You Need to Be In Stocks TODAY… Here’s the Best Place for Your Money

I spent the first part of this week at the 2019 Stansberry Conference in Las Vegas. It was a great couple of days filled with interesting conversations and guest speakers. Everyone had a lot of terrific insights.

When I gave my presentation Wednesday afternoon, I made one thing very clear: You need to be in stocks today.

Despite what we’re hearing in the financial media right now, a recession is not on the horizon. Stocks are not expensive. And a bull market does not die of old age.

That’s right. I’m as bullish as ever on the market right now. Of course, there will be ups and downs along the way. But I’m looking for the S&P 500 to soar 20% and hit 3,600 in the next 12-18 months.

That’s one reason you need to be in stocks now. The other reason is that there are countless ways to make money in long-term mega-trends. In my presentation, I highlighted eight massive trends that are set to go up 10X in the years ahead.

Frequent MoneyWire readers are familiar with these mega-trends – everything from the future of healthcare to the booming cannabis industry to Chinese biotech. But there is one that enables many of the others. It has its tentacles in nearly every aspect of our lives.

I’m talking about 5G.

5G Is Here

I’m sure you’ve heard of 5G, the next generation of wireless connectivity. It’s what allows us to download a movie in 30 seconds as opposed to 23 minutes. That’s great, but it’s not what this next-generation network is all about.

5G is about autonomous vehicles (AVs)… the Internet of Things (IoT)… artificial intelligence… augmented and virtual reality.

5G will affect more than $50 trillion in economic activity.

This isn’t a technology that may or may not happen. It’s already here. It’s happening right now in front of our very eyes.

And even if the bears and talking heads are somehow right – which I don’t believe they are – and we do have a recession… 5G isn’t going anywhere. That’s the type of investment you want to be in long term.

For early investors, 5G presents the kind of wealth-building opportunity that could turn a modest one-time investment into an absolute fortune over time. It’s expected to bring in $12.3 trillion in revenue across multiple industries.

Take a look at the chart below. I have this sitting next to my desk, and I look at it every day.

This is how stocks performed during the 4G buildout. They didn’t do much at first, but look how they took off as the years progressed. I suspect we’re at the very left of this chart today in the 5G revolution timeline. You could cross out “2012” and replace it with “2019.” It’s only a matter of time before these stocks take off, too.

The Possibilities Are Endless

5G is what we call a “keystone” technology – one so critical that it drives all other technologies.

Like every keystone technology that came before it, 5G will be the rocket fuel that launches us into the future as it unlocks countless new technologies and ushers in the next great industrial revolution.

5G will finally enable the big breakthroughs on the cusp of becoming a reality. Here are just some a few of the key industries that will be impacted.

Autonomous Vehicles: Imagine a self-driving car going 70 miles per hours down the highway and the network experiences a blip – a 100-millisecond delay. In virtually every other circumstance, that delay would never be noticed. But it could be devastating in an AV. It could result in the braking system stopping the vehicle 10 feet beyond where it would have otherwise, potentially leading to a major accident. Future AVs will be data centers on wheels.

Internet of Things: Physical devices will be able to “talk” to each other and operate with increased efficiency. Cars will communicate directly to the roads and each other. Your refrigerator will tell you that you are low on milk or eggs. Your dryer will text you when your clothes are ready. Thanks to all of this connectivity, we can do today what was difficult to even imagine just a few years ago.

Augmented and Virtual Reality: AR and VR could not function without very fast connection speeds. Think of gaming, for example. 5G speeds are necessary for eSports matches featuring players from around the world. Can you image a championship with a $1 million prize on the line and suddenly the connection blips? That would be one expensive glitch – and many angry gamers.

Smart Cities: We’re already seeing smart cities emerge as connectivity helps monitor traffic, energy, crime, and more. But the smart city I envision is just starting to take shape. Think real-time connections between traffic cameras and the police department and traffic lights that change based on current conditions. That’s only the beginning.

Healthcare: Health devices will talk to each other reliably and instantly. Within a few years, I suspect the Apple Watch will be able to monitor your vitals 24/7 and send information to straight your doctor. And while we already have robotic surgeries, you can expect far more in the future.

This is only the beginning of what’s possible in the years ahead. This enormous technological shift is just getting underway. Early investors stand to make fortunes.

P.S. The rollout of 5G is going to be MUCH bigger than 4G.

4G was an improvement. 5G is a game changer.

That’s why every tech insider and analyst at my firm is excited about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here’s my prediction: If you invest in 5G today, it could be the only investment you’ll ever need to make.

Like getting in on Amazon (AMZN), which showed early investors could have made a massive 102,000% gain. Or Netflix (NFLX), in which a $500 investment would have you sitting on $123,000 today.

I explain fully what’s at stake, and the enormous profit potential of 5G, in my latest free briefing. You can access it here.

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