Why Blockchain Won’t Just Make You Money – It’ll SAVE You Money, Too

I’ve gone on record as saying that cryptocurrencies will be the best performing asset of 2020.

If that sounds wild to you, consider that they already were the best performers of 2019 – even after their pullback in the second half. Bitcoin still closed up 113%… far more than the 29% gain we celebrated for the S&P 500 stocks.

We’ve talked a lot in MoneyWire lately about the opportunity here. Now let’s talk about WHY the cryptocurrency market really does live up to the hype:

Behind every cryptocurrency is some great software: the blockchain. And like every other great software, this one lets us live our lives more efficiently.

Zillow (Z) lets us find apartments and houses more efficiently. Netflix (NFLX) does the same for movies. Uber (UBER) helps us get a ride home more efficiently. Amazon (AMZN) helps us get just about everything more efficiently.

You get the picture.

And now, the blockchain does the same thing for transactions – whether it’s currency or real estate or even medical-records transfer.

To the Middlemen of the World: Good Riddance

There are a lot of systems out there that are just begging for disruption by a technology like this.

The ones I’m talking about are horribly inefficient. And with industries like that, it’s easy to price gouge people like you and me.

Take title insurance, for example. How ridiculous is it that we have to pay someone hundreds – even thousands – of dollars to research and verify a property’s title history?

In the near future, blockchain programs will research and verify a property’s title for you in seconds… for a tiny fraction of what you’ll get charged by the parasitical title insurance companies we deal with today.

Or, take payment processors. I think it’s ridiculous that credit card companies and payment processors charge small businesses 3% of all transactions.

Instead, blockchain programs will process these payments…and save everyone who buys or sells ANYTHING lots of money.

Same thing for medical records. Many of us have multiple medical records with multiple healthcare professionals. Getting those records to a new provider is often an agonizing, infuriating process… and there’s a huge cost associated with all that inefficiency.

It makes a department of motor vehicles look like a day spa.

However, blockchain technology will make today’s absurd medical record keeping system a thing of the past. These programs can record, store, and transfer your medical records for a fraction of what today’s medical record industry charges.

Plus, it will make getting your medical records to a new provider a breeze.

This will save us all lots of money, time, and frustration.

All this is why blockchain is “on par with technology like personal computers and the internet,” according to John Bates, director of product management for software giant Adobe (ADBE).

What he’s saying is not so far-fetched. The efficiencies that blockchain provides are on par with Google’s (GOOGL) search engine or Microsoft (MSFT) software, like Word and Excel.

After we adopted Google and Microsoft Office, life was never the same.

Similarly, blockchain technology will disrupt more than a TRILLION dollars… in many industries that have been fleecing Americans for decades.

Now, let’s talk about how to find the specific industries primed for disruption – and cash in.

My First Criterion for Any Cryptocurrency Investment

Thanks to the success of bitcoin, new cryptocurrencies (called altcoins) started popping up left and right.

That’s great news for investors. Because when you can catch something in an early stage – and be there when a huge profit catalyst hits the industry – the gains can be much larger.

But first, you’ve got to find the right choice for your money.

It all starts with opportunity… what is the potential upside? What problem is the crypto trying to solve?

What process is the crypto trying to improve?

This leads to one of the most important factors — total addressable market (TAM). The TAM is a hot topic right now for stocks as well as cryptos, and for good reason. The factor determines the revenue and growth potential of the market the crypto is focusing on.

One example of a crypto with a low TAM is dentacoin, which was created for the global dental industry. That industry is not very big when compared to its peers, and growth in the sector is virtually non-existent. That’s why dentacoin is down more than 95% from its 2018 high – and why it has a very low TAM.

Instead, I’m recommending five other altcoins for purchase today.

In the new venture I presented on Tuesday, Ultimate Crypto, you’ll have a proprietary crypto investment system in your corner, which we’ve nicknamed the MAG System.

Once a cryptocurrency gets a high score across 10 total criteria, I’ll recommend subscribers snap it up… before the massive profit event called the

Go here for the replay of Tuesday’s free webinar, 2020 Crypto Millionaire, for details of the massive opportunity here this year.

P.S. As I mentioned, many of the altcoins are just starting out…and don’t meet my comprehensive criteria.

It’s not that they will never be a worthwhile investment. It’s just that I need to see them hit a few targets first.

At Ultimate Crypto, I’ll let you know which 20 altcoins are worth keeping an eye on for potential buys down the road. Blockchain is a much bigger story than most people realize – and I can’t wait to see how it plays out in 2020 and beyond.

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