401k & Investing Tips

Why Did Warren Buffett Stop Buying These 3 Stocks? (WFC, KMI, AXTA)

Warren Buffett didn't sell WFC, KMI or AXTA in Q1, but the fact that he didn't buy could be even more telling. Read Article

3 Non-Oil Stocks That LOVE Rising Crude Prices (SCTY, TSLA, WM)

Oil companies are rejoicing over WTI's new highs, but SCTY, TSLA and WM get a big boost from higher oil prices as well. Read Article

BABA Stock: Another HUGE Risk to Alibaba Group Holding Ltd!

Alibaba (BABA) stock is plunging on Wednesday after disclosing that the SEC is looking into its Singles' Day reporting practices. Caution is the rule. Read Article

DIS Stock: Why Walt Disney Co Got Rid of 1 Wildly Successful Division

DIS stock is lagging the S&P 500 so far in 2016, so why did the company just ditch its successful Disney Infinity gaming franchise? Read Article

3 Things Millennials Should Know About Their 401k

Millennial investors who start investing now have the opportunity to retire young and wealthy. Here's how to take advantage of a 401k. Read Article

HLF Stock: So … Ackman May Be 100% Wrong on Herbalife Ltd.

Herbalife (HLF) stock is surging on Tuesday on reports that there may be a settlement with the FTC ... but no reorg of its business plan. Read Article

General Electric Company: Will GE Stock Benefit From $1.4 Billion Saudi Deal?

General Electric (GE) stock has badly trailed the markets over the last 10 years, but it's a new-look company building global ties. Read Article

XenoPort, Inc. (XNPT) Stock Roars 56% on Generous Buyout

XenoPort (XNPT) stock is shooting higher Monday after Arbor Pharmaceuticals agreed to buy the small biotech for $7.03/share -- a 60% premium. Read Article

Should Facebook Inc (FB) Buy Pandora Media Inc (P)?

Should Facebook (FB) buy Pandora (P)? It sounds like a weird question, but there are a lot of reasons it could make sense. Read Article

Should You Buy Or Sell SolarCity (SCTY) Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

SolarCity is growing revenue rapidly, and a connection with Elon Musk is helpful. But will bad earnings and a cash shortfall doom SCTY stock? Read Article

3 Companies That Will Be Bankrupt In 10 Years (Sprint, GPRO, FIT)

Sprint, FIT and GPRO are all in secular declines unless that can find a way to distinguish themselves from larger competitors. Read Article

3 ‘Expert’ Fund Managers Losing to the S&P 500 (VRX, KSS, MU)

With stock picks like VRX, MU and KSS, it's no wonder that Bill Ackman, David Einhorn and Jim Cramer have been underperforming the S&P 500. Read Article

Alphabet Inc’s Virtual Assistant Is Coming to 2 New Products (GOOG)

Alphabet's Google (GOOG) is in the middle of its annual I/O conference. And some very cool virtual assistant-powered products are coming. Read Article

Dicks Sporting Goods Inc (DKS) Stock Surges on Q1 Earnings Beat

DKS stock is soaring on Thursday after first-quarter earnings. But earnings weren't that great, and guidance was awful. What gives? Read Article

AAPL Stock: Why Apple Inc. MUST Turn to India for Growth Now

AAPL stock could get a long-term lift if Tim Cook is able to establish close ties with India. He's working on doing just that this week. Read Article

HD Stock: IGNORE the Nonsensical Profit-Taking in Home Depot Inc

HD stock is down on Tuesday, despite a great first-quarter earnings report. Ignore the profit-taking if you own stock -- everything's fine! Read Article

CRM Stock: Will Salesforce.com, Inc. Go Soaring Into the Clouds Soon?

Salesforce (CRM) stock owners will be waiting anxiously for the software as a service company to report Q1 earnings results on Wednesday. Read Article

GOOG Stock: 5 KILLER Analyst Questions for Alphabet Inc’s CFO

GOOG stock has a performance record that shareholders in almost any other company would envy, but major questions remain in 2016. Read Article

12 Stocks That Are Fit for a President

We couldn't find any stocks with "Clinton" or "Trump" in their names, but we found 12 with the namesake of some decidedly popular, so-so and just awful American presidents. Read Article

3 Reasons Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Wants to Build “Smart Cities”

Alphabet (GOOG) portfolio company Sidewalk Labs is out to build "smart cities" with objective societal benefits. But it's not PURE altruism. Read Article