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7 Stocks to Fight the Fake News

Companies dedicated to the truth are finding that there's more in it for them than just doing the right thing

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“That’s fake news.” The phrase has become a rallying cry for the disaffected, and for those who perceive the mainstream media to be at odds with the truth. Indeed, the fake news claims are partly why businessman/reality TV star Donald Trump is now President Donald Trump. And whatever opinion you hold of the commander in chief, the fact is the fake news message does resonate with millions of Americans who have become distrustful of the mainstream media.

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But what exactly is fake news, and what is corporate America doing to combat it?

That’s a question every American should be asking … doubly so if you’re an investor.

When I think of fake news, I think of media that’s biased to one political extreme or the other. Think of the difference between the right-wing pitch at Fox News and the leftist propaganda at MSNBC. But there’s far more to fake news than just opinion, and that has to do with the disinformation found in the many phony, false and manipulative stories populating social media. Then there’s the blogosphere, filled with political, social, even pseudo-scientific websites all designed to shape our thinking about a given subject.

To fight the fake news, many companies are actively engaged in trying to shut it down, or at least identifying and mitigating the worst offenders. And because I am a man who likes his news “on the real,” I applaud any company engaged in fighting fake news.

Yet because I also am an investor on the hunt for opportunity, I know that when it comes to opinion, you may not agree with a particular political viewpoint … but you can’t disagree that the narratives being pushed are winning eyeballs (and revenue) in the process.

Here are seven stocks to fight the fake news.

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