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3 Cryptos to Buy for 100% Returns


  • Several obvious cryptos offer the chance to double your investment with 100% returns or more.
  • XRP (XRP): XRP’s upside potential is a product of the SEC’s ongoing allegations. 
  • Polygon (MATIC): Polygon may still be the key to creating a more accessible internet of blockchains.
  • Dogecoin (DOGE): A lack of real utility has never stopped Dogecoin from providing 100%+ returns before. 
Cryptos to Buy - 3 Cryptos to Buy for 100% Returns

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Even as the market becomes more accessible, it’s still tough to know which are the best cryptos to buy.

Crypto investors know the blockchain has created opportunities to buy assets that can provide 100% returns. In these still early days, there are likely thousands of examples of cryptos that have doubled in value. These are not necessarily the best cryptos to buy.

That general knowledge has also led to many bad actors leveraging peoples’ desire to get rich quickly. Stories of rug pulls abound along with those success stories. 

So, although it remains easy to identify lesser-known crypto projects with the potential to multiply in value, there’s simply too much risk. Investors should stick to better-known tokens and coins that are well understood. The truth is that they can multiply in value as well, but the risk is lower if not insignificant. 



RIPPLE (XRP) cryptocurrency; physical concept ripple coin on the background of the flag of United States of America (USA)
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XRP (XRP-USD) is simply an obvious choice as one of the best cryptos to buy for enthusiasts chasing 100% returns. Is it a commodity, as it claims, or a security, as the SEC believes?

The outcome of the court trial deciding that a question hangs in the balance and people simply want to know when a ruling might be expected. 

As it stands, many pundits seem to side with Ripple which asserts its XRP coin is a commodity. Most believe the SEC’s assertion that it is a security is an example of overreach by an organization that has lost 4 of its last 5 cases in the Supreme Court.

The court case is pivotal to the entire cryptocurrency sector. If the SEC were to be successful in proving XRP is a security, that would open massive regulatory oversight by the SEC over cryptocurrency.

Ripple remains confident that it will prevail with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse predicting a positive resolution in 2023, perhaps in H1. If that occurs, XRP might immediately double in price providing those 100% returns.

Polygon (MATIC)

A concept image for the Polygon (MATIC) crypto.
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In the past few years Polygon (MATIC-USD) and others like it received a lot of attention for their potential to help Ethereum solve one of its biggest problems: A lack of scalability.

The scalability problem is one that essentially means it doesn’t process transactions quickly enough. 

If Ethereum can’t process transactions quickly, it has no chance to supersede traditional financial networks. That means the dream of blockchain and decentralization won’t be brought to you by Ethereum and its value will decline. That would be an enormous blow to what is one of the most important blockchain/crypto projects. 

So, Polygon, which promises to solve the scalability issue, is a savior. Ethereum has updated its network and is now fully proof-of-stake.

Some had speculated that it could lead to greater processing times. So far, that has not materialized with transactions per second still around 15. Polygon is supposed to offer TPS of 65,000. Polygon could see increased demand moving forward if the idea of Ethereum scaling gains steam again.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency
Source: Orpheus FX / Shutterstock.com

Dogecoin (DOGE-USD) remains something of an ‘X factor’. By now, everyone knows that it’s a joke and isn’t solving any genuine problems.

It has no utility and until someone figures out how to make it useful, it will remain a joke. Ironically, it’s a joke that can provide 100% returns. 

A single Dogecoin will cost you $0.08. And the last time it was worth double that was early 2022, just prior to the Fed’s initiation of 9 straight rate hikes. Free money was suddenly a thing of the past and with it, a lot of the enthusiasm for Dogecoin and crypto in general. 

But here’s the thing: Dogecoin is now a known entity that functions as a magnet for speculative crypto investing. It has shown flashes of breakout potential in 2023. They haven’t yet amounted to much but it seems naive to expect that demand cannot spike quickly if something breaks in the financial system. It’s as simple as that and capital will flow into Doge again. 

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