Make Your Fortune in the Birth of a “New” Industry

Sometimes I swear the whole world is reading our stuff.

I know that’s not the case, but it seems as if we just talk about a great opportunity and then I see it all over the headlines.

For example, I sent you a special series of articles all last week examining how U.S. legalization of marijuana is closer than ever… and signs point to this huge, game-changing development happening sooner than most people think.

We talked about changing public attitudes toward marijuana, and boom… new poll results come out with some pretty dramatic results.

It’s not actually because we talked about it, of course. It’s because we’re at the forefront of an early stage trend that is about to hit the mainstream. That makes for massive potential profits for those smart enough to get in now.

Just like what recently happened in Canada, I expect early investors to amass a quick fortune as pot goes 100% mainstream. In fact, the California marijuana market alone is bigger than all of Canada… and it’s growing. If and when U.S. legalization occurs, the U.S. will immediately become the largest market in the world by a mile. It will be bigger than the rest of the world combined.

Record Support

“All of those in favor of adult recreational cannabis use in Pennsylvania, raise your hand and please say aye,” Lt. Gov. John Fetterman asked a Pittsburgh crowd. 

Most hands went up in the room, joined by a collective, “aye.” 

“All those opposed, ‘no I do not support,’ (raise your hand).”

A single hand raised. 

That’s an account from WITF just a few days ago describing a stop on Pennsylvania Lieutenant. Governor John Fetterman’s “listening tour.” He’s traveling throughout the state to hear how Pennsylvanians feel about legalizing marijuana.

The fact that he’s even out on a marijuana listening tour is telling. And while only one hand raised in opposition at a town hall meeting isn’t a scientific sample, it seems to be an accurate representation of how unstoppable the trend toward legalization has become.

When we do get more scientific, the conclusion is the same. Two brand new polls reveal strong support for legalization. One shows 65% in favor… the other shows 84%!

This is a good place to throw in my usual disclaimer. I am not advocating one position or the other. I respect all viewpoints. As an investor who wants to help you grow rich, my interest is purely financial. When the numbers are as eye-popping as they are in this case, I have to sit up and take notice.

The first new poll is from CBS News. It showed that 65% of Americans think marijuana should be legal. That’s the highest level ever for a CBS News poll.

Dig down a little further and you see more evidence of changing public sentiment. For example, a majority of people now see marijuana as less harmful than alcohol. I also noted how 56% of Republicans are in favor of legalization. That’s significant from the political party that has been generally opposed to it.

The other poll… and this one is amazing… shows an incredible 84% of Americans support legalization of either medical or recreational marijuana. 84%! (I didn’t think we agreed on anything to the tune of 84% anymore.)

“…It’s just a matter of time before public opinion finally works its way and marijuana use is generally legalized,” said Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in discussing the poll from Hill-HarrisX.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Don’t Miss Out

I’ve been carefully monitoring the marijuana industry since it first began… back when Colorado became the first state to legalize. I’ve already helped give my readers the chance to make big money along the way.

Two of the stocks I recommend in Investment Opportunities have more than doubled already. Another is up more than 90% and closing in on a double.

I obviously can’t give away all of our recommendations, but I have told you about some. Like our biggest winner, Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR). It’s up 157% in less than 10 months, and I recently adjusted my buy advice.

But I keep pounding the table on this rare opportunity because there is much more to come. We’re holding our big gainers for much bigger gains, and we’re constantly taking advantage of new opportunities as the industry continues to develop.

Marijuana is a massive trend that is still in its early stages with the U.S. waiting in the wings to become the biggest market in the world. Any time governments open up a huge new market like legal marijuana, investors can win very big.

We’re already seeing that, and there is a lot more to come. I hate the thought of you or anyone else missing out, but you don’t have to. Stocks are moving, but it’s not too late.

P.S. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that the next wave of marijuana wealth could be explosive.

I want you to see for yourself what is truly at stake for investors who get in BEFORE America legalizes nationally.

I want you to understand why it’s critical to invest now… before the announcement of the national legalization of marijuana!

Marijuana’s next wave of wealth is approaching much quicker than you think. Stay tuned to MoneyWire. And if you want more information now on how to get started right away, please click here.

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