Welcome to the Moonshot Investor

Welcome to the Moonshot Investor, where we take a good, hard look at trending investments that can go up 2x… 5x… 10x…

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I’m Tom Yeung, the author of The Moonshot Investor. Years ago, I started my career on Wall Street at one of America’s top mutual funds. During my time there, I would see billions of pension fund dollars change hands at the stroke of a portfolio manager’s pen.

I fit in perfectly. It was a world full of Ivy League graduates and CFA Charterholders, and I had all the credentials and experience to match.

But my heart was elsewhere.

Unknown to others, I was always looking into the investments that regular people bought. The longshots and ugly ducklings (and often sure bets) that the Wall Street elite shunned.

As family, friends, acquaintances, and eventually customers, started asking me about how to invest in these stocks, I came to realize one thing. For all the wealth that institutional money held, my heart was with folks like you — the regular investor.

I started modestly — writing in my free time to help investors understand markets and investing. It slowly became more serious over time.

And then I broke free.

In 2020, I joined InvestorPlace to help millions of readers like you. Today, The Moonshot Investor stands as a guide to help investors navigate this new world of investing. And we couldn’t have chosen a better time to get to know each other.

That’s because the investing world is changing. The turbulence caused by “meme” stocks, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and others is just the start. Zero-cost trading has let the retail investor genie out of the bottle, and those who adapt will beat Wall Street at its own game.

So, what’s the bad news?

Picking 10x winners is hard, no matter what “stock experts” claim. Of the 8,187 companies tracked by Thomson Reuters on the main U.S. exchanges, only eleven (or 0.1%) rose 10x higher from a year before.

On top of that, most Moonshot stock pickers also go digging in the wrong places. They’re so focused on “finding the next Amazon” they forget that most tech stocks are slow burners. Instead, 10x returners are generally a combination of:

  1. Unprofitable meme stocks
  2. Low-margin basic material companies
  3. Near-bankrupt companies
  4. Zero-value cryptocurrencies

Not exactly your list of shining Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stars, are they?

Now here’s the good news.

Forex traders and central bankers have long known the role of self-fulfilling investor prophecies. When enough people believe exchange rates will head in a certain direction, they can move markets to their will.

With the rise of zero-cost stock trading, self-fulfilling prophecies have spilled into the world of regular investing where you and I hang out.

That means momentum has become one of the single-most powerful predictor of stock market returns. Reasonable valuations, coupled with a healthy balance sheet and strong product still matter. But investors now need to add a new rulebook to their investing arsenal to thrive.

The trend is more obvious when it comes to cryptocurrencies. In an asset class where popularity often outweighs usability, the only thing standing in the way of a breakout cryptocurrency is how much people like it.

The new rules bring huge profits.

I joined InvestorPlace in the summer of 2020.

In just that short time, I’ve used my insights to recommend Moonshots with returns as high as:

  • 103% on my recommendation to buy Hertz (NASDAQ:HTZ) at just the right time
  • 140% when I told readers that momentum from Reddit investors could move Naked Brand Group (NASDAQ:NAKD)
  • 131% when I recommended that investors look towards a quick play in Nokia (NYSE:NOK)
  • 251% when I told readers that Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) was set for another big increase
  • And 8724% after I called DOGE (CCC:DOGE-USD) one of my top 25 cryptocurrencies for the year back in January of 2021

In other words, Moonshots do occur.

If it has the potential to soar in value — or “go moonshot” — we’ll cover it in these pages.

Here in the Moonshot Age, we know our readers have many different areas of interest. They come from many walks of life. But our “unifying” theme is that we embrace the rapidly changing world we live in.

We have no interest in supporting and investing in the status quo. We are aggressively investing in the creation of a new era that will see the destruction of corrupt gatekeepers, Wall Street fee machines, price gouging monopolies, and money sucking middlemen.

We’re not here to help you make 2% in government bonds or buy dying dividend payers.

We’re here to help you hit grand slam home runs in your portfolio.

We’re here to help you profit from “asymmetric bets” where you risk $1 in the pursuit of making $5 or $10 or $20.

We’re here to help you turn breakneck change into wealth and financial freedom.

Instead of experiencing the “I missed it” feeling when you hear about cryptos and stocks that have soared, you’ll be ahead of the curve. All the time.

You see, almost all of the market’s “mega winners” fly under the radar of most investors during their early days…

The market’s smallest, most innovative companies and cryptos don’t advertise on big cable networks.

They don’t appear on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Financial TV shows don’t run segments on them.

So, most folks never learn about stocks and cryptos with the potential to grow 10 times… 50 times… even 100 times larger…

…until it’s way too late.

As Moonshot reader, that won’t happen to you.

Instead of getting that “I missed it” feeling…

You’ll learn about revolutionary business models before everyone else.

You’ll learn the best social media momentum bets before everyone else.

You’ll learn about industries poised to soar in size before everyone else.

You’ll learn about new crypto projects with huge potential before everyone else.

You’ll learn about and get the chance to invest alongside the next Elon Musk and the next Jeff Bezos… before everyone else.

Thanks again for subscribing.

Now let’s get ready to hunt the big game. Let’s get into the next moonshot.

To the Moon,

Tom Yeung

Market Analyst, InvestorPlace.com

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On the date of publication, Tom Yeung did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

Tom Yeung, CFA, is a registered investment advisor on a mission to bring simplicity to the world  of investing.

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