My 5G Prediction Will Pay Off Tremendously … if You Listen Now

Have you ever heard of a “flashbulb memory”?

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The term refers to a never-to-be-forgotten moment when something significant or surprising happened. It’s so vivid that it resides in your memory as a “snapshot” that allows you to recall specific details.

Some people think of flashbulb memories as the moment they proposed to their spouse … or when their child was born.

One of my greatest flashbulb memories took place more than 10 years ago. I made a bold prediction that went against what nearly everyone else was saying.

I don’t mean to brag, but it was one of the best calls I ever made. And we find ourselves in a similar situation today …

The day was Friday, March 6, 2009.

The market had been in a long and brutal decline after the financial crisis and Great Recession. The S&P 500 was down 57% from its last high, which had come nearly two years earlier.

Investors were not happy. And most analysts were saying that they expected the downward slide to continue.

I went against the grain.

That day, I was appearing on Fox Business, and I said the selling was about done. Long-term investors needed to buy stocks. You can watch the interview below (as embarrassing as it is to show myself 10 years ago):

Fox News Bitcoin Clip

The market made its intraday bottom that very day. The next trading day — Monday, March 9, 2009 — the S&P 500 made its closing low of 676.53.

The funny thing is … I wasn’t even trying to call a bottom. Not an exact bottom anyway. Any investor who thinks they can pick precise bottoms or tops is a fool. I didn’t know if the bottom was coming that day, the next week, or even months later.

But I did know that if anyone ever wanted to own stocks again, it was as good of a time as any to buy. I also knew that capitalism and the fortitude of the American people would eventually win.

I bring this up because a similar situation reared its head a few months ago.

Back in March, the market experienced its single biggest drop in history as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world.

I knew we were in for a volatile ride. But I also knew that we were seeing a tremendous buying opportunity.

Here’s what I wrote to my Investment Opportunities subscribers on April 2:

As long-term investors, we must remember that bear markets are a part of investing. In the moment, they feel terrible. It seems like stocks will never rally again. But [the Dow’s 32% pullback in 1987] was one of the greatest buying opportunities in the last 100 years.

I believe we are in the same situation right now. We have one of the best buying opportunities in over a decade — and maybe that we’ll ever see.

Let me be clear that I’m not saying we have hit the bottom and that it’s straight up from here. I honestly don’t know if we have hit the bottom yet. Nobody does. But I do know that we are either there or very close.

And more importantly, I am not suggesting you start buying every stock on your watchlist today. Let me share a simple strategy for investing in a bear market, starting with our road map to recovery.

Given the uncertainties at the time, this was another bold call. But the government did inject some serious stimulus into the economy … and the stimulus rally got underway not long after.

And on Friday, June 5, less than three months after the market crashed to unprecedented lows, the Nasdaq 100 reached a new all-time high. Does the chart below look familiar?

To be perfectly honest, we’re getting back to highs faster than I expected. But that’s fine with me. The recovery trajectory played out exactly as I anticipated, and the faster the better.

Now, I have a new prediction — but this one isn’t about broad market performance. This one is about an industry that is just now making its way into the mainstream.

I’m talking about 5G.

The upgrade to 5G is a historic event. All the amazing innovations you hear so much about today — like self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) — will be made possible by 5G.

It’s no exaggeration to say the 5G-enabled breakthroughs will DWARF the economic impact of the internet.

I’m talking about more than $56 TRILLION in new wealth.

You don’t need a crystal ball to see this coming. But here’s my prediction: Most investors are going to invest in 5G the wrong way.

They’re missing the bigger picture and the potentially life-changing profits that await …

Everybody is talking about 5G infrastructure plays right now. The building of the “highway” itself. I get it. It’s exciting. And those are good opportunities … but they’re not great.

You might be able to make money now as the 5G superhighway is being built. But once it’s in place, then what?

The massive wealth-building opportunity that comes with 5G is in the revolutionary new companies setting up shop along the brand new superhighway. They are set to make more money over a much longer period of time.

You have to realize that this is more than an upgrade or some clever marketing gimmick to boost sales of smartphones. This is a technological breakthrough — a new kind of network that will transform existing industries and create entirely new ones at the same time.

It’s rolling out right as we speak, and now is the time to get in before the big gains are made.

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