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5 Investing Legends That Could Follow Derek Jeter to the Exits

As Yankees fans ponder the end of the Derek Jeter era, there are some long-tenured gentlemen nearing retirement from that borough to the south: Wall Street. Read Article

3 Sectors to Sell Before the Bear Comes

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3 of the Year’s Best ETFs – Should You Buy?

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Why Investors Need to Stop Sweating the Federal Reserve

The outlook for Federal Reserve policy continues to make headlines, but its potential market impact is being greatly exaggerated. Read Article

RORO – The ‘Hedge Fund’ You Can Actually Afford

State Street's new SPDR SSgA Risk Aware ETF (RORO) aims to give you the risk-minded performance of hedge funds without the high costs. Read Article

Federal Reserve: The Good News, And the Bad News

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday kept important 'considerable time' language in reference to short-term interest rates, but... Read Article

Small Caps: An Asset Class on the Brink

Small-cap stocks and the IWM ETF are sitting just short of a key technical breakdown, an ominous sign for the broader stock market. Read Article

Stocks Hit Record Highs on Stimulus Hopes

A near-vertical ramp in stocks and other risk assets weakened near the end of the day as Wall Street digested the latest tease on the Fed's stimulus intentions. Read Article

Stocks Mixed, Bonds Hit as Fed Fears Fester

Investors would do well to prepare for higher volatility later this week and into October as the market digests the coming change of Fed policy. Read Article

Bet Against the ‘Smart Money’

The smart money can be as guilty as the rest of us when it comes to herding and groupthink. Here are some contrarian plays for the rest of 2014. Read Article

The REAL Market Fun Starts Friday

Stocks slip Thursday ahead of a slew of economic data releases, and the fun will continue next Wednesday when the Fed makes its all-important statement. Read Article

Why You Should Care About Wednesday’s Bond-Rattling

Weakness in bonds can benefit stocks, sure ... but that's assuming we're in a normal economic cycle. And we're not. Read Article

These Brand-New ETFs Are Already a Big Hit

WBI Investments' 10 new ETFs just pulled in more than $1 billion in assets within days. Should you throw your money at WBI Shares, too? Read Article

Watch Out, Stocks! The Bears Are Coming!

Signs in daily trading patterns, as well as shakiness in the junk bond market, portend a possible aggressive move from the bears. Read Article

Is There Any Reason to Buy American Funds?

American Funds is one of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. But are its funds among the best in quality and performance? Read Article

Fixed Income – What to Do When Interest Rates Rise

When interest rates rise, bonds will become more attractive ... but a number of other fixed-income investments could be at risk. Here's how various income-producing investments could fare in a higher-interest-rate environment. Read Article

A Stock Implodes and You’re Long. What Next?

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Top 5 Reasons to Sell Mutual Funds

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7 Shareholder Perks That Sweeten the Pot for Investors

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Don’t Ignore Mutual Fund Asset Bloat

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