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Fintech stocks are companies that integrate new technology with financial services, hence the full name: financial technology. Fintech is a catch-all of sorts, including concepts like artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and more. Considered a high-growth industry, modern fintech firms are rapidly evolving to meet the financial needs of an increasingly digital world.

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Warren Buffett’s Next Big Bet? Why PayPal Stock Might Be on Berkshire’s Radar.

PayPal’s new CEO is confident the business can grow while controlling expenses more diligently. That’s good news for PYPL stock.

CEO Anthony Noto Just Bought 22,500 Shares of SOFI Stock

SoFi CEO Anthony Noto picked up 22,500 shares of SOFI stock worth $146,000 on Nov. 21. Noto now owns 7.26 million shares.

Skip Out on PYPL Stock, Despite Analyst Optimism

A majority of Wall Street analysts may be bullish about PYPL stock, but a big recovery is not set in stone.