High-Flying Returns: 3 Stocks Set to Rocket From Under the Radar


  • These companies are solidifying their potency through rapid revenue growth, AI integration, and government sector dominance.
  • SNDL (SNDL): The company holds solid revenue growth, surpassing cannabis sector competitors and S&P 500 companies.
  • Opera (OPRA): The firm integrates 150 local LLM variants into its browser, catering to diverse user needs while prioritizing data privacy.
  • UiPath (PATH): The company attained FedRAMP authorized status, indicating compliance with rigorous security standards for cloud services.
Undervalued Stocks - High-Flying Returns: 3 Stocks Set to Rocket From Under the Radar

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Amidst an abundance of investing opportunities, certain stocks tend to go unnoticed. Nonetheless, three profitable prospects have been found in government sector services, AI integration, and cannabis. These stocks are notable for their strategic moves and prospective trajectories.

In the context of cannabis legalization, the first one has exhibited impressive revenue growth, surpassing that of both S&P 500 firms and their industry competitors. The company is bolstering its market presence and laying the groundwork for future revenue growth by developing its retail banners and strategic partnerships. On the other hand, the second one ushers in a new era of user involvement and data security. It is executed through the browser integration of local large language models (LLMs).

Finally, the third one’s federally approved status in government sector services highlights the company’s adherence to strict security guidelines and establishes it as a reliable partner for federal agencies. Overall, these companies’ choices glimpse the potential for high-flying gains, allowing them to optimize returns in an increasingly volatile market.


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Over the last quarters, SNDL (NASDAQ:SNDL) has showcased its unique selling points and outstanding sales growth. Its revenue has risen in seven of the last eight quarters, outpacing its peers in the cannabis industry and even the average growth rate of S&P 500 firms. With a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 123% over the last three years, SNDL has proven its ability to seize market share. The company’s net revenue from its retail banners climbed by 28% over 2022, reaching a record $909 million.

SNDL’s growth trajectory is promising. Its focus on supporting partners’ growth and expanding its retail presence is evident in its cooperation with Nova Cannabis. This has led to the assignment of four cannabis retail outlets to Nova and the renewal of SNDL’s credit facility. 

Finally, SNDL is acquiring the Dutch Love Stores, increasing its total to 190 direct and indirect cannabis stores across all retail banners, while Nova reaches 100 total stores. Hence, this expansion strengthens SNDL’s position in the market and opens up new avenues for revenue development and market penetration in key areas like British Columbia.

Opera (OPRA)

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Opera (NASDAQ:OPRA) stands out with its unique competitive advantage- the integration of local LLMs into its Opera One browser. This innovative feature allows users to manage and access over 150 local LLM variations from 50 model families directly in the browser. 

Including such a vast number of local LLM variations demonstrates Opera’s deep and diverse AI options, satisfying a wide range of user demands and preferences. Hence, this unique feature may increase user engagement and grow Opera’s user base, setting it apart from its competitors.

Additionally, Opera’s local LLM implementation ensures that users’ data stays locally on their devices, removing the requirement to send data to external servers. Thus, emphasizing data security and privacy can increase the company’s growth potential. For users to properly use these models, 2–10 GB of local storage space is needed for each LLM variation.

To conclude, Opera has access to a top search engine by expanding its collaboration with Google (NASDAQ:GOOG, NASDAQ:GOOGL). Therefore, this improves the user base through sharp browsing and Opera’s income base.

UiPath (PATH)

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The FedRAMP-approved status of UiPath (NYSE:PATH) denotes adherence to strict security requirements for cloud services accessible by federal government entities. This suggests UiPath’s broad reach inside the public sector and highlights its lead in public sector organizations, U.S. state governments, and federal agencies. 

Additionally, UiPath introduces new generative AI (GenAI) functionalities, including document processing and communications-specific models like DocPATH and CommPATH. Moreover, to improve the precision and functionality of AI models, the company focuses on the significance of context grounding and business-specific data integration. 

Notably, UiPath and IBM (NYSE:IBM) work together to include Watsonx.ai capabilities into UiPath’s platform, giving users access to fundamental AI models. According to the statement, UiPath Autopilot is used by over 1,500 companies, producing solid weekly numbers for production and expression. 

Finally, prebuilt GenAI activities provide a fundamental edge for UiPath. They speed up the adoption of AI capabilities in automation processes and minimize development time. The particular GenAI use cases that emphasize the adaptability of these prebuilt activities include language translation and email text completion. In short, Prebuilt GenAI activities make it easier to include AI capabilities in automation processes.

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