This Massive Altcoin Catalyst Is Already Starting

Imagine for a minute that you could time travel with your portfolio.

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You could go back to 1992 when the internet was just starting to explode and invest in Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) for $0.65 per share.

Just that one trade would have made you millions.

Sadly, we can’t time travel with our portfolio.

It’s rare to know about a huge investment catalyst with such certainty that you can point to when it will happen on the calendar. But with cryptocurrencies we have that luxury right now.

We can point to May — just three short months from now.

What’s more, the last two times this catalyst happened, prices started to soar a few months ahead of time.

I said it would happen again, and it already is.

But here’s the key: It’s not too late to get in on the massive gains we’ve seen before and should see again. You just have to go one step beyond the obvious to find them.

Let me show you exactly what I mean …

In just the last few days, with the headlines focused on the coronavirus and the presidential election, the biggest cryptocurrency on the planet broke through a major price level.

Bitcoin popped above $10,000 for the first time since late summer of 2019.

In fact, it is already up 40% in just the first six weeks of 2020.

All of this makes it crystal clear that the bitcoin “halvening” catalyst is now well under way.

Savvy crypto investors have been buzzing about the upcoming halvening event for a while now — as they should. Historically, the price action surrounding these events has generated the kinds of profits that most investors can only dream of.

To refresh your memory, bitcoins are created by “miners” who solve complex computer puzzles and are rewarded for doing so with a specific amount of the cryptocurrency.

Today, a miner receives 12.5 bitcoins for mining one block. At current prices, that’s worth about $125,000. But in May, this reward will be cut in half. Miners will receive 6.25 bitcoins as a reward for mining one block.

This is significant because bitcoin has a set maximum supply. It’s hard coded in there and cannot be changed. Only 21 million bitcoins will ever be created. That’s it. A little over 18 million are now in circulation, which is 86% of the ultimate total.

The halvening — or “halving” as it’s also called — means a reduced supply of new coins coming on the market. All the while, demand will only continue to increase as cryptocurrencies go mainstream. This “supply shock” will ignite the cryptocurrency market.

We’ve seen this happen twice before, and each time we saw explosive profits.

Three months leading up to bitcoin’s first halvening in 2012 is when things really took off. Prices shot up over 10,000% in just over a year. Beginning three months prior to bitcoin’s second halving in July of 2016, the cryptocurrency would surge another 4,500% in just over 18 months’ time.

Those are massive profits, and it’s why I’ve been a huge advocate since I endorsed bitcoin live on Fox Business in 2014. It’s up over 1,000% since then!

As phenomenal as those gains are, smart investors in another kind of cryptocurrency did even better. A lot better.

Here’s Where to Find the Most Explosive Profits

When most people think of cryptocurrencies, they think of bitcoin. But there is a whole other class of cryptocurrencies out there called “altcoins” — or alternatives to bitcoin.

When it comes to making money, though, they aren’t an alternative to bitcoin. They are the primary opportunity.

Looking back over the last two halvenings, investing in specific altcoins would have made significantly more money. During the same period in which bitcoin climbed 4,500% surrounding the second halving, an altcoin called Einsteinium shot up over 580,000%. That’s 129 times the gains bitcoin made investors during its massive run. For perspective, that would have turned $5,000 into $29 million. Talk about a life-changing investment.

If that doesn’t excite you, try this: Another altcoin called verge shot up over 63,000%. That’s more than 630 times your investment!

Altcoins have very small market capitalizations compared to bitcoin. When money begins flooding into this tiny market, altcoin prices can skyrocket rapidly.

We’ve seen this before, and just as with bitcoin, we’re already starting to see it again. In fact, the six altcoins I recommend in my Ultimate Crypto service are up 55% on average in just five weeks.

Don’t worry. You may have missed a little bit here at the beginning, but as we approach the next halvening in just a few months … and in the months afterward … these altcoins stand to generate life-changing wealth.

If you’re not familiar with investing in altcoins, you can think of them as the microcaps of cryptocurrencies. Microcap stocks are newer, a whole lot smaller, and not as well understood. And they also give you the largest growth potential out of all stock classes.

(A quick aside: There are also some fantastic opportunities in microcap stocks right now, which is why I recently launched the Microcap Millionaire Portfolio. I’ll be adding a new recommendation very soon.)

The big and fast gains in our Ultimate Crypto recommendations already show how altcoins can outperform bitcoin by a wide margin. Since we started on January 7, bitcoin is up more than 20%, which would normally be fantastic. But it is dwarfed by our portfolio’s 55% return in those five short weeks.

I can’t share the names of the specific altcoins here, but I can tell you that our biggest gainer is one that aims to solve what is arguably the most significant problem holding back the massive global adoption of smart contracts and blockchain technologies. It has key partnerships with well-known businesses … and it’s rocketed more than 80% higher in the last five weeks.

That’s huge. But … this is just the beginning.

Right now, there’s a fuse being lit under the altcoin market.

This fuse will set off one of the largest explosions of wealth in modern history. People who invest modest stakes in altcoins stand to make millions of dollars.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: altcoins are the fastest legal way to get rich in America. Blockchain is about to unleash a trillion-dollar tsunami of wealth, and you don’t want to miss it.

Simply put, altcoins are very valuable software programs. Getting in now is like investing with Bill Gates and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) in 1988 … before the stock’s 240,000% surge.

Remember, what we’re seeing today is just the start of what will be a massive, long-term run higher. We’ve seen this before, and it’s happening again.

And it is not too late to jump on the altcoin train of wealth generation … but you must act soon. The 40%, 60%, and even 80%+ gains we’re already seeing will be a mere blip when the altcoin market really gets moving.

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