Technology Stock Profits Will Only Accelerate in the Post-Pandemic World

The future will be different after the coronavirus pandemic.

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We already knew the future would be very different in the next five to 10 years. The pandemic actually validates my view on the big investment trends. But I believe it has also changed the timeline. The coronavirus is accelerating their progress.

Understanding this is critical to your investing future …

Many people are pointing to the death of entertainment because of the coronavirus. There will not be as many moviegoers in the years ahead, they say. The new thesis is that people will not want to be in tight places with a large number of other people.

Sure, there will be some people in that category, but I think it will be a small percentage. Overall, people who enjoyed movies before will continue to frequent the theater as life gets back to normal.

But … movie theaters will still struggle in the future — because the industry was already in trouble. There were nearly 1.6 billion movie tickets sold in 2002. Last year, the number dropped to 1.23 billion tickets — a 25% decline and the second lowest total in the last 24 years.

The movie theater business has been in a slow and steady decline for years now. They were primed to be disrupted, and the disruptors are already among us — Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

The pandemic did not bring about the end of movie theaters, but it did highlight the trend for the average investor. Innovation in technology was already putting movie theaters out of business.

I see the exact same pattern in my favorite hypergrowth trends for the Roaring 2020s. Two months ago, some of these trends were viewed as fringe ideas whose time had not yet come. Today, they are in the headlines. Average investors are learning about them, even though they’ve been in the works.

I’ve positioned my portfolios in many of the trends being accelerated by this “new normal.” And I’m not about to stop now.

In fact, I am releasing the new Early Stage Investor issue todayI have a brand-new recommendation that is a perfect fit for our new Crisis and Opportunity Portfolio. It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) software company operating in a very exciting niche of the healthcare industry — and it has heavy early backing of one of the smartest and richest people on earth.

Healthcare Companies: The Forefront of the Current Crisis

The healthcare industry is a perfect example of how coming breakthroughs are being accelerated by the pandemic. This sector is at the forefront of the crisis, and regardless of what you may read, the industry is doing a great job. Without the medical advances of the last two decades, the coronavirus pandemic would be much worse.

In the future, after a complete technological revolution in the global healthcare system, I predict a similar pandemic will be solvable in just weeks. The future of healthcare revolves around new tools like genetic testing and “editing,” AI, telehealth, wearables, new breakthroughs in drug discovery, and more.

Several of the stocks I already recommend in Early Stage Investor combine technology with healthcare … and I’m not surprised they have been some of the top performers this year.

One company focuses on helping patients with chronic diseases via technology and connectivity. The company’s remote monitoring and telehealth services improve patient care as well as lower doctor visits and costs.

This trend was already well underway, and the pandemic will only speed up the move to constant monitoring. Depending on the data source, it looks as if more than 80% of all coronavirus hospital admissions have so far been patients with at least one pre-existing chronic ailment.

This company recently announced it was changing its revenue guidance for the first quarter. To the surprise of most (but not my Early Stage Investor readers), management raised its revenue projection by 10%. That’s mostly unheard of with so much of the economy shut down, and it’s one reason the stock is up nearly 50% this year.

Another example is BioXcel Therapeutics (NASDAQ:BTAI), a company I’ve mentioned to you before. It’s a biotech firm utilizing AI to create new drugs. The stock has been one of the top performers this year, up 71% in 2020, as money continues to flow into the small-cap hypergrowth companies in our top-rated trends.

AI and drug discovery will change the face of medicine, and the pandemic will change drug discovery forever. Big Pharma and biotech were pushed to the limits — and they are responding. As more data is collected and AI software improves, the time and money required to bring effective new drugs to market will be reduced by huge percentages.

This is yet another trend we’ve talked about here in MoneyWire and my Early Stage Investor service that will pick up steam as the world moves to the new normal. These are the must-own themes and stocks for all long-term investors looking to create wealth.

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