Have a Fiver? 3 Under-$5 Stocks That Are About to Take Off


  • All three companies are strategically capitalizing on emerging trends with the traceability platform, AI-driven apps, and satellite-enabled IoT initiatives.
  • VerifyMe (VRME): The company saw a solid annual revenue and bottom-line increase from 2022 to 2023.
  • CXApp (CXAI): The company attained high performance, with double-digit growth in subscription revenue and backlog.
  • WISeKey (WKEY): It plans to boost revenue by constellating 88 low-orbit satellites, targeting the IoT market.
Under-$5 Stocks to Buy - Have a Fiver? 3 Under-$5 Stocks That Are About to Take Off

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In the process of this search, the under-$5 stock market appears to be a promising field full of opportunities. These three stocks may take advantage of growth prospects. Every business offers different opportunities to investors, driven by its technological advancements and strategic plans.

The first one sticks out due to its remarkable revenue growth trajectory, indicating that it can increase its market presence and take a larger portion of its intended market. Comparably, the second one shows substantial financial success with double-digit growth in backlog and subscription revenue. The company may have increased operational efficiency and scalability due to its focus on cost structure optimization and robust growth.

The third one, which comes last, describes strategic strategies to increase revenue through collaborations and marketing and sales expenditures. Notably, the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is the focus of its audacious plan to launch an 88-satellite constellation by 2024.

Explore how these companies are on their growth track and may earn significant returns.

VerifyMe (VRME)

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The yearly revenue of VerifyMe (NASDAQ:VRME) increased significantly from $19.6 million in 2022 to $25.3 million in 2023, indicating a solid 29% growth rate. This expansion shows the business can reach a wider audience and take a bigger chunk of its intended market. Thus, VerifyMe’s steady revenue growth trajectory indicates that its clientele receives its business tactics and offerings, resulting in increased sales volumes and top-line.

Moreover, with a gross profit margin of 36% and a gross profit of $9 million in 2023, VerifyMe saw a considerable improvement in its gross profit margin. This represents a significant gain compared to 2022 when the company attained a $6.5 million gross profit and a 33% gross profit margin. Additionally, an increase in gross profit margin signifies cost control, increased operational edge, and possibly higher margin top-line.

Lastly, the fact that Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Transparency and VerifyMe’s traceability technology are integrated shows how technologically advanced and relevant the company is in the industry. VerifyMe’s participation in Amazon’s program expands its customer base and raises its profile within the e-commerce industry. To conclude, Amazon’s approval of its platform strengthens VerifyMe’s value proposition and reputation.


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CXApp (NASDAQ:CXAI) shows strong financial performance and growth indicators, especially regarding subscription revenue and backlog growth. For instance, The Remaining Performance Obligation and Annual Recurring Revenue have had double-digit sequential growth since 2023’s beginning.

Furthermore, the company’s record-breaking backlog growth and robust client expansion inside current accounts attest to CXApp’s capacity to foster customer adoption and generate revenue growth over an extended period.

Certainly, CXApp has prioritized cost structure optimization to sustain rapid expansion. Over 56% of operating expenses have been cut in the last year alone. To fuel future growth, the corporation continues to invest heavily in research and development (R&D), despite this cut. Thus, CXApp may increase operational efficiency and scalability because of its simplified cost structure.

Additionally, with a strong portfolio of intellectual property and a foundation in AI, CXApp sets itself apart with its technology platform. The foundation of CXApp’s platform is a workplace super app that prioritizes mobile and cloud computing and integrates cutting-edge AI features.

Finally, the business owns a substantial amount of IP, with 37 submitted patents, 17 of which have already been granted, making CXApp a leader in the tech sector.


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WISeKey (NASDAQ:WKEY) seeks to increase its top line through joint ventures and marketing expenditures. The company may increase its sales staff in the US and fortify its sales team in Asia. Adding More Sales Reps and Resellers may improve its market penetration and boost sales volume. 

By 2024, WISeKey plans to fund the construction of a cooperative constellation consisting of 88 low-orbit satellites with FOSSA. This program aims to promote and boost the widespread use of secure, interoperable, and standardized connections to enable IoT. Global decentralized IoT communications may be supported by the WISeSat constellation.

Moreover, the 88 low-orbit satellite constellation that WISeKey has proposed is evidence of the company’s substantial space technology investment. The business has set a goal for commercial deployment in H2 2023. 

Further, WISeKey is working with Polygon and CasperLabs to build their ART Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) auction platform. The business anticipates earning money from commissions on sales made through the site. Finally, WISeKey intends to collaborate with Hedera and Italpreziosi to enhance its reach and promote community development.

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