The Next Tilray Stock Is Just Around the Corner

Less than one year ago, a small, unknown company named Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) went public on the Nasdaq Composite stock exchange.

The Next Tilray Stock Is Just Around the Corner

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Tilray was the first “pure play” marijuana-focused company to IPO on a major U.S. exchange. It produces medical cannabis for research and public consumption.

To say Tilray stock’s debut was a success is a gross understatement …

In just the first month after going public and selling ownership stakes to individual investors, Tilray stock had climbed 60%.

It was a heck of a first month … and it got even better.

As investors grew more and more interested in the legalization of marijuana and the $100-plus billion market that it could create, Tilray stock gained another $277 per share after two months of trading. That included a stunning move in which the stock rallied 185% in just one week, bringing its return to an incredible 1,237% over its IPO price.

It’s one of the greatest short-term wealth creation events we’ve seen in the stock market over the past decade.

Something Extraordinary Is Happening

Although Tilray stock’s huge gain was easily one of the highest profile financial events of 2018, it wasn’t the only legal marijuana stock to create incredible wealth for its shareholders.

There is a historic boom taking place in the legal marijuana business … which in turn is creating a historic boom in legal marijuana stocks.

Last year, sales of legal marijuana in the United States hit $10.4 billion, which is nearly double the $5.4 billion in 2015. This year, sales should increase nearly 24% to $12.9 billion. And with the legalization trend proving to be nearly unstoppable, I expect this market will continue to grow significantly in the next 10 years.

The opportunity in legal weed is much like the opportunity internet stocks offered in 1994 … or that bitcoin offered in 2015. In fact, the legal marijuana business is set to grow so much over the next 10 years that it will turn out to be one of the three biggest investment opportunities of your entire life — no matter when you were born.

Within that opportunity there are various ways to make a lot of money. One of the most exciting is in newly-public, post-IPO legal marijuana stocks (like Tilray stock). Focusing on the best of these could help you make life-changing capital gains over the next five years.

You see, something extraordinary is happening right now …

All over the U.S. and the rest of the world, marijuana is being legalized on an unprecedented scale.

We’re literally witnessing the birth of a whole new industry.

It’s a rare time in history.

Like the beginning of the automobile … personal computer … and internet revolutions.

Weed is now the fastest-growing industry in America!

That means we are at the forefront of a massive tidal wave of new growth.

In the wave of legalization, the future billion-dollar leaders of this industry — the massively successful private companies that are fueling this surging market — are now taking their companies public on the stock market. Oftentimes, it’s for just pennies a share, or maybe a few dollars.

In other words, the businesses that are going to be the Amazons, Googles, Walmarts and Microsofts of this soon-to-be-massive industry can be owned for mere pocket change!

That means investors can get rich buying these tiny marijuana stocks right now — at the very beginning — if they know what they are doing. I’m here to make sure that’s you.

124% in 6 Months and More on the Way

While investors focus on the hyped up — often overhyped — IPOs like Uber (NYSE:UBER), Lyft (NASDAQ:LYFT) and Pinterest (NYSE:PINS), I recommended Elixinol Global Limited (OTCMKTS:ELLXF) to my Investment Opportunities readers last December. The stock had been trading for only three months at that time, and it has soared 124% in the six months since.

You’d take that, right?

And I expect more to come. I don’t recommend companies just to try to make money on a quick IPO pop. That’s trading … not long-term trend investing. And with IPOs in particular, you’ll lose at least as much as you win — and probably more.

You still need to focus on the right companies. With Elixinol, I saw a stock that was attractive on both growth and value, and it met the criteria I developed in my system for finding new marijuana stocks.

I call it the Cannabis Cash Calendar. I designed it to let investors like you benefit from one of the best wealth-creating strategies throughout history: Buying early.

I am about to release my next marijuana stock pick on May 31 .

Let me be clear. You never want to just buy any old IPO — even in a transformative industry like legal marijuana.

There’s lots of homework involved. You need in-depth research. You need comprehensive and smart analysis. And it’s crucial to get the timing right. If you miss on any of those, it can cost you.

Let me take care of that for you. You can get in on the action — and be ready for the new recommendation in marijuana stocks — by reviewing the details and signing up here.

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