive – a fancy word meaning it won’t get you “high” – yet still delivers multiple benefits.

Hemp has a higher concentration of CBD than cannabis. It is also cheaper. And here’s the real kicker: It is now legal.

Congress late last year made hemp legal for the first time in nearly a century. Congress also dramatically increased your potential to make a lot of money. The CBD industry is set to boom over the next decade, yet most investors know practically nothing about it.

As hemp-derived CBD oil hits the mainstream, we’re looking at an industry with the potential to be 55 times larger in just five years.

CBD is considered one of the most beneficial compounds available to humans. Wellness and medical professionals have used it for decades as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals to treat everything from epilepsy to pain to anxiety.

It works and doesn’t produce the nasty side effects that so many drugs do. I’m not just saying that either. I know it firsthand. I take CBD daily for stress and to help sleep.

CBD is also seen by some as an answer to the tragic opioid crisis. Too many people have died from becoming addicted to opioids and overdosing. CBD is non-addictive and virtually impossible to OD on.

With hemp now legal, I believe CBD oil will become the preferred treatment for chronic pain. Opioids may even be partially or fully banned. The U.S. opioid market was valued at $23 billion in 2016 with projections that it will grow to $35 billion by 2025. Look for a large chunk of that to shift to alternatives in the next few years, primarily CBD.

This is a global trend. With Canada’s legalization of marijuana last year, CBD is now legal there, too. Across the pond in Europe, CBD is already legal in the majority of countries, though the laws vary.

Hitting the Mainstream

Whether you’re a Martha Stewart fan or not, she recognizes the importance of CBD and it’s inevitable growth. She also sees a chance to make money, and you should, too.

With the legal go-ahead, chain retailers will become the dominant distributors. In other words, you will be able to buy CBD oil or CBD Coke at a Walgreen’s, CVS, and maybe even your local grocery store.

In 2018, there were zero sales of hemp-derived CBD products at major chain retailers. By 2022, Brightfield Group believes sales at chain retailers will be nearly $14 billion and make up 67% of the $22 billion hemp-derived CBD market in the U.S.

We’ll also see CBD-infused edibles and beverages. There are already drinks at health and wellness stores with low levels of CBD. Instead of a sports drink that is high in sugar or water with a high pH level, you’ll be able to chug a beverage that contains the health benefits of CBD.

In fact, global alcoholic beverage giant Constellation Brands (STZ), best known for its Corona beer, has already made a big investment in Canopy Growth with CBD beverages in mind. Instead of a twist of lime, you’re Corona might come with a twist of CBD.

Coca-Cola (KO) is among other companies that have made no secret of their interest in CBD beverages.

How to Profit

With hemp now legal, CBD has the “green” light to grow. And grow it will.

According to Brightfield Group, the hemp CBD market will increase from $591 million last year to $22 billion by 2022. That is a five-year compound annual growth rate of 132%… and a 40-bagger!

More and more CBD investment opportunities are opening up. I’m recommending three in Investment Opportunities right now.

One is Canopy Growth, which is a great investment on the overall marijuana trend. Everyone interested in making money on marijuana should have CGC on their radar. The stock has jumped more than 70% just in 2019 and is currently above my recommended buy limit.

Another is a small and lesser-known company called Charlotte’s Web (CWBHF). I also made it my pick in InvestorPlace’s Best Stocks for 2019 contest. It’s a great company with a great story. This stock is up more than 20% this year and is also above my current buy limit. It stands out from its peers for its ability to be the leader in the CBD industry.

Our third stock is a recent IPO that I discovered through my Cannabis Cash Calendar system. It is not based in the U.S. but is already a major player in the CBD market here. It is also expanding around the globe as markets open up. It is up 65% for us in three months, a good reminder that new CBD opportunities are opening up all of the time.

P.S. I already have the date circled for my next Cannabis Cash Calendar recommendation.

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Regular MoneyWire readers know that I believe the legalization of marijuana is one of the great investing opportunities of the next decade.

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