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2 Popular Metrics to Help You Invest

Stay focused on being a part owner in great companies and to look for value and growth in your stocks. The P/E and PEG ratios are two tools that can help you do that. Read Article

3 Investing Tips to Combat America’s Greatest Fear

I can practically guarantee that you’ll find at least one great investing idea by simply picking your head up and taking in the world around you. Read Article

Jobs Slowdown, Higher Rates Kick Stocks Again

It seems that for the first time since 2013, we're on the cusp of a sustained rise in borrowing costs -- one that looks set to happen no matter what the Fed does. Read Article

3 Reasons the Stock Market Is Vulnerable Now

Stock market bears are starting to flex a little muscle, and warning signals are starting to flare up left and right. Don't be caught unaware. Read Article

Will the Fed? Won’t the Fed? Uncertainty Pushes Stocks Lower

The pressure hitting bonds weighed on stocks Tuesday, and as breadth breaks down, a short-term correction looks increasingly in play. Read Article

Bank Stocks Rise on Higher Rates

Bank stocks were the day's best performer today, rising 1% on the drop in Treasury bonds on anticipation of higher net interest margins. Read Article

Stocks Trim Weekly Losses With a Bullish Friday

U.S. stocks finished in the red for the week, though Friday was a broad-based up day. Next up: An April payroll report with outsized importance. Read Article

Stocks Drift Lower on Weak Growth, Fed Statement

Volatility in stocks was subdued today as the initial estimate of first quarter GDP growth and a policy announcement from the Federal Reserve came in as expected. Read Article

Stocks Push Higher Ahead of the Fed (But Twitter Is Left Behind)

Telecoms led stocks broadly higher Tuesday, but the fireworks show is slated for Wednesday when the Fed will make its next policy announcement. Read Article

Japan Credit Rating Downgraded? Thanks, Captain Obvious

Fitch has belatedly lowered Japan's credit rating. Given the issues with Japanese debt, the future looks pretty bleak for Japan's economy. Read Article

Stocks Slide as Gold Surges Ahead of Apple Earnings

Most eyes following stocks were on AAPL's earnings, this week's Federal Reserve meeting and the negotiations between Greece and eurozone lenders. Read Article

S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit Fresh Records as Fed Looms

Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft (MSFT) led the Nasdaq to new highs Friday. Up next week: A policy announcement from the Federal Reserve. Read Article

Stocks Hit Fresh Records, Google & Amazon Shine After Hours

The Nasdaq hit a new closing high, and major tech stocks including AMZN, GOOG and MSFT could end up driving the index to its dot-com intraday highs Thursday. Read Article

Follow the ‘Smart Money’ At Your Own Peril

The TV pundits that make up Wall Street's "smart money" are all picking the same stocks while protecting their six-figure incomes. If you own a stock they decide to sell, they'll trample over you with their desire to sell before their boss notices they still own it. Read Article

Dollar Cost Averaging: Should You Bother?

Dollar cost averaging will be most advantageous to passive investors in the growth phase of their assets using low-cost and diversified ETFs. Read Article

S&P 500 Threatens Breakout on Apple Hype (AAPL)

Signs of strength materialized Wednesday to help move the S&P 500 and other indices higher. After the bell, though, FB and TXN were slumping on earnings. Read Article

Dow Struggles at 18,000 as Earnings Weigh

The market's best chance for a near-term catalyst from here? A sign that the Fed will push back a hike in rates. Read Article

Grexit Strategy: What Would a Greek Default Mean for Investors?

Investors stopped reacting to "Grexit" news a long time ago. But what if … just if … a Greek default actually happened this time? Read Article

Chinese Stimulus Heats Up U.S. Stocks

Chinese authorities tried to restore sentiment by unveiling a new monetary policy that sent Chinese stocks higher Monday and rippled through U.S. markets. Read Article

Stocks Down, But Not Out, as Fed Remains in Focus

A variety of worries hit the market hard on Friday, sending the major indices down, but much of the future still hinges on Fed action. Read Article