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5G Stocks: Getting Rich from the Biggest, Most Lucrative Highway Ever Built


Last year in Beijing, a patient with Parkinson’s disease went into surgery to receive a deep brain stimulation implant.

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This type of surgery happens relatively often … but this time was different.

The surgeon was 1,800 miles away from the patient when it happened.

That’s like a doctor in New York operating on someone in Salt Lake City.

It was the world’s first remote brain surgery. It required state-of-the-art robotics and a live camera feed, enabling the surgeon to conduct the procedure as if he were right next to the patient.

This life-changing operation would not have been possible on the existing 4G network.

Could you imagine if the live feed had to refresh during brain surgery?!

This type of procedure was only possible with an ultrafast, ultrareliable communication network — the new 5G.

This incredible story highlights just how universal — how widespread — the 5G network is going to be.

Most people don’t get that it is so much more than an incremental upgrade to 4G. It will transform existing industries — and create entirely new ones at the same time.

I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the magnitude of this opportunity …

Experts are already predicting that 5G will have an impact similar to the introduction of electricity, or the car. That it will change the way we live and work, and even the way we relate to each other.

It will affect entire economies and benefit entire societies.

In short, the 5G Superhighway is going to be the biggest highway we’ve ever seen … carrying multiple trillions of dollars in new economic wealth.

Thanks to near-instant data transfer, 5G will be used to connect not just our personal computers and smartphones, but so much more.

Everything will be connected.

  • Connected Roads: Streets will be implanted with sensors that can track data both on the roads and through peoples’ cars and smartphones to gain insights on traffic jams, road blockages, roadwork, and road conditions.
  • Connected Cars: Driverless cars will be updated in real time and decide on the best route to take at any given time.
  • Connected Parking: Sensors embedded in the ground will identify what parking spaces are available or occupied.
  • Connected Lights: Smart streetlights will stay dim when no cars or people are around, then light up as sensors detect someone is coming.
  • Connected Buildings: In commercial buildings, sensors can detect when a specific room or office is vacant and dedicate less lighting and temperature resources to that space. This will save cities big on energy costs.
  • Connected Trash Cans: Yes, trash cans! Smart waste containers will have sensors attached to them that measure how full they are. When a bin is full, it can instantly send this information to automated waste collection trucks to come collect the trash.

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Smart cities and smart hospitals and smart everything else won’t be possible without one key innovation — the massive new 5G network capable of carrying up to 1,000-times more data than 4G.

On the new 5G network, farmers can monitor incoming weather, soil quality, and crops’ growth progress, in real time.

In construction and mining … operators can work with 5G remote-controlled excavators in hazardous environments from the comfort and safety of an office.

Wearable devices such as smartwatches will provide doctors the real-time data they need to make quick healthcare decisions.

In e-commerce and retail … you’ll be able to virtually “try on” new clothes … from the comfort of your own home, before you buy.

In entertainment … augmented and virtual reality wearable devices will enable you to be immersed in the crowd at live sporting events, concerts, and shows, all from your living room couch.

In education … students will experience interactive and immersive 3D re-creations of famous historical events and battles.

In energy … 5G-enabled smart grids will communicate more efficiently to help slash energy bills.

Insurance … real estate … manufacturing … financial services …

There’s literally no corner of the economy or globe that this new highway will not touch.

That’s why Forbes says, “Get ready, 5G is going to change EVERYTHING.”

Financial Times calls 5G “a game changer for humanity.”

And it’s why I say 5G will be the single biggest communication highway ever built.

It will be 90 times bigger than what we have currently. If today’s network is a simple one-lane stretch of road, the 5G highway would amount to a 90-lane mega-highway.

All told, 5G is going to usher in new breakthroughs and technologies worth more than $56 TRILLION.

I think you can see why the 5G buildout is going to be the biggest, most important, most lucrative new highway built in our lifetimes.

You want to own the new businesses tapping the wealth off this massive new highway. And now is the time to stake your claim before everyone else realizes the hypergrowth that’s coming.

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