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SPACs Have Been Frothy, But Apex Technology Is an Exception

APXT stock is an SPAC trading on a substantial discount at this time, with a highly attractive merger target in AvePoint.

Churchill Capital IV Will Almost Certainly Take a Post-Merger Dip

In the near-term, though, shares have more of a shot of pulling back further on disappointment, than gaining on renewed optimism. If factors like the potential partnership with Apple stop getting priced into shares, and investors realize that, for now, Lucid has more in common with Fisker than it does with Tesla, CCIV stock could continue to slide from here.

Churchill Capital IV Has Fallen Enough to Make It Worth Buying at These Levels

CCIV Stock can make investors money now in multiple ways. Overall there's plenty of reason to believe in Lucid.

Churchill Capital Corp IV Has an Addressable Market Issue Many Haven’t Considered

While CCIV stock is a speculative investment, it’s also a benchmark as to whether EVs can truly succeed in the present paradigm.

Bill Ackman Has the Perfect Antidote to 2020’s Growth Investing Hoopla

If Ackman finds his unicorn, he’ll change the game, not only for SPACs -- but for growth investing. Here's Ackman's market antidote.

Did Skillz Make a Deal with the Devil?

While SPACs allow compelling investments like SKLZ stock to enter the public arena, they seem to impose a dreadful cost.

Churchill Capital Corp. IV Has Become More Transparent, but the Risks Still Are Very Real

Can CCIV stock resume its incredible previous growth trajectory, or is the hyper-growth market fizzling out right now?

As Businesses Return to Normal, ZipRecruiter’s IPO Timing Is Fortuitous

One of the highly anticipated debuts, ZIP stock has the right stuff to rise above what has been a disappointing IPO season.

Apex Technology Acquisition Corp. Is a SPAC Discount to Avoid

With SPACs leaving a sour taste in investors’ mouths, APXT stock might not be the discount you think it is.

Market Conditions Are Not Favorable For CCIV Stock

Market sentiment is too gloomy and volatility is too high right now for investors to make a solid bet on Lucid Motors and CCIV stock.

Pershing Square Tontine Pops as It Hints at Upcoming Deal

PSTH stock has roared back to life. Founder Bill Ackman suggested that the SPAC is almost ready to unveil its long-awaited merger.

Churchill Capital IV Is Still Expensive Despite the Recent Dip in Its Price

CCIV stock is still trading at unreasonable levels despite the challenges ahead for Lucid Motors and the recent SEC crackdown on SPACs.

Pershing Square Tontine Is Feeling the Pressure, But Hold the Fort

PSTH stock is suffering because Bill Ackman has not found a merger target thus far. However, that doesn't mean you should count out the investment guru just yet.

TPG Pace Beneficial Stock Is One Victim of SPAC Exhaustion to Take Advantage of Here

The TPG Pace Beneficial Finance SPAC is expected to merge with EVBox soon. Here's why TPGY stock looks like one of the better EV sector plays.

Don’t Count EV Port Play TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Out Yet

EVBox won't be the first publicly tradable charging station business, but it could still be successful, and TPGY stock has room to run.

Tread Carefully With Social Capital Hedosophia V Stock

As growth stocks sell off it may be best to take your time with IPOE stock, even as it approaches the closure of its merger with SoFi.

What Churchill Capital IV Stock Means for the Market As a Whole

The drama of CCIV stock reflects broader changes in the stock market. The stock itself may show how permanent those changes are.

Clover Health Stock Simply Has Too Much Toxic Baggage Right Now

CLOV stock has absorbed a steep discount and when you consider the broader context, it probably deserves it.

The SPAC Pullback Left Apex Technology Stock Too Cheap

The merger of Apex Technology and AvePoint was greeted with optimism in November. Investors in APXT stock seem to have forgotten that.

Reassessing the Competition, Tread Carefully With Churchill Capital IV Stock

So what's the best move, as shares hold steady near $20 per share? Wait for CCIV stock to pullback further. At levels nearing its offering price of $10 per share, the stock may make more sense from a risk/return standpoint.