The 3 Most Undervalued Utilities Stocks to Buy Now: August 2023


  • Utilities don’t have the glamor of 10x tech stocks, but these three firms are undervalued, representing significant upside potential.
  • Dominion Energy (D): Dominion’s commitment to sustainability firms its position in a changing market environment.
  • Eversource Energy (ES): Eversource’s diversified utilities shield it from commodity-specific turbulence.
  • Devon Energy (DVN): Devon is an income investor’s dream with its 12% total yield.
utilities stocks - The 3 Most Undervalued Utilities Stocks to Buy Now: August 2023

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Utilities stocks don’t often get the limelight they deserve. Overshadowed by tech giants and budding startups, these steady performers are frequently overlooked in favor of more glamorous options. But for discerning investors, undervalued utility stocks represent a treasure trove of potential, marrying stability with remarkable upside.

These underappreciated assets might just be the hidden gems you’re searching for to round out your diversified portfolio. Utilities are resistant to tough economic conditions, even amid inflation’s effects on commodity pricing, and demand stays elevated regardless of household budgets. Furthermore, predictable and stable cash flow usually means sustainable and impressive dividends for income-focused investors.

Dominion Energy (D)

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Dominion Energy (NYSE:D), a significant power and energy sector player, faced a brutal 24% year-to-date stock drop. But the company’s recent earnings report blew analysts’ expectations away. At the same time, despite the stock’s challenges, the company is stable and maintains a hefty 5% dividend yield.

One of the largest utility companies in the United States, Dominion Energy serves a vast 7 million base across 16 states and delivers both electricity and natural gas. A notable aspect of the company’s strategy is its commitment to sustainability, and Dominion aims to hit net zero by 2050. Dominion Energy also kickstarted a comprehensive long-term capital expenditure plan with $26 billion allocated to clean energy. These initiatives align with broader market trends toward cleaner and more environmentally responsible energy solutions.

While the stock’s performance saw a setback this year, the company’s solid operational foundation, forward-looking sustainability initiatives and deliberate capital allocation strategy indicate its potential for recovery and growth in the long term.

Eversource Energy (ES)

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Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES), a utility company serving customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, declined 25% this year. This utility provider maintains a diverse product portfolio across power, water, and natural gas, protecting the company from commodity-specific market shakiness. Analysts hold an optimistic outlook for its future performance, with consensus indicating a 30% upside.

Eversource’s strategic positioning and diversified operations provide the potential for recovery and long-term growth as the energy industry evolves. While the recent stock decline reflects short-term hurdles, the company’s solid earnings performance, dividend yield and investor support through acquisitions suggest a positive trajectory in the larger context of its market sector.

Investors assessing Eversource Energy should consider its regional presence, dividend attractiveness and analyst sentiment. The company’s commitment to serving as a pivotal energy provider and its strategies for navigating market fluctuations may contribute to its viability for those seeking stable and potentially rewarding investments in the energy sector.

Devon Energy (DVN)

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Devon Energy (NYSE:DVN), specializing in hydrocarbon exploration, saw its stock drop 16% this year. However, the company surpassed analyst expectations for both earnings and revenue in its recent earnings report. Despite a drop in earnings during the second quarter, Devon Energy remains profitable and offers a staggering 9.23% trailing dividend yield.

Many investors consider Devon Energy shares undervalued, especially given recent commodity price hikes. As prices rise, the company is expected to generate more cash. This could further increase its 12% total yield through buybacks and dividend distributions.

The company’s recent stock drop may raise concerns. Still, Devon Energy’s ability to beat earnings and revenue expectations underscores its operational strength. With a focus on hydrocarbon exploration and commodity-driven profits, the company’s long-term outlook is promising.

Investors should consider Devon Energy’s position within the energy sector, its ability to navigate market fluctuations and the impact of rising commodity prices. The company’s strategic approach to capitalizing on undervalued shares and its earnings resilience suggests recovery and opportunity.

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