The $3 TRILLION Self-Driving Revolution Will Arrive in Your Garage in 2022

News flash: Self-driving car stocks are getting ready to soar as autonomous vehicles come to a road near you very soon.

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I know. That’s a controversial statement. Not many people believe it today. They think autonomous vehicles are several years – if not several decades – away.

And I don’t blame them for thinking this way. After all, the only self-driving cars on the road today are Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) cars, and those keep crashing while in autopilot mode. Clearly, if that’s the gold standard for autonomy today, we’re still a long way away from the “self-driving cars in every garage” dream turning into a reality.

But here’s the thing… Tesla cars are not the gold standard for self-driving cars.

In fact, among AV industry insiders, Tesla is basically the “joke” of the industry. They see Tesla as an EV company that got too ambitious, decided it had the capability to tackle self-driving (but didn’t really), and has consequently rolled out a half-baked autonomy product, without essential self-driving components (like LiDAR), which keep crashing and won’t ever live up to the hype.

As an investor, please don’t look at a Tesla car and think: That’s the best the AV industry can whip up?

Because it’s not.

Self-Driving Car Stocks Worth Their Hype

The truth is that companies like Waymo, Aurora, Cruise, and others have created much more advanced, full-stack self-driving systems than Tesla’s “Full Self Driving” package. Those companies have successfully and impressively tested their technology in various on-road tests, including Waymo operating a limited robotaxi service in Phoenix.

But they haven’t rolled out their technology broadly because they don’t want to “pull a Tesla” and go to market with a half-baked autonomous vehicle. Instead, they want to perfect the science, and launch with AVs that are going to change the world.

We believe they’re going to start doing that in 2022.

In August, Waymo –for the first time in four years – expanded its robotaxi services outside of Phoenix. The company will be offering similar services in San Francisco, where riders will be able to hail a Waymo-powered Jaguar I-Pace EV through the Waymo One app.

That’s a big step for the company because, as some of you know, Phoenix roads are easy to navigate. Very grid-like. All straight lines. San Francisco roads, on the other hand, are tough to navigate. Lots of windy roads and tight corridors. The fact that Waymo is going from “easy” testing to “hard” testing means the company could be just months away from more broadly and openly launching its autonomous ride-hailing services.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s Zoox is testing its self-driving cars in Seattle. GM is expected to integrate its most advanced AV system – Super Cruise – into its Cadillac Escalade model in the back half of 2022. Lucid Motors will start deliveries of its super-advanced EV any day now, and those vehicles include a super-advanced self-driving system that importantly include LiDAR (making them the first cars in North America with automotive LiDAR).

And then there’s Volvo, who will launch fully electric cars in 2022 with self-driving capability powered by Luminar LiDAR sensors – the first time those world-leading LiDAR sensors will make a public road appearance.

Folks… 2022 is going to be a big year for autonomous vehicle stocks.

We believe 2022 will be the “coming out” party for self-driving, as the world starts to see non-Tesla, LiDAR-powered self-driving cars in action for the first time ever. Those cars will perform exceptionally well, impressing the world. And, suddenly, Wall Street will hit the fast-forward button on the AV Revolution.

AV stocks will soar in 2022 like EV stocks soared in 2021. That’s our prediction. And it’s a prediction we make with confidence in Innovation Investor, our premium research advisory, where we’re beautifully positioned to capitalize on the Self-Driving Boom of 2022.

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On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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