5G Stocks: Your Chance to Invest in a Rare ‘Keystone’ Technology

When you read that something is “a game changer for humanity,” or that it will “replace the future,” or “is going to change everything,” you need to put on your skeptic’s hat and ask…

5G Stocks

Come on, really?

But that’s how Financial Times, ZDNet, and Forbes have described the coming next-generation wireless network, called 5G.

And you know what?

They’re right.

I’ve been following the emergence of 5G for a few years now, and I can tell you this technology is such a huge leap that it’s going to propel society forward. It is going to be the centerpiece of an entire new generation of groundbreaking technologies.

In fact, that’s exactly why USA Today claims “it has the potential to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution — it’s that massive.”It’s the key driver of what insiders are already calling the “Next Industrial Revolution.”

Sounds great, right? But how do we know it’s going to lead to the biggest economic expansion in American history and build new fortunes?

Because it’s happened before.

The Real Force Behind Wealth

There have been three industrial revolutions in America over the past 200 years.

And at the heart of each one was a core technology — a technology so critical, so revolutionary, that it singlehandedly drove all other technologies in the revolution.

Our firm calls these “keystone” technologies.


A keystone is the central and most important piece in an arch — one of the strongest structures in the world.


Without the keystone, the rest of the structure would crumble and fail.

During the First Industrial Revolution, the keystone technology was the steam engine. It made the revolution possible. It was the one technology that made everything else — locomotives, the power loom, cotton gin, and a new generation of state-of-the-art factories — a reality. Take away the steam engine and all these other inventions would have ceased to exist.

Steam Engine Keystone

The keystone of the Second Industrial Revolution was electrical power. It drove new technologies like assembly lines, the telegraph, the telephone, the light bulb, washing machines, and air conditioning. Without electricity, these breakthroughs simply would not have been able to exist.

Electricity Keystone

The Third Industrial Revolution — the most recent — never would have happened without the internet. It made so many world-changing breakthroughs possible … like smartphones, mobile payments, social media, Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), and Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

Internet Keystone

Here Comes the Fourth Keystone

Massive technological revolutions like these are incredibly rare — there have only been three in all of America’s history. But they are responsible for some of the greatest fortunes the world has ever seen.

Think Vanderbilt … Rockefeller … Ford … Carnegie … Gate s… Jobs … Zuckerberg.

The majority of the world’s greatest fortunes have been built on — or were dependent on — one of these three critical technologies.

Knowing this history is critical because right now, we are at the forefront of the NEXT industrial revolution. And at the heart of it — just like all the others that came before it — lies a new, critical technology.

5G technology.

5G so big and so powerful that it will singlehandedly drive all other technologies over the next several decades.

It is the FOURTH keystone.

Make no mistake, 5G technology is going to unleash a new era of prosperity and trigger a massive wave of innovation.

5G Technology Keystone

The fourth keystone will not only make each and every one of these amazing technologies possible, but a very real part of our daily lives. It’s the one technology that’s going to fuel all the technologies of the future …

And it’s finally here.

Investors who get in on this latest keystone technology BEFORE it’s rolled out on mass scale could not only make an absolute fortune … but build the kind of wealth that lasts for the next 100 years or more.

That’s a bold promise, I know.

But I think that once you learn more about 5G, you’ll certainly agree.

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