The Big Event is About to Happen… Here’s My Latest Recommendation

The countdown is now in its final stages, and I’ve just released my last recommendation before it happens.

The estimated day for the massive crypto catalyst we’ve been waiting for keeps getting sooner and sooner.

A few months ago, bitcoin’s halvening was expected around May 20. A couple of weeks ago, it had been moved up to May 13. Then May 12…

It’s now estimated to happen on May 11 – just three days from now.

If you’re a regular MoneyWire reader, you know how big this is… and time is running out.

Bitcoin’s halvening cuts the supply of new coins coming onto the market in half. This reduced supply lights a fuse under bitcoin… but even more so in other cryptos called altcoins.

This fuse will set off one of the largest explosions of wealth in modern history. People who invest modest stakes in altcoins stand to make millions of dollars, just like they did before.

The last time this event occurred, little-known cryptocurrencies saw extraordinary gains, like…

  • Reddcoin, which grew 72,400%.
  • Neo, which rose 134,453%.
  • And Ripple, which shot up 43,448%.

History has shown the biggest gains in crypto investing go to those who move earliest.

That’s why I’ve been busy preparing for this defining moment by recommending the best-positioned altcoins that score the highest in my proprietary ranking system. In fact, I just released my latest recommendation less than two hours ago.

One of the really cool things about the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based is how many different ways it can be used. The possibilities are practically endless, which is part of the massive potential.

My new recommendation is basically a wagering exchange. This crypto allows you to wager on pretty much anything, from the presidential election to the winner of the Super Bowl. And it has a big catalyst of its own that is just a month away.

Simply put, this coin has the potential to change the predictive markets forever. The coming catalyst should dramatically open up the coin’s total addressable market – or TAM for short – which is an important part of my exclusive crypto ranking system.

The coming catalyst was driven by user feedback, which is interesting because another one of my system’s components evaluates a crypto’s community. This new recommendation is a good example of how a great community can lead to amazing products.

This is just the latest altcoin we’ve added ahead of the halvening. We added four others last week:

  • Secret Altcoin #1: Blockchain 3.0 is set to rock the crypto world. It is helping corporations, governments, and banks around the globe develop their own blockchain solutions. One nation has even secured a partnership to use Blockchain 3.0 as a way to launch the world’s first central bank digital currency. We can invest in Blockchain 3.0 directly by owning its cryptocurrency. This small crypto could see over 100-fold gains if it reaches its full potential.
  • Secret Altcoin #2: This cryptocurrency is changing the video game industry as we know it. It is quickly becoming the “go-to” currency for in-game purchases – millions of dollars’ worth of in-game goods every month. And this is just the beginning. Wouldn’t you like to get paid every time a gamer buys more in-game products?
  • Secret Altcoin #3: You might not think of collecting a dividend when owning cryptos, but one little-known coin allows investors to “stake” their investment and receive more coins in return. You can basically lock in a 5.1% “crypto dividend.”
  • Secret Altcoin #4: This coin gained more than 30,000% after the last halvening, and it represents a unique opportunity with one of the largest, most recognizable, and reliable exchanges in the world backing it.

We’re getting in now because the big money is made early. There’s still time… but it’s running out.

This is truly the number one high-growth investment in the current market climate, and the biggest catalyst of all is just days away.

P.S. Time is of the essence. Given the explosive gains in cryptocurrencies after the first two halvenings, I’m here to tell you that people who invest modest stakes now could make millions of dollars.

My team and I dedicated the past few months to crafting a 10-factor system for picking cryptocurrency investments. One of my recommendations just “uplisted” to a major crypto exchange owned by the billionaire Winklevoss brothers… something only bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others have accomplished.

I believe it could soar 10-fold or more from current price levels. Click here to learn more and discover how to find out the name and ticker symbol before this major crypto event takes place.

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