Use Today’s Pullback to Buy This Stock

The market remains volatile, but it has not had back-to-back down days in over three weeks. In that time, the S&P 500 has gained nearly 30% from its March low.

Amid all that volatility, we launched our Crisis and Opportunity Portfolio specifically to take advantage of opportunities emerging from the extreme selling. The performance has been nothing short of impressive.

The portfolio is up 25.9% versus a gain of 12.6% for the S&P 500. The four stocks in the portfolio all fall into our long-term investment trends. And all four are small-cap stocks that are flying under the radar of the average investor.

I shared one stock with you at my Crisis and Opportunity Investment Summit on April 2 was Catasys (CATS). It’s already up 72.6% in two short weeks. Another stock is one of the global leaders in the future of transportation and is up nearly 18%.

The original plan I shared two weeks ago during the event included buying in waves. After starting with three positions in the Crisis and Opportunity Portfolio on April 2, we bought a fourth last week. It is a small biotech firm that has one of the best pipelines in the industry and already has approval for what could be the next billion-dollar blockbuster drug.

That brings me to today. It is time to continue our systematic buying as we add our fifth stock to the portfolio. My original plan was to add one stock per week until we get to eight stocks, and that remains the plan – though we may even continue a few weeks longer depending on the market and the opportunities that come our way.

I am excited about every stock in the portfolio, but today is a special day. I just notified my subscribers about our new buy – a company that is one of the most exciting stories I have come across in years. It is the perfect mix of a massive old school industry and cutting-edge technology that will forever change the world.

This new recommendation is a software company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help pharma and biotech firms discover drugs quicker and cheaper. The $2.3 billion small cap is a name that is not yet making the rounds on Wall Street, even though two of the smartest and richest men in the world are big investors in it.

The company is the brains behind some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech businesses in the world. As a matter of fact, the top 20 drug companies in the world are its customers. Along with supplying the AI software to help drug companies discover treatments faster, more efficiently, and cheaper, the firm also has its own pipeline of AI-discovered drugs.

In a world where new treatments need to be discovered and approved in a shorter timeframe, this company is stepping up its efforts. It is disrupting a nearly $200 billion industry. That is the amount of money spent by drug companies on research and development every year… and it is on the rise.

As the company continues to expand, it will take a bigger and bigger chunk of that $200 billion annually. For a business that is only valued at $2.3 billion… well… I think you can see the huge upside.

The company is expected to grow revenue 30% annually in the next few years with earnings increasing more than 60% a year. And I believe both numbers are way too conservative.

I am sure you have heard me talk about software stocks and how they have minted billionaires over the last few decades. Software is the oil of the technology revolution. And now you have a chance to invest in a software company that is set to disrupt an industry that is ripe for disruption.

This is the type of stock that only comes around every few years, and now is the time to get in. If you’d like to learn more about the stock and read my full analysis, you can click here now.

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Click here to listen to Matt McCall’s MoneyLine podcast! This week, Matt talks about the eventual recovery. Will it be V-shaped or U-shaped? And is it too late to buy the bottom?. By the numbers, the rally is technically a bull market. But Matt thinks this may just be a bear market rally. If that’s the case and we’re looking at a U-shaped recovery, there may still be more opportunities to get great deals on quality stocks. But that begs the question… where should we invest? In small caps or large caps?

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