Your Weekend and Your Wealth Are About to Change

I can’t wait for this day…

It’s 4:15 on the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend. Summer is here, and you have a nice long weekend planned with your family at your favorite getaway.

The car is loaded and you’re ready to hit the road. The problem is…37.6 million of your closest friends are doing the same thing.

In the old days – when you had to actually drive the car yourself – that would have been a recipe for a long trip full of frustration and sitting in traffic jams.

But not anymore. You climb into the car with your spouse and children, roll the windows up, and ignore what’s outside those windows. You’ve already programmed the car to take you to your destination, and now you’re going to watch a movie, play a game, eat dinner, and maybe even take a quick nap while your car does the rest.

There are still spots where traffic is slow, but you barely notice because you’re enjoying time with your family. Plus, with smart cities and traffic management, traffic flows much better and safer than it used to when everybody was out for themselves. No more cutting people off, running red lights, or receiving gestures from other drivers in reaction.

A few hours later, your car tells you that you’ve reached your destination. You’ve gone 150 miles in what seems like a few minutes. Instead of arriving for vacation tired and frustrated, you’re relaxed and ready to go.

Now that’s the way to travel!

The Race Is On

We’re not there yet, but that day is coming sooner than most people think. Some automakers hope to have autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the road as soon as next year!

That makes now the time to invest. And believe me, early investors stand to make a huge windfall.

Autonomous vehicles will change the way we get around in a way we haven’t seen since Henry Ford started making the Model T in Michigan more than 100 years ago. They will have ripple effects that last decades.

Like the invention of the train or the personal automobile… self-driving cars are going to reshape the American landscape once again. How you vacation, where you live, even the way we design our cities and neighborhoods will change.

Just think for a moment how this coming innovation will have enormous ramifications across all aspects of life…

  • Elderly folks who can’t drive will become much more mobile.
  • You’ll be able to read a book or watch a movie on the way to work.
  • The number of car crashes related to drunk, distracted, or sleepy drivers will plummet.
  • The cost of delivering things like packages and groceries will fall.
  • The billions of hours we spend driving will be “unlocked” and put toward productive use.

And to top it all off, your car will be able to work for you during the day, operating as a taxi and making you money before coming back to pick you up at the appointed time. If you don’t want to own a car at all, you simply order rides from fleets of “robo taxis.”

So much of our daily life revolves around traveling by car, so it’s easy to see how the development of AVs will transform trillions of dollars’ worth of manufacturing and service businesses.

With this much at stake, many of the world’s smartest, richest, most powerful entrepreneurs, investors and corporations are working day and night to dominate the self-driving car market. The companies trying to get their share of this enormous industry represent a “who’s who” of the technology and manufacturing world.

General Motors (GM). Ford Motor (F). Toyota Motor (TM). Tesla (TSLA). Alphabet (GOOGL). And on and on.

I have no doubt the winners of this race will see their stock market values advance 10-fold… 20-fold… even 100-fold over the coming decade… taking investors along for the ride of their lives.

Two Massive Themes Converging

At this early stage, picking the automakers that will ultimately win the AV race is risky. I prefer the “picks and shovels” approach to make money now on this coming breakthrough.

Most investors are familiar with the picks and shovels approach to investing in a commodity boom. This business model of supplying a growing industry – selling picks and shovels (literally) instead of trying to find or produce a commodity – is very powerful. Any time I invest in a sector, I look for good picks and shovels plays.

In the self-driving car space, that brings us to companies that supply the parts for the vehicles. They are set to become big winners regardless of who wins the race among manufacturers.

There are a lot of parts in an autonomous vehicle: semiconductors, sensors, cameras, mapping, hardware, and more. I recommend several leading suppliers in my Investment Opportunities service.

Here’s one a lot of people look right past when it comes to AVs, and it’s as big a breakthrough as the vehicles themselves: batteries.

Specifically, next-generation batteries. Not only will our smartphones charge faster and hold their charge longer, but new batteries – solid state batteries – will also push airplanes (yes, airplanes!) into the future. Large sums of money are going into the future of air travel, and this is backed by the biggest companies in the industry.

There are two very important words in the world of batteries: energy density.

This refers to the amount of power in a small and lightweight space. The more power a battery can store and the lighter its weight, the less energy it needs. The improved energy density of a solid state battery in particular is needed for the mass adoption of autonomous vehicles.

The investing opportunity in two massive, game-changing themes that are connected is too good to miss.

Getting back to the picks and shovels approach, in my Investment Opportunities service I recommend companies that supply this new technology – nicknamed the “Jesus Battery.”

Find out exactly what makes this battery so miraculous here.

In one example, I found a company that holds key patents. Automakers like Toyota are relying on this tiny company for its electric cars. Yet the company is totally off the radar.

That makes now the right time to get in before everyone else. I’ve got a full presentation on the investment opportunity in this “Jesus Battery,” which you can view for free by clicking here.

P.S. Insiders are already calling this potential new battery a “paradigm shift” in energy technology. Forbes calls it simply: “The battery that could change the world.”

Trust me, it’s amazing.

This breakthrough device could change just about everything in your life – from how you get around to how you communicate with others… even the way you think about the world.

For early investors, this presents the kind of moneymaking opportunity that could turn a tiny initial stake into an absolute fortune.

Folks who get in on this breakthrough now, BEFORE it’s rolled out on a mass scale, will have the chance to be a part of perhaps the single largest legal creation of wealth in the last 25 years.

I can share with you what I’ve learned and show you how to profit. Click here to learn more.

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