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Microchip Technology (MCHP) Could Be Warning of a Market Top

Microchip Technology (MCHP), which issued a sales warning, is seen as a canary in the coal mine when it comes to big changes in the market. Read Article

5 Reasons the Stock Selloff Is Getting Serious

Don't get tricked into thinking the selloff is over. Here are five of the biggest signals that the selling will continue. Read Article

Don’t Put TOO Much Stock in Morningstar Ratings

Pimco Total Return's recent downgrade from gold to bronze speaks to a few issues with the ubiquitous Morningstar ratings system. Read Article

Bulls Lose Their Grip on Stocks’ Uptrend

The Dow Jones can't hold on to its 50-day moving average, and small caps look particularly vulnerable after Wednesday's weakness Read Article

How to Get Income Without Dividend Funds

If you want the ideal dividend payout, don't rely on dividend funds to get it. Here's how to produce your own "dividends." Read Article

Will Stocks Crash Soon?

After a big drop at the end of September, some investors are worried about a stock market crash. But all this bubble talk is overdone. Read Article

Stocks Recover From China Worries; Oil Could Make a Comeback

A potential vulnerable U.S. dollar coupled with geopolitical unrest could spark serious buying in crude in coming months. Meanwhile, buying interest in U.S. stocks is narrowing. Read Article

Gold Prices: Don’t Expect Much out of Q4

The outlook for gold prices in the fourth quarter -- not to mention silver prices -- leaves a lot to be desired. Read Article

What the Charts Are Saying About Gold, Precious Metals

Gold and precious metals stocks have been extremely weak, and the charts indicate that conditions may become even worse before rebounding. Read Article

Don’t ‘Set It and Forget It’ – Tinker With Your Portfolios

As investing environments are ever-changing, investors would be smart to play along and not limit themselves to cemented portfolios. Read Article

5 Investing Legends That Could Follow Derek Jeter to the Exits

As Yankees fans ponder the end of the Derek Jeter era, there are some long-tenured gentlemen nearing retirement from that borough to the south: Wall Street. Read Article

3 Sectors to Sell Before the Bear Comes

We don't know the exact timing of the next bear market but we are getting closer every day. Here are three sectors to sell before the bear comes. Read Article

3 of the Year’s Best ETFs – Should You Buy?

Red-hot stocks and funds tend to be momentum plays, and momentum plays always die out. But maybe there's a gem in this group of the best ETFs. Read Article

Why Investors Need to Stop Sweating the Federal Reserve

The outlook for Federal Reserve policy continues to make headlines, but its potential market impact is being greatly exaggerated. Read Article

RORO – The ‘Hedge Fund’ You Can Actually Afford

State Street's new SPDR SSgA Risk Aware ETF (RORO) aims to give you the risk-minded performance of hedge funds without the high costs. Read Article

Federal Reserve: The Good News, And the Bad News

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday kept important 'considerable time' language in reference to short-term interest rates, but... Read Article

Small Caps: An Asset Class on the Brink

Small-cap stocks and the IWM ETF are sitting just short of a key technical breakdown, an ominous sign for the broader stock market. Read Article

Stocks Hit Record Highs on Stimulus Hopes

A near-vertical ramp in stocks and other risk assets weakened near the end of the day as Wall Street digested the latest tease on the Fed's stimulus intentions. Read Article

Stocks Mixed, Bonds Hit as Fed Fears Fester

Investors would do well to prepare for higher volatility later this week and into October as the market digests the coming change of Fed policy. Read Article

Bet Against the ‘Smart Money’

The smart money can be as guilty as the rest of us when it comes to herding and groupthink. Here are some contrarian plays for the rest of 2014. Read Article