You’ll Never Guess the #1 Job Creator in America

It’s one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the country, but it isn’t even included in the federal employment data.

If that has you scratching your head, I’m right there with you.

But it’s true… and if you’re a regular reader of MoneyWire, you probably already know what industry I’m talking about.

With marijuana still illegal on the federal level, the government doesn’t count cannabis-related hiring in its jobs data.

And yet, these companies are hiring like crazy.

This is just one more sign that legalization is coming soon.

I told you last week about the blockbuster deal with Canopy Growth (CGC) agreeing to acquire Acreage Holdings (ACRGF). Canopy is the world’s biggest marijuana company, and its plans to move into the U.S. are as strong a signal you can get that legalization is approaching. Canopy would never make such a move if it wasn’t convinced that cannabis would soon become legal nationwide.

The same is true of marijuana companies bringing on new employees. They simply wouldn’t be hiring at the pace they are if their businesses were in danger of being shut down.

Those of us who pay close attention, have followed the industry and can read the tea leaves. We know legalization is coming. There are so many signals flashing right now that I’m devoting the new Investment Opportunities issue that comes out Thursday to this all-important topic.

I’ll keep pounding the table because it’s so important: Now is the time to get invested to set yourself up for the truly massive profits.

“One of the Nation’s Greatest Economic Success Stories”

The New York Times remains one of the most influential newspapers in the country, so it got my attention with a story a few days ago calling marijuana a “job machine.”

With the federal government unable to factor in hiring at cannabis companies, research firms are stepping in to do the work. Specifically, Leafly, which calls itself the world’s largest cannabis information resource, and Whitney Economics released a report showing that job growth in the industry is… well… smoking, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The report concluded that nearly 65,000 cannabis-related jobs were created in 2018, bringing the total number of industry jobs to 211,000. The number grew 44% last year on the heels of 21% growth in 2017.

Job sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter are a good source of data. The New York Times quotes a labor economist at ZipRecruiter, Julia Pollak, as estimating that the total number of marijuana jobs is between 200,000 and 300,000… and that “the early signs are that this will grow rapidly.”

The authors of the report from ZipRecruiter and Whitney said it well:

Amid the roiling debate over American jobs, the legal cannabis industry remains a substantial and unrecognized engine of grassroots job creation. In 2019, America’s cannabis industry is one of the nation’s greatest economic success stories. That success deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

According to Leafly, legal U.S. cannabis sales jumped 34% last year to $10.8 billion. With Canada’s full legalization and more U.S. states doing the same, sales are expected to grow another 150% by 2021. Medical marijuana sales will continue to grow at an annual compound rate of 21% up until 2022. Recreational sales are projected to climb to $24.1 billion by 2025.

McDonald’s had sales of $7.7 billion in the U.S. in 2018. So based on the current numbers, it appears there are more sales of legal marijuana than Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets!

That shows the scale of where the industry has gotten to and how big it can get when the federal government finally legalizes marijuana from coast to coast.

If the marijuana industry can reach the $75 billion in sales projected by research firm Cowen, it will be just below recent sales of cigarettes ($77 billion) and encroaching on beer ($110 billion).

On Fire with More to Come

Estimates of where the marijuana industry will be in the coming years vary because the timing is still unknown. Investors hate uncertainty, but that is precisely what creates opportunity. The lack of certainty forces stocks to trade below their true valuations, giving smart investors a chance to buy stocks with big potential at low prices.

The marijuana sector is a shining example… even with the big moves we’ve seen so far in 2019.

As of today we are one-third of the way through the year. The marijuana stocks I’ve recommended to my Investment Opportunities readers have surged 53% on average in just the last four months.

A couple of our biggest gainers are stocks we bought not long after they went public. One is up 112% since we added it in December, and our most recent recommendation from less than a month ago has already surged more than 45%.

There are so many different ways to make money in marijuana stocks, including plenty more opportunities in high-growth companies that are just now hitting the markets. My Cannabis Cash Calendar is designed to identify those and buy them at the right time.

In fact, one of my most recent Cannabis Cash Calendar recommendations is a great example of the growth and value I’m talking about. The company is positioned to report strong revenue growth in the coming years, but its price-to-sales ratio is one of the lowest in the entire industry.

That’s a recipe for big gains anytime, but especially in an exploding industry that is still waiting for its game-changing moment. It’s coming, though. If you’re not investing in marijuana-related stocks yet, I hope you will soon. The implications are enormous.

P.S. Investing early in mega-trends can mean big profits in companies that go public. That’s certainly true with marijuana.

But you don’t want to buy any old IPO. You want to see that the company can make money first. Plus, it’s crucial to get the timing right.

That’s what I designed my Cannabis Cash Calendar system to do specifically for marijuana IPOs. We’re already seeing big gains, and there is still time for you to get in on our next opportunity.

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