3 Retailers That Should Be Thankful They’re Still in Business

BBY, JCP and RSH will be on the way out sooner rather than later

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thanksgiving turkey dinner 3 Retailers That Should Be Thankful Theyre Still in BusinessThis is the time of year for giving thanks, and we all have quite a bit to be thankful for. Though we complain about having a divided country, we live in a place where power changes hands without violence. And for all the angst about rising taxes, at least we live in a country where work still is rewarded with the possibility for great wealth.

The economy isn’t the healthiest right now, but it’s still a fine time to be an American.

That said, there are plenty of companies that aren’t doing particularly well — in fact, they should be thankful they’re still in business at all.

By next Thanksgiving, they might not be.

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