7 Dividend Stocks to Buy for 2022 With Dividend Yields Over 5%

dividend stocks - 7 Dividend Stocks to Buy for 2022 With Dividend Yields Over 5%

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One of the tried and true methods for generating an income stream is through investing in dividend stocks. In this era of low interest rates, dividend payments can be a more rewarding way to supplement your income. In turn, many investors plow those payments back into their portfolios.

Whatever your strategy is, one of the key goals is to pick the ideal level of dividend yield. Obviously, you want a high yield. Not too high — you don’t want to get suckered into investing in a company that’s in trouble — but generous enough to be worth your while.

With that in mind, each of these stocks offers a dividend yield over 5%, making them a great option for adding to your portfolio. 

  • Alliancebernstein Holding LP (NYSE:AB)
  • Arbor Realty Trust Inc (NYSE:ABR)
  • Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc (NYSE:APAM)
  • Golden Ocean Group Ltd (NASDAQ:GOGL)
  • Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp (NASDAQ:OCSL)
  • Southern Copper Corp (NYSE:SCCO)
  • Teekay Lng Partners, L.P. Common Stock (NYSE:TGP)

Adding to the case for these dividend stocks, each earns an “A” rating in Portfolio Grader. Now, let’s dive in and take a closer look at each one.

Dividend Stocks to Buy: Alliance Bernstein Holding (AB)

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Alliance Bernstein Holding is a global investment and research firm that’s headquartered in Nashville. The company divides its business into three silos. Asset Management is offered for global clients including individual and institutional investors. Private Wealth Management includes investment planning and risk-management. Overall, Bernstein Research provides independent research for institutional investors.

Over the past five years, AB stock has delivered a 110% return. That’s the kind of performance that would qualify it for inclusion in a growth-focused portfolio. However, this is a list that’s focused on dividend stocks. And with its latest quarterly dividend of 89 cents per share, AB stock currently has a very attractive, 7.6% dividend yield.

At the time of publication, AB stock earned an “A” rating in Dividend Grader.

Arbor Realty Trust (ABR)

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New York’s Arbor Realty Trust is in the business of mortgages, providing direct lending services for multi-family and commercial real estate. And multi-family real estate has been a hot market. In 2020 — despite the pandemic — construction of multi-family apartment buildings across America increased by 50%. Occupancy rates also increased. Reflecting that strength, ABR stock has been in high growth mode. Since the March 2020 market crash, shares in Arbor Realty Trust are up over 265%.

More importantly for the purposes of this article, Arbor Realty Trust is high-performing dividend stock. It currently offers investors a 8.2% dividend yield.

The current Dividend Grader rating for ABR stock is a stellar “A.”

Dividend Stocks to Buy: Artisan Partners Asset Management (APAM)

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You may not think of Wisconsin as an investment hotspot, but that’s the state Artisan Partners Asset Management calls home. The company provides investment management services, primarily to commercial customers.

In its latest quarterly earnings, Artisan Partners reported just how dramatically its business had picked up from 2020. Year-to-date (YTD) revenue was up 43% compared to 2020, with earnings per share (EPS) up 65%. We often point to dividend stocks as being companies with a consistent track record and a successful business track record. Artisan Partners is a textbook example of this. The company reported that on an annualized basis, its revenue has grown at approximately 11% per year over the past five years, and 10% per year over the past decade. Lastly, over the past five years, APAM stock is up 51%.

This past quarter also saw Artisan Partners declare a $1.07 per share quarterly cash dividend. At this point, APAM’s dividend ratio stands at 9.6%, the highest on this list.

APAM stock’s “A” rating in Dividend Grader is also as good as it gets.

Golden Ocean Group (GOGL)

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High-yield dividend stocks aren’t limited to investment, finance, and real estate companies. Case in point, Norway’s Golden Ocean Group. This company owns and operates cargo ships, primarily the massive Panamax and Ultramax and Capesize vessels that have been in incredibly high demand through 2021.

That wasn’t the case in 2020, when the pandemic cratered demand for many big vessels. Last year, Golden Ocean Group had to slash its dividend to a single payment of 5 cents per share. However, outside of that anomaly, GOGL has paid quarterly dividends like clockwork for decades.

Furthermore, 2021 has seen the cargo shipping business surge. In its third-quarter earnings report, Golden Ocean Group’s CEO announced:

“In keeping with the Company’s long-standing policy, I am pleased that we are in the position to return value to our shareholders through dividend payments, which have amounted to $321 million thus far in 2021, including the Q3 distribution.”

With that 85 cents per share dividend payment from the third quarter, GOGL stock’s dividend yield is very attractive.

Its “A” Dividend Grader rating makes GOGL stock a great pick among dividend stocks.

Dividend Stocks to Buy: Oaktree Specialty Lending Group (OCSL)

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Based in Los Angeles, Oaktree Specialty Lending Group has been in business since 2007 and publicly traded since 2008. There’s that proven track record that the best dividend stocks provide. Up 36% over the past five years, OCSL stock isn’t exactly in the high-growth category, but it’s going in the right direction.

Oaktree Specialty Lending Group is on this list because the company has a proven track record of paying dividends. This goes right back to the 2008 market listing date. With that in mind, the company currently offers investors an 8.5% dividend yield.

At the time of publication, OCSL stock was rated as an “A” in Dividend Grader.

Southern Copper (SCCO)

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Between electric vehicles (EVs), consumer electronics and power grid upgrades, there are fewer materials that are hotter than copper these days. Copper has become so valuable, it was the subject of a $40 million heist earlier this year. Not gold, not diamonds — copper. 

Naturally, sky-high copper prices have raised interest in copper mining companies. Southern Copper, has been in operation since 1952. Its mines and refinery operations are located in Peru and Mexico, but Southern Copper is headquartered in Phoenix. This is an established mining company, with highly productive mines, proven reserves and a $43.8 billion market cap. Over the past five years, SCCO stock has gained 75%, with much of that growth taking place since early 2020.

Adding to the appeal of SCCO is its performance as a dividend stock. Investors are enjoying a 6.72% dividend yield.

SCCO stock currently earns an “A” rating in Dividend Grader.

Dividend Stocks to Buy: Teekay LNG Partners (TGP)

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Other stocks on this list have delivered significant growth over the past five years. Teekay LNG Partners is a bit different in that respect. TGP stock is up just 17% since December 2016. However, that is set to change. Last year, LNG (liquified natural gas) was at historic low prices. This year, prices have hit record highs. And with countries like China working to cut coal use for power generation, LNG demand is set to remain strong for the foreseeable future. That reversal has pushed TGP shares to impressive 48% growth so far in 2021.

Even during last year’s cratering of LNG prices, Teekay was able to continue paying a dividend. As prices have surged, so have Teekay’s dividend payments. In the latest quarter, that amounts to 29 cents per share, and a 6.8% dividend yield.

Dividend stocks don’t do any better than TGP stock’s current “A” rating in Dividend Grader.   

On the date of publication, Louis Navellier had a long position in APAM and GOGL. Louis Navellier did not have (either directly or indirectly) any other positions in the securities mentioned in this article. InvestorPlace Research Staff member primarily responsible for this article did not hold (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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