IPOs are Heating Up – Here’s What You Should be Watching

The IPO market has been hot this year… but this week is the biggest yet.

With 12 companies making their debut and raising more than $6.8 billion, we haven’t seen a week like this since Uber (UBER) went public in May 2019.

It’s great to see, and I give you all the details you need in today’s new episode of MoneyLine. I even discuss some of the specific deals, including the largest U.S. software IPO ever in Snowflake (SNOW) – which begins trading tomorrow – and a telehealth company called Amwell.

Similar to IPOs, SPACs are another area of the market that is red hot right now. Nine of these “blank check” companies went public in the last week and raised $3.1 billion, and a new SPAC merger was announced just this morning. With a price tag of $4.8 billion, it’s one of the largest deals this year.

IPOs have always held a sort of mystique for investors. Newly public companies hit the markets in their first days and weeks with a lot of excitement, but that hype tends to fade quickly. That’s not a bad thing, though. In fact, it’s exactly what we want to see as an opportunistic investor.

I’ve watched this trend play out time and time again over the years, so I put together a system that identifies the right time to buy an IPO. I call it the J-curve, which is exactly what it sounds like – a pattern on the stock chart that resembles the letter “J.” Most IPOs form the J-curve in their early months of trading.

Why am I telling you about this today?

Because in the new podcast, I reveal four recent IPOs that are forming their bullish J-curve pattern… and explain what you should be watching for if you’re interested in investing.

Then, I talk about today’s highly anticipated Apple (AAPL) event, which saw the release of a new watch, iPad, and bundled service. The stock isn’t expected to grow at a huge clip in the years ahead, but I explain my view on whether or not the recent pullback is a buying opportunity.

Today’s show wraps up with your questions – like always! If you have any questions yourself, make sure to send them to me on Twitter @MatthewMcCall. And give me a follow while you’re there – it’s the best way to stay up to date on the latest market information.

The questions I answer today are about specific stocks, so you’ll get my thoughts on Workhorse Group (WKHS), On Semiconductor (ON), DiamondPeak Holdings (DPHC), Fortress Biotech (FBIO), and more!

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P.S. Apple isn’t ready to unveil the newest iteration of its iPhone just yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Most on Wall Street expect it to come out in the next month or so…

Each new iPhone is better than the one before it, but the iPhone 12 is extra exciting because it will be the first model equipped with 5G capabilities. I view this as the unofficial start of the 5G mega-trend.

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